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Experience with BCNR?

Guest 345fish

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Guest 345fish


I'm a retired Navy reservist and just turned age 60.  In 2003, I received my Notice of Eligibility and Statement of Service reflecting 20 years of service. Turns out, after waiting 6 months after applying for pay earlier this year,  my record reflects just shy of 20 years due to an erroneous discharge date just shy of giving me 20 years.  It was never noticed prior to this week - not something I checked (yes, shame on me but having received my NOE and Statement  of Service didn't think I needed to ensure accuracy.) Millington informed me this week that the only way to fight it is to file DD Form 149, Correction of Record form.  I've submitted the form and supporting documentation to the Board for Correction of Naval Records.  Their auto-reply indicates they "review most records within 10 months". 

Does anyone have insight into this process or tips on workarounds?  Or am I at the mercy of this BCNR lengthy process? 

Many thanks, 

345fish in Va Beach 

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