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    Morning Folks, Just joined and wanted to share some information I gathered when I talked to three Mastechief’s about my board package. One of them sat the board last year, one of them two years ago, and one has never sat the board but talked to members who were sitting the board. Overall, all three didn’t differ much from each other. The Masterchief who sat the board last year wanted to see my Performance Eval Continuity Report, all evaluations in the last three years, my performance summary sheet, PRIMS and my projected LTB. On my Continuity Report he checked the Missing Period box for any messages and checked the “To” and “From” dates on the report list. In the “Status” column, he told me that you should only see one status report indicator which is “complete”. In some occasions he told me you might see “purged”, but that this status will only appear if an evaluation has been submitted twice but has no negative impact. Any other status indications will have a negative impact on your record. On my Performance Summary Report, he was looking at the Duties I held under “Duty”, Eval averages, promotion recommendations, and PRT statues codes (the usual drill, looking for progression in your evals and no stagnant evals). On my Personnel Data Summary Sheet (or PSR), he looked at my education data, NEC listings, and checked if I had a good sea and shore duty rotation (i.e. my shore duty tour was 37 months and my sea 45 months – not sure how much weight those SEA/SHORES codes have on a board), he checked my time in rate and for how long I have been in the Navy. Lastly, he checked if the numerical awards listing matched my OMPF (air medals, navy achievement medals and so forth. He told me that those Personal Awards No. should match my OMPF entries (i.e. I have two Airmedals and 7 Navy Achievement Medals; my OMPF should reflect those entries with a copy of my award unless it is included in the LTB). On my evaluations (had 5 in the last 3 years), he was looking at my designations (block 3), Occasion of Report (block 10 through 13), block 20 (PRT), and block 29 (good rotation of collateral duties, length of duties, and listing of primary duties and no gaps in my period of reporting ( block 14; he checked for reporting gaps, and if there are any, they are covered in block 29. On the second page he checked my individual trait average ( block 29) and of course block 43. In blocked 43 he was looking at my “call outs” (they are usually on the header and on the bottom of your write-up) and my write-up, my RSCA score and the post summary group. Lastly, he looked at my LTB. I asked him if I should send in a career summary sheet and he flat out said: No, do not do that. You are basically telling me I cannot read your record. In addition, he told me that they only have a limited time on each record. He also told me that if he saw more than 13 or 14 submissions on your LTB it may look unfavorable because they are not listed in your record (makes your record look incomplete). I only submitted 7 items, my degree, SJPME, USMAP, MOVSM, BUPERS Mentor Certificate, Defense Language Certificate and my DAPA designation. He also told me not to do SJPME II (you have to be an E-7 to do it) which he has seen with some sailors because you basically “lied” about your current rank to obtain a certificate. He also told me that SJPME is equivalent to a degree (not sure if he meant it in terms of points or just overall). Overall, he told me I have good record other than one stagnant eval from 5 years ago (which he saw on the performance summary sheet). I am pretty sure you heard most of this from your record review from your deck plate leaders, and thought I would share it. Lastly, see below for an email from our CMC in regards to chief’s pinning and season: Leaders, MCPON Call was on June 11 2020 At the MCPONs call several topics were touched upon. 1. EAWS/ESWS 2. EVALS for E7/E8 and E6 3. Chief Results and Season guidance 4. Phase 2 COVID precautions. 1. Coming out soon is the revised EAWS and then shortly after ESWS. Both will have changes to ensure a more qualified expert. Page 13s will go away. This is going away 1 because we should not be pushing our sailors to be the best but give them the tools and opportunity to be the best they can be. So if they do not get qualified this is on them. A sailor will be onboard a minimum of 1 year before they are able to enroll in the EAWS program. Qualifications for their job come first, be qualified to work in your rating then they will be allowed to enter the program. Re-qualifications for different command and same platform will go away. Talking points on the programs and changes will come out with the instructions. We are charged with making technical experts and it is the goal behind the warfare pins. When you see a sailor with their pin you will know they are very knowledgeable in their warfare designation. 