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FY-22 LDO/CWO Procurement Board

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Guest Lofihightide

Newbie here again. First and foremost accept my humble apology for the misinformation. Word was given to me that 1400EST tomorrow results will be out. I am not sure by which means.

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1 hour ago, LDO HOPEFUL said:

im guessing no results today. 

Not today, but maybe tomorrow. The Selection Board did convene roughly 3 weeks later than usual though. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen tomorrow either. Although, we’ve never seen the Results released NLT the first week of March of each year (only checking as far back as 2015).

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22 minutes ago, Lofihightide said:

Newbie here again. First and foremost accept my humble apology for the misinformation. Word was given to me that 1400EST tomorrow results will be out. I am not sure by which means.

No need to apologize Shipmate! You did the right thing by putting the info out there. Especially since we’re all anxiously waiting. But like some of us have mentioned before, Trolls are REAL and we’re just trying to weed em out lol.

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What's happening folks.

I think I made this account a few years ago when I was up for Chief, but never used it. I thought now might be a good time to chime in and contribute.

Being considered for LDO, I too am super excited for the results to get released and have my own share of obsessive tendencies about it, but it's important for all of our sanity to maintain a bit of perspective.

I have actually scoured the web and pulled data going back to 2010 regarding board convening dates and NAVADMIN results releases. Taking the past 11 years into consideration, the average number of days between convening and results release is 49 days.

If we extrapolate that for this FY, that would mean that the average would place results release around 15 March.

In other words, we could not see results for another 10 days, and that would still be well within the average and nothing aberrant.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to wake up tomorrow morning here in Japan with word that the results have dropped. But the reality is that we very well may not see results for over a week.

If you're interested, I've attached the Excel spreadsheet for this post. I have NAVADMIN data going back to 2000, but am unable to locate any info for convening dates from 2000-2009. If anyone has an idea where I could find it, I'd love to get this updated all the way back.

Hang in there everyone. I really do hope we all get some good news tomorrow (today)!!


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Guest Paulette

I’m waiting to hear the results for my son in law (in Japan). They just packed out yesterday and he said he hoped to be out of Japan before the results are released (he’s been extended a few times and his Triad would do anything to keep him there). That being said, you all can blame him for the delay since he hasn’t left Japan yet!

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Guest Skipari
1 hour ago, Intel said:

Looks like today may be the day.  My board info has cleared out of BOL.  Good luck to everyone!

Same here

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Guest Intel
3 minutes ago, Tony said:

Does anyone know if this is the TRIAD release, or will it become public today?

I saw it in my personal BOL.  Maybe they'll give commands today to drop the news and release the message Monday?

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Guest Intel


R 051842Z MAR 21 MID200000636793U









RMKS/1.  Congratulations to selectees of the FY-22 Active Duty Navy
Limited Duty Officer (LDO) and Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) In
Service Procurement Board.

