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Virginia Beach Police completes internal investigation into arrest of Navy wife

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There is conflicting information coming from the Virginia Beach Police Department about the wrongful arrest of a Navy wife, so I'll be posting any updates that are released to the media. It originally started with an arrest at JEB Little Creek-Fort Story by Navy police. 

Some of the information includes:

  • VBPD stated that the name was the same but a different middle initial (shouldn't they have dug deeper.)
  • VBPD referred to the name difference as an "alias."
  • VBPD stated that the birthday was the same except a slight different in the year. (try applying for something with a slight different in your birth date.)
  • VBPD did not originally release the fact that they already had a mugshot picture of the real person that was wanted.
  • The Magistrate said there was an issue with the fingerprints but the VBPD states that there is not and issue with the fingerprints.

My concern: How would you like to go through the gate of a Navy base only to be arrested for someone else's crime? 😮

Updated: Feb 28, 2024


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