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  2. Senate appropriators are worried about the Navy’s budget tactics and are calling upon the Government Accountability Office to conduct a study to address their concerns. The Senate Appropriations Committee wants the comptroller general, which leads the GAO, to assess the procedures both the Navy and the Pentagon’s Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE) use when planning for multi-year procurement contracts and provide a report to lawmakers within three months of the Fiscal Year 2022 defense spending bill becoming law, according to the explanatory statement accompanying a draft of the legislation. The statement language specifically raises concerns over how the Navy has handled its multi-year procurement deals in recent years.
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  4. (Tribune News Service) — A dozen state lawmakers are asking a top U.S. Navy official to support an independent investigation into whether people under his command sought to hide details about a fuel leak into the waters of Pearl Harbor from state health officials and the public out of concern it could jeopardize the Navy's permit to continue operating its Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility.
  5. WASHINGTON (Tribune News Service) — A senior Senate Republican’s call for a suspension of mandatory coronavirus vaccines for U.S. troops and Pentagon civilians could fuel partisan divisions over the pandemic and add a defense element to the debate. James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, the top Republican on the Armed Services Committee, in a letter Monday to Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III called the Pentagon’s vaccine mandates “haphazardly implemented and politically motivated.”
  6. PENSACOLA, Fla. - Occupational and Readiness Standards (OaRS) for active-duty and Selected Reserve (SELRES) E-3 enlisted personnel are now provided as a component within the E-1/E-2/E-3 rating Learning and Development Roadmaps (LaDRs). Naval Education and Training Command Updated annually, LaDRs are documents that outline training and education milestones for each rating at each pay grade. Sailors and leaders can use LaDRs to optimize a Sailor’s naval career path and learn about advanced educational opportunities and professional certifications. OaRS in the E-1 through E-3 LaDRs may be used to validate minimum competencies for performing various rating-specific tasks in paygrade E-4. While OaRS is voluntary and does not replace the Navy Wide Advancement Exam, E-3 enlisted personnel are highly encouraged to begin working toward completion of their OaRS shortly after reporting to their initial permanent duty station, or immediately if not new to the command. Command leadership may use OaRS as an additional measure to train and mentor Sailors based on demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities as related to expected minimum occupational requirements within a rating at the apprentice level. “We recommend that commands establish a local program to guide Sailors in completing their OaRS,” said Naval Education and Training Command’s Force Master Chief Matthew Harris. “OaRs is another example of how the MyNavy HR team is improving and providing career Force Development tools for our Sailors. It’s a great way for our junior Sailors to prepare for advancement and show that they’re ready to perform as an E-4.” OaRS is also not intended to replace Personnel Qualification Standards or other professional qualification programs, but if a Sailor has already completed any OaRS tasks through these types of programs, then that can be used to sign off items. Access LaDRs through MyNavy Portal (https://my.navy.mil), Navy COOL (https://www.cool.osd.mil/usn), and the Navy COOL mobile app (Android and iOS), which improves the speed and transparency of OaRS and LaDR execution. Once an individual Sailor's OaRS are done, the command pay and personnel administrator (CPPA), training officer, or other authorized command representative documents the completion via the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) within the Personnel Qualifications section, or Advanced Skills Management within the Qual/Cert records tab. This generates an Enlisted Service Record and Electronic Training Jacket entry. These entries provide Sailors with electronic documentation of OaRS completion as well as command leadership and Navy stakeholders with the ability to monitor the execution of OaRS.
  7. WASHINGTON -- Master-at-Arms Senior Chief Michael Haberstumpf, assigned to Joint Special Operations Intelligence Brigade, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, passed away due to COVID-19 related complications at UNC Medical Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Oct. 10. Haberstumpf, 42, tested positive for COVID-19 Sept. 2, and was hospitalized Sept. 9. We will continue to support his family and shipmates during this difficult time. For questions related to this release, please contact the Navy News Desk at (703) 697-5342 or ptgn_chinfonewsdesk@navy.mil
  8. WASHINGTON - As part of the requirements established in the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Commander, Navy Installations Command will be facilitating third-party home inspections for all Navy privatized military housing units beginning in October 2021 – October 2022. The inspections include all Navy privatized family housing in the United States, approximately 39,000 units, with exception of homes scheduled for disposition or demolition. “The inspections are one of the mandates set by the FY20 NDAA to improve the privatized military housing program and coincides with the Navy’s commitment to increase government oversite of our housing portfolio,” said Edward Cannon, Fleet and Family Readiness Director. “The insight we stand to gain from these inspections will inform decisions to make improvements to the homes, so I thank all residents in advance for their participation because it not only positively impacts current residents