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    So as we polish our evals for this cycle, we got great feedback about what NOT to put on our eval like anything suggesting “future, not ready yet”. What are some of the best, go to bullets you’ve seen that project leadership and the accomplishments of your junior sailors?
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    I contacted the three MCs in my rate that sat the board this year. I heard back from two and both said pretty much the same thing...GO TO A SHIP! I simply asked them if they had the time, would they mind taking a look at my record (anything they requested) one more time, and telling me what I need to be more competitive for the next cycle. There was a bit of excess fluff in my older evaluations (they both went back six years), but said my evaluations were progressing with me and last one was spot on what a board wants..."one more like that should do it". lots of discussion about well rounded reporting w/in the eval...Sailorization, mentoring, leading, Sailor 360/CPO 365, secondary education, Mess involvement...just get better every day...1% like @Tony put up in an article awhile back. Keep the faith.
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    Yes, I did it the year I wasn't selected and the next year I picked up. Just be respectful and email the person from your rating that sat the board. They cant tell you why you didn't get selected but they will go over your record and let you know what they see that you are missing or still need to do to get the S.
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