2. Evaluations for this year will be done on the same dates in the evaluation manual SEP 15 and NOV 15. However the first class evaluations will not be debriefed or submitted until after results come out. 3. Chief results are planned to be out the week of Thanksgiving. However if a panel has an issue due to the virus this will push it a little. Another panel will absorb the ratings and continue on. At the latest results will be out by DEC 10th. The season will go through Jan 28th with pinning on the 29th. Over the holiday stand down periods there will be no planned events at all. We should use this time for mentoring, one on one guidance, personal experiences charge book entries etc. MCPON will release the season guidance over the weekend. He apologizes for not having it out sooner. 4. With Phase 2 openings we need to ensure we keep up our precautions. Make sure we continue to use the tools available to us to keep our families, our sailors, our Navy families as safe as possible. Washington knows that we will be at limited operating capabilities for an extended time. The time will remain unknown until a vaccine for COVID is available. As leaders takeaway and learn as much as we can from this the positive and negative. If we come out with better ways to do business keep them. We can use these experiences to make us stronger. V/r, CMC Sorry for the Wall of Text btw.
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    an interview with MCPON Smith going over many topics and what’s going on around us. But at around 31:45 he talks about results and season stuff. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=XbtXES5hcvM
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    Just recieved a COM. Hope it hits my record in time.
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    From FLTCM O'Rawe: "Want to alert you to an ongoing issue that has resulted in Advancement Exam Profile sheets stating “Released from Duty” such as the example attached. Some board eligible E7, E8, and E9 candidates have also received an email notification that their Profile Sheet was updated and the member is now “Released From Duty”. Our team of professionals at Navy Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) are fully aware of the issue and their technicians are diligently working to correct it. Please inform your Sailors and your ESOs and we will promulgate more information as we work through this issue. Thanks for all the communication and especially to the CCC/ESOs and NETPDC team for the communication and efforts to resolve this."
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    So All I am getting on the subject is that (NETPDTC is aware of the "INVALIDATED EXAM DUE TO BEING RELEASED FROM DUTY" for the current profile sheets and they are working on fixing the issue.) I was told that candidates are to keep checking for an updated profile sheet in the mean time. I will keep hitting the desks on those in charge till I get you all some answers.
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    GTG. Gonna reach out to one of my bros in Pensacola and Millington to see if I can't get some answers. (Slowly puts on his Colombo jacket and heads out the door)
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    Well it’s interesting, the different information that is going around. We had the previous post that stated evals dates would remain the same. Now locally I’m starting to hear that the evals will be pushed to the right to align with a January pinning. Anyone have any info/RUMINT on this topic?
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    I've had some Sailors of mine receive emails today about their E-7 test profile sheets. It states that they have been removed from service. Has anyone else seen or heard of this and what does it mean?
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    If it wasn’t in your record and available for the board on the original convene date it will not be available to the board when they do convene. Below is the quote from NAVADMIN 144/20 ”2. In line with reference (a), eligibility will be as of the original board convening date. Official Military Personnel Files for use during the boards are captured as of the original board convening date.”
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    AC records locked yesterday so you can look in your record to see if it’s there. If it’s not then they won’t see it
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    Most information you'll find online about CTRs is very vague and for good reason. There are a few different routes you can go (signals analyst/reporting/afloat/air/subs) each with their own flavor. If you were selected to be a reporter (for example) you would be writing intelligence reports. In the civilian world, there are various organizations that also write intelligence reports. After a successful enlistment/career, you would have gained experience that would help make you a good candidate to a few different organizations that are a part of the intelligence community.
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    I had one EP and all the rest MPs. BTW the EP was did not contain a soft break out.
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    Briefing Card - Recommencement of Boards (15 May 2020).pdf
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    Looks like we're gonna have some Christmas selects this year!!!
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