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    NJP can be performed regardless of a civilian conviction. Talk with you command legal rep for all the in's and out's. I had NJP in 2013. In my letter to the board I addressed it right below the enclosures.
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    BOL just updated. Go check if you got that "A"!
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    Your pages received will say zero. You're good to go!
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    The checklist is required. From the NAVADMIN: Click the *Active-Duty LDO/CWO ISPB* link, then select LDO and CWO ISPB to access the current application, application help and a review checklist for commands to print and include in the application folder. From Part 2 of "Additional Guidance" section of the application instructions on NPC: 2. Commands and applicants are to use the checklist to ensure all eligibility requirements are met and the application is complete prior to submission. The checklist can be found at https://www.mnp.navy.mil/group/career-planning/commissioning-programs. Click the *Limited Duty Officer & Chief Warrant Officer In-Service Procurement Board* link then select *Active Duty or Reserve Component LDO/CWO In-Service Procurement Board* link to access the checklist. The checklist should be the first page of the scanned file submitted.
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    I just submitted mine. Checklist, COs endorsement, my cover letter along with 21 enclosures in that order. The only things left I am waiting on is the A from BOL and then the wait on the board results next year.
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    This is from page 9-5 of the Navy Correspondence Manual, SECNAV 5216.5: 1. Briefing sheet as prescribed locally, usually omitted if letter is short or self explanatory. 2. Your endorsement. 3. Earlier endorsements, most recent on top. 4. Basic letter. 5. Earlier enclosures, plus any you added on top. Page 1 in this case would be the check-list in lieu of the Briefing Sheet. Next "Your endorsement" in this case is the Commanding Officers "first endorsement". For #3 you shouldn't have any earlier endorsements as the only endorsement for this should be your Commanding Officers. #4, the Basic Letter, is your letter to the board, followed by #5 which are your enclosures. Simply put, the order should be: Checklist CO's First Endorsement Your letter to the board Enclosures For what its worth this is how I submitted my package and it is showing accepted "A" with no errors in BOL. Good luck everyone! https://www.secnav.navy.mil/doni/SECNAV Manuals1/5216.5 CH-1.pdf
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    Now that the season is over. If anyone needs help with anything, just let me know and I will do my best. This forum has done a lot for me over the years.
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