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Navy’s Upcoming Talent Management Initiatives

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From Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Lex Barlow
MILLINGTON, Tenn. - Navy Personnel Command (NPC) is launching a series of Performance Evaluation Transformation and Talent Management (PET-TM) programs and initiatives designed to better train, develop, and retain top talent.

PET-TM is a suite of talent management enhancements that are designed for more frequent and meaningful Sailor development conversations, systematic mid-term counseling for recurring workplace performance feedback, and more efficient and effective Sailor performance evaluation tools and processes. The new programs and initiatives include eNavFit 2.0 which upgrades NavFit98A to a fully web enabled system that also works with disconnected operations, a revision to the BUPERSINST 1610.10 instruction to refocus mid-term counseling, and a new development initiative called MyNavy Coaching to create the conditions for Sailors to develop and grow.

One significant development in performance management modernization is the introduction of eNavFit 2.0, a web-based interface accessible through BUPERS Online (BOL) and NPC Document Services for online EVAL and FITREP submission. eNavFit 2.0 just concluded the Reserve Forces pilot program and will open for full Reserve Force use in late Oct. 2021. The active duty pilot is scheduled to run through fall 2021 and open for full active duty use in Jan. 2022.

"eNavFit 2.0 is solid improvement over our existing system. If I can jump in and start using it, today's Sailors will learn to use this system pretty quickly," said Rear Adm. Alvin Holsey, commander, NPC. “This is the type of system that changes our Sailors’ lives and improves outcomes by streamlining the evaluation process.”

eNavFit 2.0 enables Sailors and commands with internet access to initiate, route, digitally sign, and submit performance evaluations online to the Sailor’s Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). For those disconnected from the internet, eNavFit 2.0 allows performance evaluations to be completed and routed offline, digitally signed, and then uploaded for OMPF submission via a downloadable document manager or printed for a wet signature then mailed to NPC.

“The goal of eNavFit is to consolidate the functionality of the current NAVFIT98A, CPO EVALS, and Flag FITREP system, as well as the PERS-32 processing actions, into a uniform solution for all members of the Navy,” said Capt. Michael Schwerin, Navy Personnel Command special assistant for Talent Management. “This new system takes an incremental approach to transformation. We’re building an online system that allows for better data integration and disconnected operations while building the foundation for our next generation system.”

Both the online and offline versions of eNavFit 2.0 include built-in quality control rules that reduce errors, result in fewer rejected reports, and reduce administrative burdens on commands. eNavFit 2.0 also lays the foundation for the incremental development of the next generation system, eNavFit 3.0, which is planned to integrate improved traits and values statements and expanded performance development options.

From a policy perspective, Performance Evaluation Transformation (PET) will begin in late 2021 with the release of BUPERSINST 1610.10F - a revised Navy Performance Evaluation System instruction. As part of this implementation, mid-term counseling is being refocused to ensure all personnel know that it is mandatory and that everyone will receive it. Additional resources will also be made available to facilitate the counseling session. These resources include: training material to ensure the supervisor and member know their roles in preparing for the performance counseling session; a checklist for ease to ensure supervisors are following the steps to conduct effective performance counseling; guidance on the five key steps for the supervisor to follow during the performance counseling session; information on the three core skills of coaching; and introducing the use of the Military Individual Development Plan to track and guide development after having performance conversations.

Several of the key policy changes include updates to Chapter 18 pertaining to mid-term counseling and coaching, introduction of eNavFit 2.0, and a change among the Reserve Component where the Unit Mobilization Unit Identification Code (UMUIC) reporting senior will be responsible for writing a Reservist's performance evaluations vice the Training Unit Identification Code (TRUIC) reporting senior.

The final PET-TM initiative that is scheduled to roll out to the Navy in late 2021 or early 2022 is MyNavy Coaching - a development initiative focused on the use of coach-like behaviors that serve as a communication tool designed to motivate Sailors to invest in their development and enhance their performance through personal and professional goal setting and constructive feedback.

“The MyNavy Coaching initiative is a CNP-led effort to build and sustain a coaching culture within the Navy with the goal not to make every Sailor a coach but to make our sailors more coach-like by using the core skills of active listening, empathy, and asking powerful questions,” said Lt. Cmdr. Erica Harris, scientific research advisor, MyNavy Coaching team.. “Coaching is a communication skill that creates the conditions for growth for every member of the Navy to build relationships that requires not just learning but practice that will empower our sailors to take accountability and ownership of their development, leading to better performance outcomes.”

MyNavy Coaching utilizes a peer-to-peer coaching approach to build a coach-like developmental culture in the Navy where everyone is responsible for development, not just supervisors or leaders. The approach is being scaled for all sailors, regardless of rank and consists of implementing MyNavy Coaching content within leadership schools, accession points, support to commands, and existing customers and processes.

While these changes in performance appraisal and Sailor development will be implemented in the near term, PET-TM is already addressing enhancements for the future. In partnership with the Naval Postgraduate School, two studies will begin in Fiscal Year 2022 exploring future performance evaluation system and policy enhancements. These future system enhancements will be key elements of eNavFit 3.0 and the Navy’s future performance evaluation system

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