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CFL/ACFLs Updates - 20 Mar 24

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Here is your weekly update with a few new things from the PRP Office: 

  • The PRIMS-2 “How To” links have been removed. You can now find all PRIMS training information in the CFL PRIMS-2 Training Course or ACFL PRIMS-2 Training Course. These courses can be accessed under the “PRIMS-2 TRAINING” tab to the left.  
  • Updated link: “Accessing PRIMS-2: Complete a SAAR”. This link can be accessed under the “PRIMS-2 TRAINING” tab to the left. This link will provide you proper guidance on filling out a SAAR (DD2875) form. 
  • New SAAR Form:  Added a blank fillable SAAR (DD2875) form under our “FORMS” tab to the left. 

PRIMS Updates 
Issues:  The PRP Office is aware of the issues CFL/ACFLs are having with regards to: 

  • Not being able to see newly gained Sailors PFA records 
  • Previous PFA Cycles of new gained Sailors 
    We anticipate the issues to be corrected the first week of April 2024.  If previous PFA Cycle information is needed, Sailors can do so from their MNP PRIMS account.  

Good News:  CFL/ACFLs can search for any Sailors in the PRIMS-2.  This was done to aid locating the member PFA record when attempting to gain a PFA record into the responsible UIC.  Note:  when you search and find a Sailor in a previous assigned UIC, you will not see any PFAs listed on that contact page.  The process of gaining the record must happen before you will see any PFAs on a Sailor. 

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