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  1. News, help & guidelines for these Navy discussion forums

    1. Help & Guidelines

      This is where you will find the latest news about this forum including tips, help, forum status and updates or changes to the guidelines. You can also use this to help fix issues or letting me know if you are have problems with the forum such as changing your profile settings or whatnot.


    2. News, Scuttlebutt Forum | Navy Policy

      This forum contains news of interest to enlisted Sailors and their family about the United States Navy in general, scuttlebutt, events and news that may not fit in other categories. News sources may come from the Navy or from the commercial media. Additionally included is a sub-forum related to official Navy policy.

  2. College Education, Navy Career, Reserve and Training News

    1. Navy Enlisted Career Forum | Rating & Management

      Here you will find news, information and messages from NPC and Bupers related to career management, special programs for reserve and active alike. If it affects your rate or career, it should be here.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web pages: Navy Enlisted Career | Navy Enlisted Career Reading | Enlisted Warfare Qualification Programs

    2. Navy Training and College Forum | Education

      This forum has topics such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill, college credits, and tuition assistance for active duty and reserve who are continuing their college education. In addition, this forum included Navy training such as rating schools, degree roadmap, GMT,  and other enlisted training.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web pages: College Benefits, Tuition Assistance & Enlisted Navy Training

    3. Navy Reserve

      Enlisted career information that is specific to the U.S. Navy Reserve. Advancements will still be located in the Chief and advancement categories. 

  3. CPO (E7) Selection Board | Selectees | Enlisted to Officer | Navy Advancement Exam

    1. Navy Advancement Results, Exam, Bibs Forum

      The Navy advancement forum covers results, exam, study material and NAVADMINS related to advancement for E-4 through E-6. E-1 and E-2 are encouraged to join as well. This is a good place to ask questions about bibliography for advancement in rate, professional military knowledge (PMK-EE) and occupational standards.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web page: Navy Advancement Career Guide & NPC News | Advancement Exam & Chief's Board | Bibliography | Professional Military Knowledge | Occupational Standards Rating Exam

    2. Chief Selection Board Forum | Results, Preparation, Records

      This forum is for  First Class Petty Officers, Active & Reserve, who are preparing for advancement to Chief. Information includes the selection board process, precepts, quotas, board results and more. Information on Senior and Master Chief are posted here as well.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web page: 
      Navy Advancement Career Guide & NPC News | Advancement Exam & Chief Board Results | Chiefs Selection Board Preparation

    3. Navy Enlisted to Officer Forum | LDO, CWO, Commissioning

      The Enlisted to Officer Forum covers topics related to applying to the various officer programs including  STA-21, LDO/ CWO, Medical Service Corps in Service Procurement Program (MSC-IPP), Nuclear LDO, Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP), Seaman to Admiral, Enlisted Commissioning Programs and Naval Academy admissions for enlisted active & reserve.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web page: Navy Enlisted to Officer Programs | Medical Service Corps (MSC) - In-service Procurement Program (IPP) | Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program - Navy MECP | Navy Enlisted Military and Electronic Service Records

  4. Navy Officer

    1. Navy Officer

      This is an area for Navy Officers. This is not the enlisted to officer programs area which is in a separate category up above. Even though this website was built for the enlisted, we have always had officers join up to contribute information and files or to read up on the latest Navy news. Let's see if we can return the favor.

      In this area I will post specific items that may be of interest to Officers of the United States Navy.

  5. Service Records | Pay & Benefits | Evals, Awards & PRT | Relocation & PCS

    1. Navy Electronic Service Record (ESR) Forum

      Here you can discuss your electronic service record including corrections and submission of documents to PSD or your command admin. You want to make sure your service records contain no errors that could negatively impact your career. You also want to ensure you have a self service ESR account.

      Included in this section are announcements of any instructions or other documents that have been deleted, updated or added.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web page: Navy Enlisted Military and Electronic Service Records

    2. Enlisted Pay, Benefits & Allowance Forum | Navy

      This forum provides information on pay, benefits, bonuses and related topics. Other topics include sea pay, Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB), Involuntary Separation Pay (ISP), special & incentive pay, per diem, Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), travel pay and more. Related NPC and Bupers news and NAVADMINS will be included here.