but also your shipmates that follow.” If you are a resident of Navy privatized housing you will receive notification from your local Housing Service Center (HSC) regarding the inspections in your area. The notification will communicate the inspection dates, information regarding how the inspection will be conducted and points of contact should you have questions or need to reschedule. Initial notices will be sent to neighborhoods at least 2 weeks prior to inspections by the HSC and will also be posted on the inspection website: https://navyppvinspections.com/. On the day prior to inspection, door hanger notices will be delivered by the field inspectors. Per policy, residents will be provided advance notice prior to any inspections taking place. The inspections are being conducted by Jacobs/HDR JV and every inspection will be signed off by a certified inspector. Inspections will include unit interiors, building systems, common areas, building exteriors, equipment drainage, and landscaping. Only components, systems and elements of the property that are readily accessible will receive inspection. If inspectors identify any issues or repairs needed to correct life, health and safety concerns they will contact the HSC immediately. Reports for each home along with a summary report of project areas will be produced and submitted to CNIC. The reports will include assessment of the physical and operational condition of the property, identifying specific deficiencies which will provide CNIC a snapshot of current conditions in home across the full Navy privatized housing portfolio. “The upcoming inspections are just one item in a long list of recent efforts CNIC has made to increase the quality of our privatized housing,” said Greg Wright, CNIC Housing Director. “We have improved our procedures to carry out more effective oversight of the program and having this up-to-date inspection analysis will position CNIC to continue aggressively pursuing improvements where they are needed most.” If you have any questions regarding the upcoming inspections, please contact your local HSC. A directory of CNIC HSC’s, along with information about the privatized housing program, can be found on our website: https://www.cnic.navy.mil/ffr/housing/contact-housing.html
  9. I feel you. Congrats to all who got selected. This was not our year, it was the year for the younger, newer Navy. Seems to be the story for a lot of rates. Us older folks are getting pushed out. I was ok until I saw our list and seen so many 1st time up people. It is what it is I guess. Time to study and try to make board again. At the end of the day we will still continue to train our reliefs and make sure the Navy is in great hands.
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  11. They have moved the NDAWS site and now it requires CAC access. I checked the unit and dates you requested and I see a MUC awarded to VFA 125 for the dates: 1994-03-28 1996-06-30 I don't know if that information will be useful to you, but perhaps you can ask the person helping you to go to BOL (BUPERS OnLine) and then Navy Personnel Command Document Services then Search Awards and then Unit Awards Search. The unit is listed as "VFA 125" (no - or anything else). The unit search is very sensitive to names and units are not consistently named. Good luck with your record.
  12. The Navy has denied the medical malpractice claim filed by the family of a junior sailor who killed himself in a military jail. The parents of Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) Airman Macoy Hicks, 20, filed the claim in January, alleging that their son received subpar mental healthcare from the Navy, and that Army jailers failed to properly care for him when they issued him a belt he used to take his life while confined for 25 days at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, in February 2019.
  13. Oct Education Bulletin for Enlisted Sailors
  14. The days of “Love Boat” ridicule for the Navy over unplanned pregnancies are a distant memory now. The destroyer tender USS Arcadia gained the nickname during the Gulf War when at least 36 of its service women had to be transferred off the ship while deployed to the Persian Gulf due to pregnancies. In the years since, the Navy has surpassed the other services in providing access to contraceptives, including those considered the most foolproof and effective.
  15. WASHINGTON — A Navy report has concluded there were sweeping failures by commanders, crew members and others that fueled the July 2020 arson fire that destroyed the USS Bonhomme Richard, calling the massive five-day blaze in San Diego preventable and unacceptable. While one sailor has been charged with setting the fire, the more than 400-page report, obtained by The Associated Press, lists three dozen officers and sailors whose failings either directly led to the ship's loss or contributed to it. The findings detailed widespread lapses in training, coordination, communication, fire preparedness, equipment maintenance and overall command and control.
  16. TOKYO — A flotilla of Russian and Chinese warships transited a narrow waterway separating the major Japanese islands of Honshu and Hokkaido for the first time on record Monday, according to the Japanese government. Five Russian and five Chinese vessels, including destroyers and frigates, passed through the Tsugaru Strait — 12 miles wide at its narrowest point — from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean, Japan’s deputy chief cabinet secretary Yoshihiko Isozaki said during a news conference Tuesday.
  17. NUMAZU, Japan — A U.S. naval officer charged in a car crash that killed two pedestrians broke down in tears as a Japanese judge found him guilty of negligent driving on Monday. Lt. Ridge Hanneman Alkonis, 33, was sentenced to three years in Japanese prison during a hearing at Shizuoka District Court in Numazu, a punishment just short of the 4½-year-sentence requested by prosecutors. Alkonis’ defense attorneys, on the other hand, had asked for a suspended sentence, effectively a term of probation.
