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Navy Bases | History | Submarines & Aircraft | UAP | Navy Marksmanship | Conflict

The topics in these discussion forums cover Navy bases, history, submarine and aircraft, unidentified aerial phenomenon Navy marksmanship and conflict that impacts the U.S. Navy.


  1. Navy Bases Forum

    Topics in this forum are installations, both in the United States and overseas. Topics may include DoD Command & Control, regional commands, BRAC, base closures, joint commands and other military installations.

  2. Navy Marksmanship Training & Qualification Forum

    Topics for enlisted Sailors, veterans, reserve, spouses and family that cover pistol, rifle & shotgun training, marksmanship, techniques, equipment and safety. Also to ask questions about getting qualified or join the Navy Marksmanship Team

  3. History of the United States Navy

    The United States Navy has a rich history beginning from the founding of our nation but claiming 13 October 1775 as the official date. These topics cover that rich history for you to enjoy.

  4. Navy UAP Encounters

    Navy Sailors visiting this forum have a big interest in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)  encounters (otherwise known as unidentified flying objects (UFOs)) that happen with Navy ships, aircraft and personnel. Any related stories about those encounters will be posted here. The Pentagon now has a formal procedure for reporting those encounters and it appears that of all military branches, the Navy has had the most encounters with UAPs.

  5. Conflict

    With many issues around the globe, I've added this category so that Sailors and loved ones are aware of conflicts that may impact the U.S. Navy. 

  6. Navy Ships, Subs, Aircraft - Research and Technology

    Topics related to Navy aircraft, ships, submarines and equipment, research & technology. This also includes commissioning, decommissioning, overhauls, upgrades and testing.

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