2.  For LDO and CWO selectees, read name, commissioning month/year.
All appointments are effective on the first day of the commissioning
month.  Members are directed to verify their select status via
BUPERS Online.
                      DECK SURFACE  - 6110
Arredondo Blanca E       0522     Carpio Claudia Liliana      0322
Godinez Ivan             0822     Maldonado Kenroy Dwayne     1121
Mccray Mary Tufui        0522     Moralesguivari Laura G      1121
Narvaez Marlon Jesus     0722
                     OPERATIONS SURFACE  - 6120
Babcock James C          0422     Burgos Rebecca Maria        0922
Daniels Rodney M Jr      0322     Davis Paul Edward Jr        1121
King John Edward         1221     Mcdonald Ryan James         1021
Owens Wesley Curtis      0522     Pugh Benjamin Ryan          0822
Ramseyer Grant Lee       0822     Velazquez Courtney Lynn     0222
Wiggins Marcus Allen     0322
                 ENGINEERING/REPAIR SURFACE  - 6130
Antico Sam Joseph III    0822     Blakeley Cyle Jacob         0922
Bravo Herminio Luis      0222     Brolsma Lance Carter        0222
Bryant Steven Gregory    0522     Burg Jonathan Leon          1021
Cabrera Junior Manuel    0322     Campbell Curtis Lee         0422
Chavez Bryan Carl        0922     Demint Stephen James        0822
Espinal Jose G           0722     Gaddy Harley Phillip        1121
Hare Luke James          0722     Henson Jason Michaeleldon   0422
Jayawardana Sandesh S    1221     Johnson Nicole A            0822
King Jamel D             0722     Lavinier Kyle               0422
Lium Timothy Scott       0922     Maglio Matthew James        1121
Miller Andrew David      0922     Pacej Vitaly Olegovich      0222
Pulsipher Zachary H      0722     Ramos Nirroraniel Roque     0722
Rivera Christ A Jr       1221     Robinson Omar Lee           0822
Sliver Karl D II         0822     Spradlin Kevin Andrew       0522
Young Jonathan Scott     0922
                   ELECTRONICS SURFACE  - 6180
Alayon Frederick A       1221     Barron Lino Arnoldo         0922
Bernich Barry James II   0922     Bolt William M              0322
Bone Aaron Charles       0822     Cameron Yanique Mandella    0822
Chamberlain Edward S     0522     Dalessio Vincent            0722
Daly Desiree Nicole      0922     Ducharme Nathan Reid        0422
Hanley Michael           0822     James Sean Michael          0722
Klus Erin Colleen        0322     Lane Zachary Morgan         0722
Long William Alex        0522     Lopez Bryan Ferney          0722
Lyons Stephen John       1121     Moranor Brian Stephen       0222
Najjar Khilid Mohammed   0722     Oconnell Daniel Ryan        0822
Ols Michael Jay          0422     Peace James Richard         0522
Ponchot Jason David      0422     Ridgway Jake Fitzpatrick    0822
Ross Lance               0822     Shubin Seth Michael         1221
Slaughter Courtney D     0922     Sundin Beau Austin          1021
Troutman Brandon Lamar   0422     Vandergiessen Jason M       0722
Villamarin Paul Reyes    1121     Vreeland Lance Jereth       0922
Webb Derek Dejuan        0522     Whatley Nicholas Scott      0922
Anderson Robin Brooks    0922     Bueter Shane Allen          1021
Casey Sean Alan          0822     Taylor Keith L Jr           0222
                     ORDNANCE SUBMARINE  - 6260
Harnish Brett Emil       0222     Leavitt Justin Paul         1121
Piek Justin Michael      0822     Pietrzykowski Christopher   0322
Puddy Jason Jeffrey      0322     Ramirez Cipriano Andres IV  0922
Spivey Tamario Leve      0922     Suderow Daniel Joseph       0822
                     ELECTRONICS SUBMARINE  - 6280
Bagley Jonathan Michael  0822     Callands Nicholas Andrew    1121
Castroortiz Kelvis O     0922     Prinster Erik Trevon        0422
Williams Kalu Lamarisaac 0522
                   COMMUNICATIONS SUBMARINE  - 6290
Barlow Miles Yeates      0322     Mejia Roger Eduardo         1121
Parsons Dakota Cain      0922     Sharib Benjamin Andrew      0822
Stephany Tyler Shea      1021
                       AVIATION DECK  - 6310
Aceves Eduardo Israel    0822     Diazmulero Luis Manuel      1221
Knighton Justin C        0822     Le Nhu Quynh                1021
Mccullum Kevin Westley   0922     Streeter Raponzo Deanthony  0522
                     AVIATION MAINTENANCE  - 6330
Almeida Rafael I         0522     Camacho Jonathan Rayg       0322
Cooper Joel David        0822     Dieujuste Jeff              0222
Eder Edward Earl IV      0322     Edwards David Riley III     0822
Heissler Cody Wade       0922     Hewel Joseph Vincent        0922
James Steven Phillip Jr  0822     Kieffer Nathaniel Edward    0822
Lapadat Tyler Jonathan   0822     Layne David Ray             1021
Lucky Aerial Cherreyl    0522     Madison Kevin Dewayne       0522
Marasigan Joel Loyola    0422     Marcantonio Alyssa Blair    1121
Mcdaniel Kyle Reese      0922     Miller Jonathan N           0922
Musgraves Justin D       0922     Ramone Shari Leah           0422
Robinson Christopher F   0222     Sidwell Alex Gene           1221
Stanley Savannah Gray    0922     Viau Matthew Christian      1121
Wilbourn Dakota Lee      1221     Wong Brandi M               0822
                    AVIATION ORDNANCE  - 6360
Ballinger Eric Robert    1021     Concepcion Julian Edgardo   0922
Dasher Rosalie Anilao    0922     Dejesus Omar Edwardo        0822
Fallone Justin N         0222     Garduque Norvin D           0822
Krainski Kenneth Hunter  0822     Ramirez Javier              0322
Rodriguezdiaz Elliot R   0922     Rube Joshua Paul            0222
Spencer Marcus Emmanuel  1021     Zupan Mary Catherine        0322
                     AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL  - 6390
