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FY16 Chief Selection Board

Career Development Board (CDB) (2015 Poll)  

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  1. 1. Have CDBs been useful to you while going up for Chief?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Have not attended one yet

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Guest Blondie

Unfortunately, this was not my year.  Congratulations to all selectees!  I hope both selectees and non-selectees alike will return to this forum for the knowledge to be shared in the upcoming year.  The test is right around the corner!

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Guest ETV(SS)

Was came off the Nevada and yes NAV type


Not sure why they out so much weight on CoW now that the VA class does not even have it. Maybe they look and saw I was a VA class sailor and did not have the chance to qualify it? I had WCS, QA, QAI, NAV Sup, and Duty Chief at time of transfer. I really haven't added much to that here on shore duty other then I do have a designation letter for Urinalysis Coordinator. I'm sure you have done it, but make sure everything is in your OMPF.

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There have been a few members asking what happened to the Selectee forum. I had to close it because I no longer have someone to validate members against the global email and also because of time constraints. I did not deleted that category and maybe sometime in the future will fire it back up.  :P

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