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  2. So honestly we aren't compared to the surface guys as far as I've ever been told. We don't go in the tank against them, we're not judged by them. Our evals stand on their own. I have an excellent"old school" eval in my record right now that my CO wrote personally. I'd not really worry about how your eval looks against a surface sailors. Where in Bangor? I just left Bama last fall.
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  4. Submarinecook1stclass

    FY19 Chief Selection Board

    I do have noted, people being qualified and advanced or BJOQ and what not, not as much as I would like and I did stand COW for two full patrols. One thing I’ve heard and realized this year is that surface guys evals are written better then sub guys, I’ve been told that by three masterchiefs that have sat all three boards. Have you heard the same by any chance? I’m out of the Bangor area.
  5. The only question I have on that is, as I'm sure you already know, theres a difference between Qualified and Standing. At one point we had a quite a few FCPO's qualified Dive, but not standing, they were gimme's essentially. But real talk, if you have LPO at sea, CFL and COW, (better if standing than qualified), you should be ok. Good friend of mine picked up CSSC last year, and I qualified him COW as the ASDO. But like a lot of people have said before, how many of your sailors have you advanced? How many have gotten awards? I mean your a CS so you guys get awards for Cookies and Breakfast but they all count just the same haha.
  6. Submarinecook1stclass

    FY19 Chief Selection Board

    I don’t think it takes you out of the equation, your right that your ahead of any TM1 I knew with the exception of one and he made Chief and senior on his first time up each. I’m a sub cook and I only have COW, command CFL and LPO at sea for over two years and #2 EP as my best eval, this is only my second year. What’s your opinion for that?
  7. Ok guys I was on here about 5 years ago, I was selected that year, long story short, I'm not a CPO right now. First year back eligible after that incident. After my NJP in 14, Ive had nothing but #1 EP's as both a second and a first, for the Sub Guys, Ive been qualified through DCPO and DOOW since the first time i was a second (lol). As far as I understand, sub guys are in the tank with other sub guys only. Do you think my NJP is going to have an impact on whether I get selected this year? Especially looking at it with 52%, I mean I have never seen MMW this high, heres to hoping and good luck to all!
  8. So this year I reached out to a MCPO that sat the aboard this year, to get a perspective on the new process. He basically took my PSR I-III and used it as a note sheet. Marked areas of consideration (things that could have been both good and not so good) and made notes on it for significant events listed on evals. Things to bring attention to. He told me this was pretty much how they went into the briefing. Examples of notes were: “DLPO-Led xx Sailors with significant positive impact: JSOY, BJOY 14 awards, 8 warfare quals” ”CPO365+, FCPOA+” ”technical expert/leader-did xx, led xx to do xx, trained xx, qualified xx” ect.
  9. So hope you have someone that can compress your entire career in 30 seconds! 😂😂😂
  10. I've heard they only spend about 30 seconds briefing packages to the group. Don't know how long they spend reading the packages to get the highlights.
  11. That makes me think shouldn’t the board have taken longer if every package gets briefed? Or are they doing shorter briefs? Would be interesting to find out how they manage the time.
  12. If everyone's package is making it to the board then it seems pretty balanced to me!
  13. With the way packages are graded and stacked, knowing someone on the board doesn't affect chances at all per the enlisted selection board brief on NPC. I've had several CMC's and a FORCM confirm it. FWIW, they all raved about how fair and unbiased the process actually is.
  14. If they do go far back then they will see that you have matured and changed professionally from being that baby second class. I don’t think it will affect your odds as long as you showed improvement along the way and by the way it sounds that you have.
  15. I know two people on the board. My third LPO from 14 years ago, and someone who was a First when I was a baby second from 10 years ago? My name has changed since then. Anyone think they will dig deep enough and remember me? I was not a stellar junior sailor. I worked hard but that’s about it. I guess I’m just stressed about how that affects my odds.
  16. Same here.... hopefully that means, most of the MCPO in my rate have retired and there is room for me to advance.
  17. I did not recognize any of the names on the board either. I was surprised that there wasn't even one.
  18. First time I don't know any board members. Maybe that's a good thing? Either way, I'm already planning my turnover pass down since I know I'm leaving my current work center once the results are out as per the chain of command. Either I play reindeer games or I take LPO of the AT shop.
  19. I was selected as well. ODS in Sept. If anyone needs advice or ways to improve kit let me know. Congrats to everyone that made it this board.
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  21. Talk about Sustained Superior Performance. 😎
  22. So I will say this...I know one of the Master Chiefs who sat the board...but I know what matters to him....technical skills. The board audience changes every year even though the precepts stay pretty much the same. At the end of the day, the selections are subjective and one year, the individuals on the board may care about traditional leadership vice technical leadership. But we can’t break our backs leaning either way. If you do the right thing, be the best you can be at your job, take care of your Sailors, and give a part of yourself to the Navy, that’s all that matters. The question I ask myself most is “can I sleep at night knowing I gave the best me to my country, my family, and my service. I know that sounds cliche. But what I care about most is defending the defenseless and making myself better. As much as I want anchors as the next guy...I want to give my all to those I care about most more. And if that isn’t what the board is looking for this year...so be it. My (our) time will come.
  23. So I took my package to one of the MC who sat the board last year for advise and this is what he also told me below about Looking even further past the last 5 years..... They chose a couple sailors who were somewhat junior and records that seemed to be just on point but most likely didn’t have a lot of E6 evals due to their TIR. One guy he told me they looked at and couldn’t believe the guy package (it was great) and the few evals he had. So they looked back all the way through his records while he was a second class and even third and this guy performance was unbeliveabe through out his career. This person I do know, did get picked up and it was his first time up for Chief. I also worked with someone else and this was their first time up with 2 E6 evals #1MP on their first and #2 EP on their second and also was picked up. So I guess TIR could play a big factor for looking back past 5 years just to see how you ranked against your peers a little more. But hey you never really know since the same people don’t sit the board every year and someone always tell you something different from the next person. Good luck!!!
  24. What even sucks more is seeing all the chiefs who sat the board return to work and having to walk around and talk to them without asking them anything board related but wonder if they know if you made it or not 😫!!!
  25. Talk about a series of unfortunate events!
  26. So who else just got back from a run this morning? I am both just generally getting in shape and prepping just in case. Luckily, none of my chiefs have mentioned the board to me. So that is good and I am glad we are focusing on work as usual. Of course my mind is racing. I am finding parallels with my career and times others have made it that I know. Though my first sea command did not show great performance. Nothing adverse, just straight promotable including a 1 of 1 MP special eval. So depending on how much weight that holds from back in 2012. I did much better at my Shore command leaving with a ranked EP just outside the top 10 of almost 200. And I am LPO here at my 2nd sea command which I sent in to the board via LTB. I have my Master’s degree in last eval, JPME, PPME, and assistant coach for t-ball. So many variables. So many questions. Just waiting like everyone else to see if we have exactly what they are looking for.
  27. Submarinecook1stclass

    FY19 Chief Selection Board

    After hat man you deserve it for sure... good on your for keep on pushing
  28. This is the hardest time of year. My first time up in 2015, my Chief pulled me aside on the Friday before results and told me to go home and enjoy my potentially last free weekend for a while. I left work, bought a truck (cracked cylinder on other vehicle, not because I was "THAT" guy). Parked it in the driveway and 30 minutes later my house was struck by lightning and caught fire. Used the truck that weekend to move out. So not only did I NOT enjoy that weekend, I didn't get the "S". Each year since, I tell my Chiefs to just drop the subject after the board adjourns. Hoping this will be my year.
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