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Navy Reserve to Test New Evaluation and Fitness Report System

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NORFOLK, Va. - Several Navy Reserve commands, units, and support centers across the Reserve force have been selected to participate in a test pilot program for eNavFit, a modern solution for all Navy Evaluation (EVAL) and Fitness Report (FITREP) processing. 

eNavFit is scheduled to replace NAVFIT98A by December 2021. The system will minimize the need for the hard copy routing process, reduce unit-level administrative hurdles, and automate submissions to the Performance Evaluations Division (PERS-32) for entry into Sailor Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) records. 

“This upgrade is what many Reserve Sailors and administration professionals have been waiting for,” said Rear Adm. John Schommer, commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC). “eNavFit aligns with the Navy’s wholesale approach to identify, design, and implement modern information technologies to minimize the burden of everyday administrative processes. We’re are excited to test this new system on behalf of Navy Personnel Command and make life easier for all Sailors, active and Reserve.” 

eNAvFit Feature Highlights 

While eNavFit will operate through an online, web-based environment for shore commands, it will also account for the limited connectivity on surface ships, submarines, and other sea and operational commands.  

Both offline and online capabilities will allow local administrators to create, edit, delete, route, and validate performance appraisals, as well as allow reporting seniors to group and process summary group reports.  

The ability to export performance appraisals and correspondence to a transportable medium that can be emailed or passed by disk, with the capability to import information back into the system. Users of the offline interface may then either access an online system to upload documents, or print and mail documents to the NPC Performance Evaluations Division (PERS-32) for processing. 

"The idea of simplifying the evaluation and fitness report routing process from creation to completion is a welcome step in the right direction,” said Yeoman 1st Class Sara Baumlein, Leading Petty Officer for Command Services at CNRFC. “Knowing firsthand how cumbersome the performance appraisal process can be, especially for Reservists, I’m excited to see another system upgrade that will have a direct and positive effect on the Navy’s greatest asset — it’s Sailors.”

eNavFit Rollout 

The pilot program will begin in July 2021 and extend through the regularly scheduled EVAL and FITREP cycles for several pay grades. 

“Having the Reserve Component be the first to use the new interface was a strategic decision,” said Lieutenant James Kelly, action officer for the Performance Evaluation Transformation at NPC. “We’re utilizing a phased rollout approach with eNavFit, and the Reserve Force allows us to perform as much testing as possible in a controlled manner environment at various Reserve units.” 

After completion of the pilot program, NPC will gather feedback and adjust the system as necessary for a fleet-wide user experience testing, with the active component Navy and subsequent rollout. 

eNAVFIT infographic: https://www.navyreserve.navy.mil/Portals/35/Graphics/210518-N-NO301-001.pdf


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