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R 291608Z DEC 15




RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the results of the Medical Enlisted 
Commissioning Program selection board.

2.  Congratulations to the following selectees: 

Rate  Name                      Rate  Name
HMC Allan, James Melvin                  HM2 Arriaga, Natalie Hernandez
HM2 Baraya, Viktoriya Alexandrovna    HM1 Baust, Andrew Allen
HM2 Burgos, Kathleen Elizabeth      HM2 Castilloknapp, Sunshine D.
HM1 Chau, Vu Hoang                  CS2 Coleman, Andrea Elise
HM2 Erickson, Christina Marie            AWS2 Estep, Daisy
HM2 Farris, Tracey Trei                  HM2 Fitts, Keenan
SGT Furr, Aaron Gene                  AWR2 Gabby, Paul Steven
AWO2 Gallagher, Malorie Frances      HM1 Gamalinda, Donna Krystleglor
HM3 Garcia, Brianna Xanthe            AC1 Gros, Viana Marie
YN2 Guerrero, Nicole E.                  HM1 Hawley III, John Vincent
YN1 Jennings, Velinda Neoma            OS2 Jewell, Shatara Monet
HM2 Kreczkowski, Holly Jay            MU3 Lebold, Elizabeth Mary
HM2 Love, Tiffany Shantae            HM2 Maneja, Jessica Lynn Day
SSGT Morgan, Elizabeth Mary            HM2 Nicholas, Carla R.
HM2 Petticrew, Racquel Nicole            HM1 Ping, James Gregory
HM2 Punongbayan, Charnele Simon      HM2 Quezadapeterson, Juan Pablo                                 
HM1 Rohde, Nicholas Charles Edward    HM3 Ryan, Daniel Chap
IT1 Sheppard, Calithea Annette      FC1 Simmons, Brandon
HM2 Smith, Peter Anthony            HM1 Starcruiser, Kristina M.
SSGT Sullivan, Brynsela L.            HM1 Taborda, Jessie Tapaoan
HM2 Tarekegn, Dagmawit Yigzaw            HMC Umayam, Erly Heras
FT1 Vasaturo, Jonathan Michael      GYSGT Wheeler, Craig Justin
HM2 Yancey, Johneica Leeann

3.  The following personnel were selected as alternates (in order of 

Rate  Name
HM2 Atchison, Andrea LaShun
HM1 Hall, Fitzroy K.
HM2 Danowski, Tiffany Dalona
AZ2 Martin, Corinne Catherine
CS2 Beall, Javonnie Davione

4.  Alternate selectees need not complete the requirements in paragraph 6.  
Alternate selects will be contacted by Navy Medicine Professional Development 
Command (NAVMED PDC) if a primary select is unable to meet commissioning 

5.  This message is not authority to issue appointments.  Upon successful 
completion of a nursing degree program, Career Progression Eligibility (PERS-
802) will deliver appointments under separate cover to selectees as nurse 
corps ensigns.

6.  Request commanding officers:
    a.  Notify selectees;
    b.  Notify NAVMED PDC, Code OG3, no later than 10 days from the release 
of this message the names of any selectee declining appointment.  Point of 
contact information, see paragraph 8.
    c.  Hold in abeyance execution of permanent change of station orders for 
selectees in receipt of orders and notify Enlisted Distribution Division 
(PERS-40) of members selection.
    d.  Ensure selectees are physically qualified prior to appointment.  
Notify NAVMED PDC, Code OG3, of selectees who are not physically qualified.
    e.  Request selectees provide their current mailing address, work and 
home phone numbers and e-mail addresses to NAVMED PDC point of contact listed 
in paragraph 8.
    f.  Ensure selectees incur a six-year service obligation prior to 
contacting NAVMED PDC to request orders.  Full-Time Support selectees must 
re-enlist in Branch 11.

7.  Many superb applications went before the board and competition was 
robust.  Those selected had the following common characteristics: 

    a.  Sustained superior performance;
    b.  Leadership experience/potential;
    c.  Strong commanding officer endorsements;
    d.  Strong interviewer recommendations;
    e.  Demonstrated sustained academic performance and evidence of  
        pre-requisite academic test scores; and
    f.  Complete and well-organized applications.

8.  Point Of Contact is Ms. Beverly Kemp NAVMED PDC Code OG3, at  
(301) 319-4520/DSN 285 or via e-mail at beverly.kemp(at)med.navy.mil.

9.  Released By Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1//


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