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Electronic Submission Of Letters To Promotion And Selection Boards Through Mynavy Portal


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R 271415Z SEP 19 MID510000633284U




AMPN/REF A IS SECNAVINST 1420.3, Department of the Navy Commissioned Officer 
Promotion Program.//

RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the introduction of a new application known 
as Electronic Submission of Selection Board Documents (ESSBD) that is 
accessible through MyNavy Portal (MNP).
ESSBD provides the capability for board eligible candidates to submit pre-
formatted letters to the board (LTBs) online, directly to the president of 
the board for which they are under consideration, as authorized by reference 
(a) and various board-specific naval messages (NAVADMIN).  This application 
is a MyNavy HR transformation and Sailor 2025 initiative designed to improve 
personnel programs and give Sailors more control and ownership over their 

2.  Overview.  ESSBD improves the speed, transparency and confidence of 
receipt over current LTB submission methods, such as hard copy and e-mail 
submitted letters and related attachments.  ESSBD provides board candidates 
with the capability to electronically submit LTBs in a standard, consistent 
format, with or without attachments and will allow the candidate to see (for 
content and clarity) exactly what will be delivered and presented to the 
Previous means of submitting LTBs (USPS, e-mail, FEDEX, etc.) will remain, 
but ESSBD will become the preferred method of submission.

3.  Initial rollout.  ESSBD will be available for limited use for the 
following administrative boards through the remainder of calendar year 2019:

Board #                      Board Title
21500 - HR Community Command and Milestone Board (convene:  16OCT19)
21045 - Active Aviation Major Command (convene:  21OCT19)
21046 - FTS/Reserve Aviation Major Command (convene:  21OCT19)
21085 - Surface Major Command (convene:  28OCT19)
21431 - Surface Early Command Screen (convene:  28OCT19)
21721 - Public Affairs Milestone Screen (convene:  5NOV19)
21323 - Foreign Area Officer Milestone Screen (convene:  7NOV19)
21255 - Naval Special Warfare CO/XO Screen (convene:  9DEC19)
21256 - Naval Special Warfare Dept Head (convene:  9DEC19)
21426 - IWC O-4 MS/XO/OIC (convene:  9DEC19)
21726 - EOD CO/XO/DH (convene: 16DEC19)

4.  Beginning 1 January 2020, ESSBD will be available for all promotion, 
advancement and selection boards.

5.  Application-driven boards.  Submissions for programs (boards) requiring 
an application (Limited Duty Officer/Chief Warrant Officer (LDO/CWO), Lateral 
Transfer, educational programs, etc.) will not be submitted using ESSBD.  
Guidance contained in the specific NAVADMIN for these programs will address 
board correspondence.

6.  Submission of LTBs via ESSBD.  To utilize ESSBD, candidates must access 
document services through MNP at https://www.mnp.navy.mil/group/my-record or 
the BOL main menu.  From the BOL main menu, select "Navy Personnel Command 
Document Services," Start Process, Selection Board and LTB.  On-screen 
instructions will direct the submitter thereafter.  Submissions should be 
prepared with attachments (if applicable), prior to initiating their LTB.  
There is no save and return function between BOL sessions.  Submitters will 
receive an e-mail confirmation regarding the status of their submitted LTB.
SubmissiFhon and subsequent receipt acknowledgement for LTBs submitted via 
ESSBD or other means does not constitute confirmation of eligibility for the 
boards to which LTBs are submitted.  If required, a full visual user guide is 
available at https://www.mnp.navy.mil/group/advancement-and-promotion.
    a.  Deadlines.  LTBs submitted to statutory officer promotion boards must 
be received by Navy Personnel Command not later than 2359 (central time) 10 
days prior to the convening date of the respective board.  Generally, 
administrative boards will follow, at a minimum, the statutory officer 
deadlines.  Deadlines for submission to other boards will be listed in the 
convening announcement for those boards.  In either case, if the board for 
which you are attempting to submit a LTB cannot be found in the ESSBD drop 
down menu, the deadline for submission to that board has passed.  Submitters 
are cautioned to not wait until the deadline date to submit LTBs via ESSBD or 
other available avenues.
        (1) Navy Personnel Command Document Services is hosted on BOL and 
this system periodically undergoes maintenance that may interrupt your 
ability to submit LTBs through ESSBD.  If this happens and you are able to 
wait until the completion of the outage, usually by the following day, you 
may attempt to resubmit via ESSBD.
Otherwise, submit your LTB via the cscselboard(at)navy.mil mailbox account, 
which is capable of receiving encrypted correspondence in accordance with DoD 
        (2) If sending a board package from a non-NMCI network (bumed.mil, 
eu.navy.mil, etc.), please visit https://dod411.gds.disa.mil to download the 
required mailbox certificate.  To download the cert (please note, you must be 
using MS Outlook with a CAC reader, including activclient software and have 
internet explorer or netscape 7.x), go to https://dod411gds.disa.mil, type 
cscselboard(at)navy.mil in the e- mail address field, then click search.  
Click the bupers link under last name.  Click on the link download 
certificate(s) as vcard.  Click software certificate for 
Click the open button for the file download pop-up.  The certificate will 
then open.  Click save and close.  The certificate is then saved to the 
profile and can be used to send encrypted e-mail.
    b.  Attachments.  ESSBD attachments must be in .pdf format and must not 
contain classified information, including any markings regarding the same.  
LTBs and attachments containing such markings will not be presented to the 
board and may subject the submitter to disciplinary action.
    c.  Multiple submissions.  Multiple LTBs to the same board will be 
accepted.  Duplicate submissions, using ESSBD or other available avenues, are 
    d.  Receipt acknowledgement.  ESSBD submitters will receive an e-mail 
confirmation sent to their e-mail address of record that exists within BOL.  
Submitters should validate their e-mail address by selecting update info on 
the left side of the BOL main menu.
Update Info must be selected to save any changes that are made.

7.  Policy for LTBs.  There is no requirement to submit LTBs to any board.  
LTBs should only be utilized to clarify official military records or to add 
information that is missing and/or not filed within official military records 
(e.g., letters of recommendations, missing evaluations, fitness reports, 
awards, etc.).  Submitting information already present within official 
military records is not required.

8.  For questions related to ESSBD and ESSBD submissions contact the MyNavy 
Career Center by calling 1-833-330-MNCC (1-833-330-6622/DSN: 882-6622).

9.  Released by Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.//



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