Elrod Dustin John        0922     Jasmer Levi Allan           1121
Moon Bryan R             0422     Shulsen Jaryd Roger         1021
Torres Scott Alexander   1021
                      ADMINISTRATION  - 6410
Avila Clarissa Jan       0922     Boyd Michael Lee            1021
Breault Brittany Stern   0822     Copeland David Lee          0922
Dean Mario Deandra       0222     Duarteruiz Jesus Arnoldo    0922
Duplessis Cosey          0722     Fundling Nicholas Joseph    0522
Givens Darren Blake      0822     Grudzien Jan Leszek         0822
Martin Diana Michelle    0822     Mitchell Mark Twain Jr      0922
Oulare Michel            0722     Paulino George W II         0922
Sangregory Deborah B     0322     Taylor Isaiah Benjamin      0522
Torres Jenna Marie       0822     Villaronga Jose Luis Jr     0322
Wickham Patrick Robert   1021     Williams Justin Stephen     0522
                       BANDMASTER  - 6430
Kalinowski Katherine J   0922
                 EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL  - 6480
Kelly Brett Thomas       0222     Mainfermemccandless Joshua  0222
Oconnor Matthew Joseph   1021     Padmore Troy Athelton       0922
Pitts Samuel Earl        0922
                       SECURITY  - 6490
Anderson Samantha        1021    Batestaylor Sean Thomas      1121
Cannon Joshua Debari     0822    Cornwell Justin Allen        1021
Davidheiser Shawn Robert 0922    Davis Jason Paul             0222
Deckers David Charles    1121    Fair Ronnell William         0322
Flores Alberto R         1221    Hassett Marcelina            0222
Hicks John Mathew        1021    Horn Jared Craig             0722
Hueso Estevan Raul       1121    Johnson Michael P            0922
Moore Megan Lynn         0822    Piedra Peter Alexander       0922
Pizarrocruz Karla R      0822    Presler Travis Lee           0222
Rakoski Glenn M Jr       0722    Rodriguez Luis Alberto Jr    0322
Sjogren Nicholas David   0822    Suarez Maura Hazel           0922
Wells Jordan Tyler       0322    White Andrae Lavell Jr       0722
Wilson Paul Roman
                      SUPPLY CORPS  - 6510
Balitaan Jerome I        0722    Cauguiran Jaycee Sapnu       0722
Crooms Marlayna Renee    1021    Delahoz Mark Antonio         1221
Erifevieme Dumebi Jenny  0722    Francis Renardo Horatio      0222
Schweitzer Andrew Donald 0222
                     CIVIL ENGINEER CORPS  - 6530
Chastain Joshua Allen    0822     Eder Jesse Franz            1021
Miller David M           0422     Moradeyo Gafayat Atinuke    0322
Payne Michael            0922
                    CRYPTOLOGIC WARFARE  - 6810
Madariaga Brian Joseph   0722     Roth Andrew Thomas          1021
            INFORMATION SYSTEMS  - 6820
Brown Lawrence E Jr      1021     Craven Ashley Michelle      0922
Grissom Zaquavius J      0522     Mitchell Michael Christian  0822
Pham Andre Sang          0922     Sourivong Katherine         0822
Stoker Adam R            0522
                 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER (W-3)
Jackson Joshua Joel      1021
                      DIVING OFFICER  - 7201
Langley Ryan Todd        1121      Mcculloch John III         1021
Brown Lucas Alden        1021
                         SHIPS CLERK  - 7411
Warren Melissa Michelle  1221
Godwin Ralph Michael II  1021
                     CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER (W-2)
                      BOATSWAIN SURFACE  - 7111
Andersson Eric David     0522     Atienza Arnhel Feria        1221
Birk Timothy Edward      0222     Cansino Joanna Marie        0622
Fifer Michael E          1121     Guerrero Alfonso            1021
Hall Michael Demsey Jr   0622     Jett Richard Clifton III    0622
Jones Lester Todd Jr     0422     Lacey David Percival        0322
Moreira Joao L           0222     Payne Dennie Nicholas       0322
White Raymond Gerald Jr  0522
Brown Jonathan Blake     0322     Cannon Ryan D               0222
Delacruz Ernest Brent    1121     Harold Christopher L        0322
Johnson Cassidy Byran    0522     Pen Chan Narong             0422
Richardson Arthur Lyman  0222     Rizzo Joseph John           1121
Saravia Jose Manuel      1021     Siat Marksteve Guadez       0622
Strowder Anthony Demar   0422     Vo Vuong Tran               0622
Williams Darian Antwan   0622     Wright Iesha Lynn           0522
Armendariz Nathan D      0522     Aweh James U                0522
Besong Arreybesem Enow   0622     Bottorff Kenneth Carl III   1221
Brennan Christopher R    1021     Caves Ryan Damien           1021
Contrerasmendoza Nester  0422     Cornett Logan Christopher   1121
Diaz Jorge Daniel        0322     Farduchi Sandro Jr          0222
Francis Edroy C          1121     Gass Steven Andrew          0322
Grant Scott Michael      0622     Hutchison Robert David      0622
Kardasiewicz Matthew     1221     Niosco Hiroshi Casia        0522
Orozco David             0422     Overland Eric Justin        1221
Santana Jesus            0222     Sherman Roberta Nicole      0422
South John Allen Jr      0322     Velez Moises                0222
Woodworth Evan Thyssen   1121     Xavier Healley Beancia      1121
                 SPECIAL WARFARE TECHNICIAN  - 7151
Calhoun James M III      0322     Gilb Lee Joseph             0522
Hayden Jeffrey Edward    1221     Kennedy Matthew John        1021
Koonce John Keith        0322     Lilliott Aaron William      0422
Pinkel Aaron C           0422     Portwood Jewell Edward Jr   0522
Taylor Alexander Ryan    1021
Bouchard Steven Ali      0422     Fletcher Tristan Spica      1221
Giencke Robbie Daniel    1121     Leslie Stephen William      0322
Thompson Elliott M       1021
Barber Christopher A     1221     Bish Ryan Robert            0422
