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  1. Your source may be on to something....seems like FMCPON is going around giving his guidance for the season possibly (just my guess). I can say the chiefs at my command do have this meeting tomorrow as well on Oceana base.
  2. Sounds like a great question for @Tony !? If there was an app available it would be awesome!
  3. I enjoy this Forum so much I went and searched in my apps to make sure it wasn't a app available to download and ensure I didn't miss a notification...lol
  4. My command TRIAD met today as well as our Chiefs Mess and had their Initiation Safety brief and thinks Thursday to TRIAD will be the day.......on a side note my Senior Chief wanted me to let @Tony know I put maybe 2 hours of work in today and spent the rest refreshing this forum and telling him this my number one source..LOL
  5. I hope it’s not true but that’s funny. Gotta love your friends and co-workers
  6. I’ve never hit refresh so much outside of Profile Sheets trying to keep up and see if release dates get posted here on this forum!
  7. So I took my package to one of the MC who sat the board last year for advise and this is what he also told me below about Looking even further past the last 5 years..... They chose a couple sailors who were somewhat junior and records that seemed to be just on point but most likely didn’t have a lot of E6 evals due to their TIR. One guy he told me they looked at and couldn’t believe the guy package (it was great) and the few evals he had. So they looked back all the way through his records while he was a second class and even third and this guy performance was unbeliveabe through out his career. This person I do know, did get picked up and it was his first time up for Chief. I also worked with someone else and this was their first time up with 2 E6 evals #1MP on their first and #2 EP on their second and also was picked up. So I guess TIR could play a big factor for looking back past 5 years just to see how you ranked against your peers a little more. But hey you never really know since the same people don’t sit the board every year and someone always tell you something different from the next person. Good luck!!!
  8. What even sucks more is seeing all the chiefs who sat the board return to work and having to walk around and talk to them without asking them anything board related but wonder if they know if you made it or not !!!
  9. What a way to make you extremely nervous! I have not been at work the past 2 weeks and due to return next week and that alone is making me nervous . Good luck!
  10. The rest of the month most popular line will be.... I hope you been running!!!
  11. Looking at it again I agree. Guess our fate to be one of the 130 lay in the hands of group B. Best of Luck to you!!!
  12. Looking at the Board membership I was wondering the same thing for the A, B and C breakdown. This is my first time actually noticing this and think it’s based off rating but also noticed for my rating some rates that could possibly grade my package are not all in the same group. If anyone else have clarity or insight please share.
  13. That would definitely be a great way to enjoy your birthday! Good luck to you hopefully FY 19 with 19 years In is your year!!!
  14. I agree and hear Tuesday 31st to TRIAD and NAVADMIN on AUG 1st. With graduation Friday SEP 14th. Either way it’s coming! Good luck
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