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  1. Still need to submit LTB for award and eval. More excited about planning my retirement in a few years than doing stuff for a board that I won't make rank. To much politics and high school drama in the mess.
  2. Good luck and hope you make it! If I make it great, if not still great, retire in a few years and ready for change.
  3. Awesome thanks! Was trying to figure how a timeline for completing some quals prior to LTB.
  4. When will packages need to be submitted? Not sure if that message even came out yet just was curious.
  5. It seems to be more rate specific IMO than anything else. I've seen guys fully qualified but not best qualified make it. I'm behind the curve when it comes to shipboard qualifications but not shore duty qualifications. I do not have a degree but have PME and JPME Level 1 completed called out in the letters. I have nothing to do with FCPOA, but have served has LPO, acting LCPO, etc, and have good evals regardless of no collateral/FCPOA involvement. Its what they need I guess. Congrats on your retirement approval and good luck Tuesday.
  6. Lol nope not a sad panda. Not fully qualified so not concerned with it. Last year was a N select and walked around with a smile on my face. I'm genuinely wishing everyone good luck hope they all make it and I will be spending my time catching up on family time.
  7. Good luck everyone! On leave for 2.5 weeks, all you chief selectees doing selection and all that have fun. Me and my N-select self will be drinking beers on the pier.
  8. For those who get the N, myself more than likely included, it is important how you conduct yourself in front your guys when it comes to failure. Get the N, do the job, care for your guys, love your family, and realize in the grand scheme it's not that important compared to your health, faith, family, and your men. How can we teach our sailors about recovering from failure and disappointment if we act like we just got a death sentence? They pick up on that real quick! Be a man, wear those PO1 crows with pride, and lead your men. Anything less is unacceptable.
  9. I feel that. I got over 2 years left till I hit my 18 year mark then I'm submitting my intent to retire paperwork. If I dont make it at that time, then they can keep it.
  10. You going to retire soon? I have a few years to go and cant wait. Thank you and you too.
  11. I agree. Got some FCPOs in office who are anxiety ridden about this. I got leave coming up and transferring soon, that's my concern lol
  12. Anyone else hear of results coming out this week? Just a rumor mill that's spinning.
  13. Nope August 18th, little over two weeks or so till we get to see some sad panda FCPOs walking around.
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