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Tests Found E. Coli in Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln’s Potable Water System

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Tests found that aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) had E. coli bacteria in its potable water system last month, the Navy announced today.
After sailors noted an “odor and cloudy appearance” on Sept. 21 while the carrier was operating at sea, tests the next day found E. coli in the three of the ship’s tanks for the potable water supply, according to a service statement.

“The odor and cloudiness in the water abated by Sept. 22. However, since the presence of E. coli was not related to the reports of odor and cloudiness in the water, on Sept. 24, additional water samples were sent to Orange Coast Analytical, Inc., a laboratory certified by the state of California’s Department of Health, for further testing. Results came back on Sept. 26 indicating that the water was within drinking water standards for pH, turbidity, aluminum, copper, lead, sodium, and hardness,” the statement reads.

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