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    There are people still here! Always crazy the lull in conversation when it isn’t board season. How did the eval cycle go for everyone? I had 11 months at my command. Managed an MP out of 18 first classes and above summary group average. Was hoping for an EP, but I don’t have all my quals 100% complete yet. Dropped from an EP at my last command. Write up has leadership and management of my work center and LPO at sea. So hopefully, this will work out favorably! How did everyone else do?
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    I did! The CAPT said the board isn’t worried about how many tickets you sold, how much you raised, or how many organizations participated in a parade. He separated all the personnel numbers to prevent confusion, “you led all the ALL of the E6 and below here, but you also trained all the Navy personnel. It’s confusing to say you led mentored trained 91 Sailors, then advocated for the command’s 130+ E6 and below. The board doesn’t like confusing.” “It’s all in the actions you did and capturing the leadership behind it, that’s what I focused on, your leadership in EVERYTHING you did!” Senior discussed it with me when the CAPT stepped out to talk to the one star, “this is his view point, but it’s a GREAT view point” he was more than satisfied with it, and that is saying something after the MCs that reviewed my record loved the last eval Senior played a huge part of.
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