  18. UNCLASSIFIED// ROUTINE R 181942Z OCT 21 MID600051053154U FM CNO WASHINGTON DC TO NAVADMIN INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC BT UNCLAS NAVADMIN 230/21 PASS TO OFFICE CODES: FM CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// INFO CNO WASHINGTON DC//N1// MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/OCT// SUBJ/CHANGES TO THE LIMITED DUTY PERSONNEL TRANSACTIONS PROCESS// REF/A/DOC/BUPERS/05SEP21// REF/B/DOC/OPNAV/25SEP18// NARR/REF A IS MILPERSMAN ARTICLE 1300-1400, LIMITED DUTY. REF B IS OPNAVINST 1300.20, DEPLOYABILITY ASSESSMENT AND ASSIGNMENT PROGRAM.// RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN announces the release of reference (a) which provides guidance for the assignment, accountability, follow-up care and disposition of Active Component Service Members placed in, or removed from, a limited duty (LIMDU) status. 2. The Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel (DCNP) is the single process owner of the LIMDU Administration Program. The Assistant Commander, Navy Personnel Command (for Career Management (PERS-4)) is the program manager. 3. The Deployability Assessment and Assignment Branch (PERS-454) will assume the duties and responsibilities of the Personnel Support Detachment/Transaction Service Center regarding LIMDU accounting category code (ACC 100 to 105) changes, projected rotation date changes, and return to duty availability (ACC 105 to 100). The creation of this centralized office will provide subject matter expertise to manage, assist and respond to administrative questions related to LIMDU in order to mitigate gaps at sea. 4. In line with reference (b), commands shall designate a command deployability coordinator to function as the liaison for the deployability program. A copy of the signed designation letter shall be provided within five working days from designation via email to the servicing military treatment facility (MTF) deployability coordinator and PERS-454 at: mill_DAOPers-454(at)navy.mil. 5. Commands with 50 or more LIMDU personnel are encouraged to appoint a command deployability coordinator as a primary duty and assign collateral deployability coordinators on a 1:50 ratio to assist in the management of LIMDU personnel. It is also recommended commands establish a deployability coordinator functional email address to facilitate communication with MTF deployability coordinator and PERS-454. 6. For assistance or further information, contact the LIMDU Administration Help Desk at (901) 874-3867 or via e-mail at: limdu_admin.fct(at)navy.mil. 7. Released by Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.// BT #0001 NNNN UNCLASSIFIED//
  19. After a ship gets a certain age, it is not economically feasible to refurbish it. Additionally, new technologies will limit the use of older ships that cannot use that technology because of structure and/or size limitations. That eventually happened to the USS Midway which had two "blisters" added that made the ship wobble (For lack of a better word.) The Liaoning Carrier was mainly used to learn how to make carriers. It's pretty much limited in range and capabilities but what the Chinese have learned will help them make future versions that are more powerful aircraft carriers.
  20. What the Navy should have done is upgrade thd carrier and refurbish it. If China was able to refurbish the junk Liaoning Carrier they have, we can do it better. We will not spend 13 billion for a new carrier if we upgraded these carriers. We need these carriers and we can do a lot instead up ending it in the scrap yard. Our military spend too much and wastes too much.
  21. The U.S. Navy has agreed to review more than nine years’ worth of “bad paper” discharges given to thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder or certain other trauma-related health conditions. That announcement follows preliminary court approval Tuesday of a settlement of a 2018 lawsuit alleging that a Navy board had improperly denied a Marine Corps veteran’s request for a better discharge status.
  22. CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — A military judge issued a reprimand for a Marine lieutenant colonel and ordered him to forfeit $5,000 in pay Friday for his criticism of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, his attorney said. The decision from Col. Glen Hines followed the guilty plea Lt. Col. Stephen Scheller entered Thursday during a special court-martial at Camp Lejeune. Scheller faced six charges, including contempt toward officials and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.
  23. Provided a Sailors exemption request based upon religious accommodation is denied; does the portion stating “Effective immediately upon the release of the message, commands shall not allow Sailors refusing the vaccine to promote or advance, reenlist, or execute orders, with the exception of separation orders, until the CCDA has completed disposition of their case. Transfer orders may be cancelled by Navy Personnel Command,” also apply to service members who have applied/requested approval for retirement? Thank you in advance for your consideration of this inquiry.
  24. The U.S. Veterans Affairs Department plans to hire 2,000 new workers starting this month to deal with an expected increase in backlogged claims which have tripled since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic last year, VA officials announced Wednesday. VA officials hope the new hires will help them slow the backlog which they expected to grow from about 204,000 overdue claims at the end of September to some 260,000 by the end of October, according to a VA statement. In addition to adding claims processors, the VA intends to mandate overtime work for its current processors to cut into its backlog, which it intends to pay for with emergency pandemic funding.
  25. CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — A Marine officer pleaded guilty on Thursday to several criminal charges in connection with viral videos he posted criticizing senior officials during the messy U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying that he knew he was being disrespectful and wanted to call out what he perceived as "incompetence." Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, a combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, testified that he knew he was defying orders and that his life began "spiraling" after he posted his first video in August. He said his wife left him, fellow Marine officers turned their backs on him and the Marine Corps opened an investigation into his actions. Scheller said he continued posting after receiving positive feedback from backers, including elected officials.
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