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FY 19 E-8 Board Quotas Released

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Guest FMFman

When will they post who actually sat the board?  Not expecting it to be a pro or con for me, just like to know.

Of course, as like every other year.  Good luck to all that are looking to enter into the star chamber!!

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Guest FMFman

Where is everyone?  There is usually a plethora of traffic with false rumors and expectations on this topic by now. 

I know I cannot be the last Chief in the Navy up for Senior!  Any takers for date of results?  Chances of being selected? 

Better chances at not being selected?  Bring it all up, we have nothing but time to kill.

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Guest Tado

As much as I would love for the results to be out tomorrow.  They won’t.  I would say to the triad Wed/Thurs, and messege traffic out Thurs/Fri.  This would be consistent with last year.  And the board adjourned almost a week early.

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No news. Had a guy who said ‘results are out’ every hour, for 4 days before I made Chief... being that guy this year for those at my Command up for Senior this year....maybe it’ll work...? My guess is tomorrow to Triad/Thursday message... but that is hopeful. Would wager upon Thurs/Fri. Good luck to the NON-FCCS hopefuls! 🤗

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Yea, zero info here this year. Even CMC hasn’t heard any rumblings.

I expected today to be the day, if the time from adjourn to results was same as last year

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Same. Normally FORCE sends something to the CMC distro, just prior to the results being released to the TRIAD. Nothing yet (as of 0830PST).

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