    3. Navy Evals, Awards, PRT, Uniform & Grooming

      Topics in this forum cover the Physical Readiness Test (PRT), grooming, uniform, awards and evaluations. Bupers and NPC messages, NAVADMINS, and regulation changes or updates will be located here as well.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web page: Navy Uniform, Awards & GroomingNavy Enlisted Evaluations (Evals) | Navy Physical Readiness Program (PRT)

    4. Navy Relocation Assistance, Detailing, PCS Orders & Assignments

      Bupers and NPC forum with topics such as detailing, assignments, travel, lodging, shipment of house-hold goods, negotiating & getting your PCS orders and related Navy items.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web page: Enlisted Detailing, Relocation, Assignments, PCS OrdersNavy Bases StatesideNavy Bases Overseas 

  6. Transition Assistance | Veterans, Retirees | Spouse

    1. Transition Assistance

      The Transition Assistance Program, provides separating and retiring members the training, skills and tools to help them transition into the civilian world. Whether you plan on seeking technical training, a higher education, entering the workforce or simply retiring, you do want to take advantage of this program.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web page: Navy Enlisted Military and Electronic Service RecordsCollege Benefits, Tuition Assistance & Enlisted Navy TrainingNavy Enlisted Veterans & Retirees 

    2. Military Veteran & Retirees Discussion Forum

      Discussion forum for Navy veterans and retirees. This area can include veterans home loans, medical benefits, Montgomery G.I. Bill, and state and Government VA benefits.

      For additional information, enlisted Sailors can also go to the following NavyAdvancement.com web pages: Navy Enlisted Veterans & Retirees

    3. Navy Spouse and Family Support Discussion Forum

      The Navy spouse forum includes topics on employment, children, education for spouses and children, discounts, and many other topics. Many topics are applicable to single Sailors as well.

  7. Medical, Benefits, Tricare and Mental Health

    1. Medical, Benefits and Tricare Navy Forum

      Topics in this forum cover Navy medical related information as well as benefits, Tricare and military medical disability benefits as well as other related topics.

    2. Mental Health

      This forum covers mental health issues within the Navy for Active, Reserve, Veterans and Family.

      If you are struggling with stress, or have suicidal thoughts, don't keep it to yourself - talk to someone.

    3. COVID-19 Information for Navy & Marine

      Topics in this forum cover the current coronavirus pandemic and its impact on Navy enlisted personnel and their families.

  8. Navy Bases | History | Submarines & Aircraft | UAP | Navy Marksmanship | Conflict

    1. Navy Bases Forum

      Topics in this forum are installations, both in the United States and overseas. Topics may include DoD Command & Control, regional commands, BRAC, base closures, joint commands and other military installations.

    2. Navy Marksmanship Training & Qualification Forum

      Topics for enlisted Sailors, veterans, reserve, spouses and family that cover pistol, rifle & shotgun training, marksmanship, techniques, equipment and safety. Also to ask questions about getting qualified or join the Navy Marksmanship Team

    3. History of the United States Navy

      The United States Navy has a rich history beginning from the founding of our nation but claiming 13 October 1775 as the official date. These topics cover that rich history for you to enjoy.

    4. Navy UAP Encounters

      Navy Sailors visiting this forum have a big interest in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)  encounters (otherwise known as unidentified flying objects (UFOs)) that happen with Navy ships, aircraft and personnel. Any related stories about those encounters will be posted here. The Pentagon now has a formal procedure for reporting those encounters and it appears that of all military branches, the Navy has had the most encounters with UAPs.

    5. Conflict

      With many issues around the globe, I've added this category so that Sailors and loved ones are aware of conflicts that may impact the U.S. Navy. 

    6. Navy Ships, Subs, Aircraft - Research and Technology

      Topics related to Navy aircraft, ships, submarines and equipment, research & technology. This also includes commissioning, decommissioning, overhauls, upgrades and testing.

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