Dunford Charles B III    1221     Federico Nicholas John      0422
Gonzales Zeser Ginho     0522     Hintongore Michelle A       1121
Hoeckelberg Dustin Allen 0322     Hoggard Mark Ashby          0622
Johnson Alvin Dwayne     1221     Logan Daniel Mark           0222
Riley Jeremy Curtis      0222     Rodriguez Jimmy Rafael      0522
Rupel Adam David         1021     Sage Evan James             1021
Smith James Irvin Jr     1121     Spitzer Sean Allen          1121
Steen Lee Andrew         0622     Taylor Travis Carnelle      0522
Urias Damian Anzar       0422     Walton Geoffrey Lorenzo     0622
                      DIVING OFFICER  - 7201
Clifton Cory Benjamin    0522     Patton Drew Ashley          0622
Vanzant Stephen David    1021
Poppen Wayne Brent      0522      Schumacher Adam James       0422
                    ACOUSTIC TECHNICIAN  - 7281
Hill Mark Randall Jr    0422      Mathias Steven Darwin       0422
Roby Michael Bernard    1221      Salem Justin William        1121
                     AVIATION BOATSWAIN  - 7311
Brown Matthew Richard    0222     Diaz Michael Bruno          0322
Hines Charleston R       0322     Libungan Alan Juneoligo     1221
Sealey Ivelaw Forbes J   1221     Shaff Ian Kyle              0222
Abel Alexander Eugene    0622     Butler Jaron Azi            0322
Collins Brett Adam       1121     Cook Benjamin James         0222
Gonzalez Emilio V        0422     Goodison Lloyd Anthony      1221
Joseph Michael Anthony   0422     Mcclelland Victor C         0522
Shoemaker Benjamin T     0522     Smith Jeremy Laws           0322
Stone Walton Russell     1021     Taylor Bryce Jon            0622
Williams Stephanie M     0222
Bautista Bradley Ann     1121     Colagene Jean Marye         0222
Cullen Sean Paul         1221     Cutler Jonathan David       0422
Edejer Jhulem B          0222     Ferguson Kenneth M Jr       1021
Garrett James William    1121     Garvey Thomas Arthur        1221
Garvin Jason Howard      1121     Hunter Denesha Patrice      0222
Kaczmarek Adam Henry     0622     Madore Jamie Alexander      0522
Mcaloney Steven Craig    0422     Mcwilliams Jacob Joe        0522
Moylan Jamie Ryan        1121     Roberts Bryce Andrew        0522
Rosario Juan Jose        0622     Sadler Autumn Michelle      0322
Samu Christopher Marton  1221     Schallert Kelie Ann         0222
Shields Leon Lee         0422     Walker Jeffery Lamar        1221
Watts Daniel Ray Jr      0322     Woodley Blaine Matthew      0422
Worsham Christopher Eric 0322
                AVIATION ORDNANCE TECHNICIAN  - 7361
Armstrong Noland Travvon 0522     Burch Lerhone Christopher   1221
Carlton David Adam       1121     Cooksey James Edward        0622
Fox Clinton Nash         0422     James Katie Clayton         0222
Jenkins Jason Lewis      1221     Johnson Datrel Depree       1021
Jolla Roderick Lee       0422     Prewitt William Stannford I 0222
Quayle Adam Paul         0222     Soders Carlton Durone       0622
Williams Alexanna C      1021     Young Quiyon S              1221
Zamora Alfonso           0622
                         SHIPS CLERK  - 7411
Alvarez Eric Rene        0422     Bridges Sestlavie Kaschan   0522
Cage William Andrew      0622     Calibo Carloeric C          0622
Canosa Carlo John        0322     Godinez Kristina Marie      1121
Harker, Kimrochelle A    0422     Her Jann                    0522
Jameson Bryce Remund     1221     Moore Antonio Maurice       0522
Navarro Jeffrey Mark     1121     Neri Monica                 0522
Odurosarkodie Evans      0422     Palacio Aaron Elroy         1121
Pointer Anita Marie      0322     Richards Shawn Willis       0222
Richardson Daryl L Jr    0222     Smith Christopher David     1221
Streeter Rickey L II     0422     Zehr David Ryan             1021
Zhang Ming               0322
                     FOOD SERVICE WARRANT  - 7521
Brown Kevin M            0622     Caser Leah Josefina G       0322
Farrell Kip Cullen       0622     Haag Robert Henry Jr        1221
Jimenez Sonny Regado     0322     Payne Veronica Diane        1021
Roth Christopher Bruce   1221
                        OCEANOGRAPHY  - 7801
Adebiyi Kimberly Marie   0322     Latin Michael William       1221
Suarez Jesus Christian   1121
Bullock Dianne Nicole    1121     Chaney Devin Rashad         0522
Clements Michael B       0422     Connelly Daniel John        1221
Greening Sean Kenneth Jr 0522     Kennedy Patrick Joseph      1121
Kirby Tyler Nelson       0522     Konrad Karyn Lynn           0622
Lumsford Krystal Marie   1221     Martin Glenn David Jr       0422
Oneil Rebecca Kathleen   0622     Self Dwayne Michael         0222
Townsley David Brian II  0422     Watson Lance Rodrigues      0622
Bagsic Edel Baluyot      0522     Cruz Amy Evon               1021
Forrester Brian J II     0522     Fulton Kenyetta Danielle    0322
Grant Richard Justin     0522     Javier Jay Fabrigas         0422
Lonis Nicholas Maxfield  0222     Miranda Chris Padrigo       0622
Murillo Robert Joseph    0222     Olague Sarahi               0622
Pringle Quantrel         1021     Roberson Dmarcelius Jamar   0422
Singleton Deonte T       0322     Smith Tyler Neiljorissen    1221
Veverka Michele Mae      0622
                   INTELLIGENCE TECHNICIAN  - 7831
Briggs Chad Robert       0322     Brown Edward Arnold Jr      1021
Bushey Kenneth James     1121     Greene Adam Joseph          1221
Hirsch Jason Isaac       0422     Ingram Patrick Jordan       1121
Jones Dany Jay           1121     Jumper Matthew Adam         1021
Levan Mary Nicole        1221     Mckinney Christopher J      1221
Vandell Trevor Asa       1021
                       WARRANT OFFICER (W-1)
                       CYBER WARRANT  - 7841
Ferree Nicholas Clayton  1021

