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FY 24 CPO (E7) Selection Board

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On 5/7/2023 at 9:01 AM, ChristianSubmariner said:

Still need to submit LTB for award and eval.  More excited about planning my retirement  in a few years than doing stuff for a board that I won't make rank. To much politics and high school drama in the mess.

Please don't quit, I made it in my 20th year. I felt the same way. One foot in and one foot out. Give it 100% until the end. At least no one can say you didn't give it your all. 

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On 9/15/2022 at 10:50 AM, Forever1st said:

I have no lessons. I am bitter. This is the end. Over 19 years of service (11 years SBE) to include 3 PCS afloat tours. I had command collaterals (MWR, 3MA, CFL, SSO/SECMAN), LPO Sea and shore. 2 degrees, MOVSM, 3x sailor of quarter only. both my parents died when I was deployed, wasn't allowed to go home for one of them. My 13 year old has significant health problems and feels neglect from his only parent being gone most his life while his successful WO father wants nothing to do with him and never met him nor talk to him. It upsets me to see year after year  unexperienced and/or terrible/mean people make chief. I am not perfect, but this definitely not a fair process. I have a theory that either I pissed off someone with power or only the cool kids and someone whos a spouse of a cool E7 and above get to advance, because you cannot honestly say that someone with less than 7 years who never PCS to a ship and doesn't have 3M quals is better qualified to be a chief. 

They going to get you at the end bro. Last year I was thinking the same, I got selected in my 20th year. I foot in and one foot out. It just made my season more emotional and memorable. Don't give up.

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I'm a strong believer that you will make it when the time is right. I have been SBE for 4 years. been told by some i have the perfect package meet every thing that i need to on my LADR but missing an NEC that they want, and they are trying to keep certain ones in the navy. Also have one PFA failure and then a BCA pass but waived from rest of PFA. So I'm sure that will keep me from making it too. PFA holds a lot of weight and I'm sure will keep me from making it before retirement. The navy loses a lot of great Sailors due to a inch or two. Definitely  understand there are standards. hopefully one day that changes a little and your performance and the things you have accomplish holds a lot more weight, cause people (not just me) put in a lot to get a little in return

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2 hours ago, bishop said:

The navy loses a lot of great Sailors due to

Well, I knew one such individual. He was tall, big neck, big legs - no gut. He could have been a pro wrestler except he was a nerd (no disrespect intended.) I'm talking decades ago but he was forced out. 

His life was his work and he did it very well. With him around the key word was "reliability." I hope when he got out he made millions. 😎

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