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Navy Installations Command Facilitates Third-Party Inspection for Privatized Housing


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WASHINGTON - As part of the requirements established in the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Commander, Navy Installations Command will be facilitating third-party home inspections for all Navy privatized military housing units beginning in October 2021 – October 2022.

The inspections include all Navy privatized family housing in the United States, approximately 39,000 units, with exception of homes scheduled for disposition or demolition.

“The inspections are one of the mandates set by the FY20 NDAA to improve the privatized military housing program and coincides with the Navy’s commitment to increase government oversite of our housing portfolio,” said Edward Cannon, Fleet and Family Readiness Director. “The insight we stand to gain from these inspections will inform decisions to make improvements to the homes, so I thank all residents in advance for their participation because it not only positively impacts current residents but also your shipmates that follow.”

If you are a resident of Navy privatized housing you will receive notification from your local Housing Service Center (HSC) regarding the inspections in your area. The notification will communicate the inspection dates, information regarding how the inspection will be conducted and points of contact should you have questions or need to reschedule.

Initial notices will be sent to neighborhoods at least 2 weeks prior to inspections by the HSC and will also be posted on the inspection website: https://navyppvinspections.com/. On the day prior to inspection, door hanger notices will be delivered by the field inspectors.

Per policy, residents will be provided advance notice prior to any inspections taking place.

The inspections are being conducted by Jacobs/HDR JV and every inspection will be signed off by a certified inspector. Inspections will include unit interiors, building systems, common areas, building exteriors, equipment drainage, and landscaping. Only components, systems and elements of the property that are readily accessible will receive inspection. If inspectors identify any issues or repairs needed to correct life, health and safety concerns they will contact the HSC immediately. 

Reports for each home along with a summary report of project areas will be produced and submitted to CNIC. The reports will include assessment of the physical and operational condition of the property, identifying specific deficiencies which will provide CNIC a snapshot of current conditions in home across the full Navy privatized housing portfolio.

“The upcoming inspections are just one item in a long list of recent efforts CNIC has made to increase the quality of our privatized housing,” said Greg Wright, CNIC Housing Director. “We have improved our procedures to carry out more effective oversight of the program and having this up-to-date inspection analysis will position CNIC to continue aggressively pursuing improvements where they are needed most.”

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming inspections, please contact your local HSC. A directory of CNIC HSC’s, along with information about the privatized housing program, can be found on our website: https://www.cnic.navy.mil/ffr/housing/contact-housing.html

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