3.  Each applicant should take pride in knowing that the superior
performance documented in the evaluations reviewed by the board
required the members to dedicate long hours in making hard choices
to ensure only the best and fully qualified applicants were
selected.  I am confident that each selectee will justify their
selection time and again in their new career as naval officers.
Those not selected are highly encouraged to seek out an LDO/CWO in
your area for advice on ways to grow professionally and improve
opportunity for future selection.  Bravo Zulu to all who were
willing to answer the call.

4.  This message is not authority to issue appointments.  Frocking
is prohibited.  COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS 806) will deliver appointments
to MyNavy Career Center (MNCC) Millington approximately 60 days
prior to the commissioning date.  MNCC will forward appointments to
the Transaction Service Center (TSC) Great Lakes, who will
distribute directly to the respective CPPAs.  TSC Great Lakes will
also process the conversion from enlisted to officer status for LDOs
and CWOs, for all commands other than those who have the ability to
process their own (CVN, SPECWAR, etc.).  TSC Great Lakes can be
contacted directly at the below email address.

5.  Commanding Officers are directed to:
    a.  Notify selectee.
    b.  Notify PERS 803 via official correspondence not later than
10 days following release of this message of selectees who do not
accept appointment.  Selectees who decline their commission within
this 10 day period will be considered by the FY 22 Enlisted
Selection Boards.  After the 10 day period, PERS 802 will invalidate
all FY 22 Active Duty Navy LDO and CWO In Service Procurement
Selection Board selectees eligibility for the FY 22 Active Duty
Enlisted Selection Boards.
    c.  Per reference (a), ensure LDO and CWO selectees obtain a
commissioning physical within 90 days preceding the appointment
month.  Notify the applicable officer detailer upon completion.
    d.  Hold execution of all permanent change of station orders in
abeyance, if applicable, and immediately notify PERS 40 of member's
    e.  Administer official physical fitness assessment (PFA) within
4 months of commissioning date.  Selectees must hand carry test
results to Officer Indoctrination School, Newport, RI.  If selectee
fails to achieve satisfactory medium, notify your applicable officer
detailer.  Hold commissioning in abeyance until successful
completion of PFA.
    f.  Hold appointment in abeyance if it is determined that a
selectee is no longer mentally, physically, morally or professional
qualified or if they fail to meet current PFA requirements.
Immediately forward documentation citing reason to PERS 803.

