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Navy Mandates CWP Black Rank Tab Wear – Here are the Details

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The Navy will mandate the wear of the Cold Weather Parka (CWP) rank insignia on all uniforms with rank tabs effective Oct. 1, as announced in the uniform update NAVADMIN 124/22, released May 27. Also updated were policies for required uniform items for women and grooming standards for retirees while wearing Navy uniforms.  

“Navy uniform regulations apply to all Sailors equally, regardless of their rank, grade, ethnicity, position held or community assigned,” said Robert B. Carroll, director of Navy Uniform Matters and Emerging Issues Branch. “Any difference between male and female grooming policies recognizes the differences between the genders.”

Updated Rank Tab Rules 
Starting Oct. 1, wear of the black CWP rank insignia is mandatory for E-4 to O-10 Sailors on all uniform items with rank tabs, to include NWU Types II and III, parkas, and black or brown fleece liners. After that date, wear of the matching camouflage-pattern rank tab is limited to tactical training and operations at the commanding officer’s direction.

Women’s Uniforms and Hosiery
The belted slacks from the women officer and chief petty officer Summer White Service Uniform are now redesignated as official slacks for both Summer White and Service Dress White Uniforms. As part of this change, the beltless dress white slacks are now optional for wear with the women’s Service Dress White Uniform. 

It’s now optional for women in the Navy to wear hosiery with slacks and skirts while wearing pumps or flats. When hosiery is not worn, shoe liners or no-show socks must be worn for hygienic purposes and as a protection against abrasions or blisters caused by rubbing between the foot and shoe. 

Retired Male Sailor Grooming Standards
Retired male Sailors are now authorized to have beards while wearing Navy uniforms during authorized ceremonial events. The beard must be properly groomed and can be no longer than two inches in length as measured from the face outward.
Feedback is Welcome 

The Navy Uniform Matters Office welcomes feedback and recommendations from Sailors about uniform and grooming policies via the MyNavy UNIFORMS App or MyNavy Portal. Once signed into MNP, select Professional Resources, then select U.S. Navy Uniforms and “Ask the Chiefs.”


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