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4 hours ago, RJM357 said:

Did anybody's BOL clear?


3 hours ago, Señor Chief said:

Mine hasn’t, not yet anyway…maybe after another 100 refreshes. 

I'd really like to see that BOL "A" get cleared.

Only going off of last year's experience, but that BOL status had cleared a couple of weeks before the results were released. Not sure if that is typical.

Maybe some other folks here who have submitted more than once can provide some insight how it went in past years?

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1 hour ago, 6330 Hopeful said:

I'll get us started with the obligatory "It's Friday, please let today be the day!" post. 

Anybody hear anything in the last 24 hours to give a clue?

It would be interesting to see if it comes out today due to Presidents’ Day falling on Monday. I’m in Bahrain and we have a 96 but I’m guessing CONUS most do not?

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1 minute ago, 6330 Hopeful said:

Okay, to keep us from clock watching today I'll break it up with a question- Since this year's appraisals included the technical block, what was the most technical question you were asked? My board chair wanted to know the difference between voltage and current, what a diode is, what a capacitor is,  the characteristics of air in a hyd line to name a few.  

Mine was all about data link operations and what links were available with what frequencies as well as equipment configurations from the operator side.

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21 minutes ago, 6330 Hopeful said:

That's wild but I would think it would be impressive to the board members if you were able to rattle off the frequencies for them.  Mine almost felt like trivia night there for a minute. I expected the questions to just keep getting more and more obscure. 

The frequency part is more of the Tech side I’m an OS so we deal with the operator side.

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