6.  If an LDO or CWO selectee's enlistment (including any
extensions) expires after the date of appointment, they are not
reenlistment eligible unless appointment is declined.

7.  Each selectee should contact their officer detailer for
submission requirements with regard to personal information and
history cards, and inform PERS 806 of address changes
to facilitate appointment delivery.

8.  Points of Contact
    a.  PERS 803 point of contact for LDO/CWO In service Procurement
Board, issues/questions is LCDR Randy Beal at (901) 874 3170/DSN 882
or email npc_ldocwo_selbd.fct(at)navy.mil.
    b.  PERS 806 point of contact for issuance of oath and
commissioning documents issues/questions is Ms. Shelly Hayes, at
(901) 874 4374/DSN 882 or email at officer_appt.fct(at)navy.mil.
    c.  MNCC point of contact for distribution of oath and
commissioning documents is askmncc@navy.mil.
    d.  TSC Great Lakes point of contact for oath of office
distribution and conversion questions is M GRLK TSCEOPP(at)navy.mil.

9.  Released by VADM John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.//


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1 minute ago, Intel said:

I saw it in my personal BOL.  Maybe they'll give commands today to drop the news and release the message Monday?

Yeah, I'm thinking something along the line of that if they are using the TRIAD method. By the way, congratulations! I think some of the best officers come from the enlisted ranks. 😎

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3 minutes ago, Intel said:

I stand corrected.

You might still be right. I don't see it on My HR or whatever they call it now. That may have been a TRIAD copy (just guessing)

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Guest Intel
1 minute ago, Tony said:

You might still be right. I don't see it on My HR or whatever they call it now. That may have been a TRIAD copy (just guessing)

I pulled it out of message traffic.  It takes a little bit to hit MyNavyHR.  I'll send it to you.

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2 minutes ago, Intel said:

I pulled it out of message traffic.  It takes a little bit to hit MyNavyHR.  I'll send it to you.

I thank you very much. Now there's over 300 visitors checkin' 😁

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Guest HeartOfTheSea
32 minutes ago, Intel said:

I pulled it out of message traffic.  It takes a little bit to hit MyNavyHR.  I'll send it to you.

You didn't happen to have seen the LDO-Nuc message in message traffic as well did you?

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