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FY19 Chief Selection Board

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It’s that time again. I’ve been  creeping on this page for five years now hopefully this year is my lucky year!! Looking to see if anybody has a template of LTB along with a career summary they are willing to share? Good luck to everyone!

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Guest Christyl

I did the joint course on JKO! You can use user name and password so your wife can do it from home! Haha. Jk 😬

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Guest PO14Life
6 minutes ago, osiris0107 said:

So results out next week????

That’s what I heard too. I’m hoping so that people can stop asking me. No pressure though, right?

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Guest osiris0107

Wasn't even nervous, but sometimes I wonder if I didn't do well enough lol. I normally cut a 60, but going in there with a 3.8 which comes out to a 110 points with an average FMS of 160 to make board. Just can't cut lower than I say a 53 to make sure I made it.

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20 minutes ago, Tony said:

Welcome to the influx of newcomers that joined. Don't forget to vote! :graphics-3d-smileys-290149:


Lol. Been lurking for a few years. Congrats to all that made board. 

I do however have a question. 

I received my air pin. Back in 2009. Got awarded the day before I flew to Afghanistan on a year long IA. Wasn’t until 2012 time frame that I realized that award citation was not uploaded into my Serive record. I tried contacting the command I received the qual from (VQ-2), but they had decommissioned at that point. My original citation was part of some other documents that the ex wife threw away during my IA. It shows on my 2009 Eval, but it’s not in block 44. Only in block 3. I’ve had mixed answers on this, ranging from don’t worry about it, or submitting a letter stating that the document is missing and unable to be had through issuing command. What is your take on this issue. I’ve already got two other warfare devices along with this one.


thank you in advance.


MR1 Lane

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Guest PO14Life
45 minutes ago, AME1 said:

So I was done with the test in about 45 minutes, and somehow cut a 76.  So 8th times the charm?

Maybe it’s the sign, hope you make it.

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