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  2. i say 31st stateside / 1st japan time. lol
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  4. I just went through this for all the master chiefs in my rating and the only recent training I see is for the one I know did the Senior Chief board
  5. Yeah, they don’t always update that because I know 2 MCPOs from my command that we’re at the Senior Chief board and that wasn’t updated till after results. And the one I think was at this one was at another board already this year and didn’t have the training listed from that one either
  6. I actually just got done doing this, and looked to see which master chiefs were there from my rate. It was actually easy to figure it out, not that it helps anything 😂
  7. That is exactly what I was asking, if anyone knew how packages are scored points wise. For instance, If soy was worth 10 points and an associate's was worth 5.
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  9. At this point, they're supposed to adjourn by Friday, so maybe 1August, or the 6th for results...
  10. Look him up on fltmps. If he did the selection board training recently then he was there lol
  11. If your new to the entire selection board process, or new to here, below is some questions that I came upon when my peers asked me: Why does the process take so long? A: "From the time that sailors are notified that they are SEL BD ELIGIBLE, to the time that the board convenes, isn't too long to have sailors review all of their online records and submit LTB for corrections. That is why it is important to have your records in OMPF (awards, evaluation gaps, etc) addressed as soon as they are found". BL: Be ready, so you never have to get ready. What do all they look over? A: Honestly, some people have got the rank of 1st WITHOUT having to look at their OMPF. Nothing on them, this might be the first time that they were unsure about what the board looks for, and were never mentored on this. Remember, we all started at the same place, but our careers are as vast as the people that inhabit our navy. "Each candidate’s permanent record is maintained in the Electronic Military Personnel Records System (EMPRS). Documents in Official Military Personnel files (OMPF) field codes 30 through 38, the PSR, and the candidate’s LTB are provided to selection boards (refer to MILPERSMAN 1070-080 and BUPERSINST 1070.27). Each candidate is required to review his or her OMPF and PSR and take action to ensure those records are updated to the maximum extent. Commands shall take proactive steps to ensure candidates’ records are properly updated and that candidates review their OMPF and PSR and submit LTBs as appropriate". Who makes up the Board? A: BOARD MEMBERSHIP. Each enlisted selection board consists of a Flag Officer or Captain who serves as President; a Fleet, Force, or Command Master Chief who serves as the Board Senior Enlisted Advisor, a senior recorder; and officers and master chief petty officers (and senior chief petty officers for E7 boards) serving as board members. Your rate may have as little as 1, but as many as 10, depending on the size of your rate. That is why your records and evals need to cater towards your LADR. So the board adjourned, why does it take so long from when it adjourns, to the results being posted. A: After the board adjourns, a report is drafted to CNP. "The content of the report must certify that the board complied with all instructions and directions contained in the precept and convening order and that the board carefully considered the record of every candidate whose name was furnished for review. Upon CNP approval of the selectees, a NAVADMIN is released to announce the selectees". By observation, this can take up to 2 weeks.
  12. I know we haven’t mentioned this in a bit but are the rumors true about the board being adjourned?
  13. Alright guys, I've lurked enough. After looking through the last few years of the scheduled adjourn date, and the NAVADMIN release date (because there isn't really anything else that can be done until the results come out) the average time is 2 weeks. 15JUL16-3AUG16: 2 1/2 Weeks 21JUL17-4AUG17: 2 Weeks 20JUL18-8AUG18: 2 1/2 Weeks If they follow the trend, we'll have the results either the 1st of August, or the 6th.
  14. Great to hear from you this year! I’m right there with you on the stress level, it’s either going to happen or not...I haven’t even been reading here as much as I did in the past. I know about getting that kick in the rear too! Brad Williamson always got into my butt at the RON and it took me a bit to get my head out, but things have been on the up ever since! i hope to see your name on a list soon!
  15. Hello everybody! First time poster but have been lurking for some time. Been in 11 years 4th time up for chief and I feel like I got a good shot. Sailors under my leadership have thrived and I've been without a Chief for the past 2 years, so hopefully that holds some weight. Oh and I think results will come out on the 5th
  16. I think it's no longer mandatory to conduct a CBD for non selects but when I did mine the CCC and my senior chief said that it really helps on your eval when BLK 39 LEADERSHIP is 5.0. My next two evals I made sure I got 5.0 in that catagory. I was out there for a 9 month tour and I'd have to say it was the best deployment I've been on. I counted 31 IDF attacks while I was there and I can still hear those FOB alarms going off! Thankfully nobody from my group was KIA but we did have one artillary shell go through the T-wall and almost hit one of our towers.
  17. I really hope you get selected brother.
  18. I have had 1 CDB after not getting selected, and that was right before shipping to Afghanistan on my 2nd IA. Results dropped a couple days before we shipped out, and the CMC held a CDB with the Chiefs, and all the 1st's that didn't pick up. Only other CDB I had was the 1 time I didn't make board. Fleet Reserve next year, so if they do a CDB for me it'll be a short one (if I don't make it).
  19. I was prob looking in to it to much.
  20. Why wouldn’t it? It specifically calls out joint leadership position in convening order
  21. Sorry about that my computer would not let me delete those Quote Boxes. So my question is this. I am at a joint command. I am ranked against other PO1's however, The people that work for me are GS and other branches. Will that be looked at just as positive as leading sailors? here is my write up this last time around.
  22. Same here, I've asked other SBEs at my command and they have TEST BOARD. I'm also asking them to join this forum but they never do!
  23. I have asked every board eligible if they have TEST BOARD, and they all replied in the affirmative. That would be way too many people who's package was not reviewed if that were the case. I cannot say for certain that every board eligible has the TEST BOARD, but it sure seems that way. So I would say that all of our packages are there and are currently under review.
  24. Last year I never saw this in CCA. I wonder if that was an indication that our stuff was never reviewed? I knew an HM1 who claimed his package was received by NPC but never reviewed. Not sure if true or not.
  25. @PO1(IW/FMF), is this the one? Thanks for asking. I pmed ya'.
  26. @Tony I know it is a video to another social media place which is against the rules but it’s a great video with great info and I can’t find it on any other platform. Can it be approved? I don’t know how to private message in here hence the post asking.
  27. we can only hope that nothing has happened.
  28. Board package and process this link is to a video posted by the SEL to last years active duty board. It’s mostly about creating your best package. It he goes into a good bit of detail of the board process.
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