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  2. Well if that is the case, then I am going to start studying now... 😅
  3. The rest of the month most popular line will be.... I hope you been 🏃🏽‍♀️running!!!
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  5. I also knew someone last cycle and asked advice. My record is better. And everything I have ever heard is they can look at your whole record. They will focus mainly on recent to see the trend, but your whole record on OMPF is visible and game for looking at. I also have some things in my past that aren’t great. No NJP or PFA failure, but my evals were not good. Recent few years though have been good evals. So that should very much help.
  6. ITJuan(IW/SW/AW) 009

    FY19 Chief Selection Board

    I know what you mean. I knew one of the board members last cycle too and unfortunately, he/she did not view my record. Obviously I didn't get the S but I spoke to the board member who did view my record and I asked for advice. I got it. But now I heard from a good source they are not looking at your past 5 years anymore. They are going back your whole career. If that's the case, I'm doomed. 😂
  7. Most definitely getting real. Don’t expect results next week, but I definitely see July 31 as triad notification. I have served and had great interactions with one of the board members from my rate. I know it shouldn’t make a difference, but it is good to have that connection. At least if I don’t get the S I can ask for advice from someone who sat the board.
  8. Submarinecook1stclass

    FY19 Chief Selection Board

    Yeah I’ve been feeling it and now it’s just so close... can’t come fast enough!!
  9. Submitting the LTB? You mean enclosures for the application? Or are you talking about an addendum letter?
  10. I think I'd better set up the first aid station early this year!
  11. And good luck to you as well!
  12. ITJuan(IW/SW/AW) 009

    FY19 Chief Selection Board

    Gracias! I hear the board is different every year even though precept basically doesn't change so we shall see. Good luck to you too!
  13. Dang you've got quite a bit, good luck to you!
  14. ITJuan(IW/SW/AW) 009

    FY19 Chief Selection Board

    Daaang I'm so nervous! I hope my ATS/MTS/ATTWO/MOVSM/SEJPME/PPME/SSOQ finally puts me over the hump! 😂🤔 Almost time.
  15. Looking at it again I agree. Guess our fate to be one of the 130 lay in the hands of group B. Best of Luck to you!!!
  16. Its starting to heat up in here!!! That's how you know it's getting close. Earlier I posted that I think it should be the week of the 30th but I'm gonna go with an exact date of 31 for triad release.
  17. OS here myself... It looks like they have quite a lot of rates that deal with the OS rate (BM, MN, QM, STG) looks like Intel rates and CT's got wrapped up into group 3.
  18. That's what I thought as I saw RAdmiral Correll on the list as the president with other sub guys and he is the CTF54/74 Commander.
  19. So my last LCPO sprained (probably tore) a ligament in her knee prior to initiation. She was LIMDU for the whole season but still participated fully. The only exception being that during PT, they had her on a geared bike on the lowest gear (peddle hard to go slow). Not a Chief, so I can't really speak to how the Mess would deal with that. Just sharing a story.
  20. Looking at the Board membership I was wondering the same thing for the A, B and C breakdown. This is my first time actually noticing this and think it’s based off rating but also noticed for my rating some rates that could possibly grade my package are not all in the same group. If anyone else have clarity or insight please share.
  21. Yea I had been thinking TRIAD release July 31st. Just ready to know like everyone else I’m sure. This once a year process seems to take a lifetime.
  22. Yesterday
  23. It looks like there are 3 separate boards and each one probably were broken down into panels. It also looks almost all of the sub board members were on board A.
  24. It is possible but the Chiefs at my command believe it will be last week in July.
  25. Looking at the board membership section and wondering what the A, B, and C sections are on it or what they stand for?
  26. So results could possibly be out next week at the earliest!?
  27. I would say of you are still attached to the billet that does not change....but I would have to check the milpersman
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