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R 071910Z FEB 22 MID600051498680U







POC/STARE/N2N6D3/TEL:  (571) 256-8290

RMKS/1.  In June 2021, the Navy began moving its workforce to a single 
unclassified Microsoft Office 365 (M365) cloud known as Flank Speed.  This 
high priority effort is funded and moving out - check out the Flank Speed Hub 
for updates!

2.  This new environment improved our ability to collaborate and access 
information more securely to support increased remote work requirements.  
Flank Speed security was designed using zero trust principles:  never trust, 
always verify; assume breach; and verify explicitly.  Access to each resource 
(e.g. application, data, or device) is verified to prevent malicious actors 
from accessing critical assets and moving between systems/networks.

3.  Flank Speed Status.  Over 90 percent of Navy users have varying degrees 
of access to the Flank Speed environment.
    a.  225K users have access to Teams, personal OneDrive capabilities, and 
SharePoint.  Access for all remaining Navy-Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) and 
ONE -Net users is projected to occur by the end of 2022.
    b.  215K users have access to all capabilities, including email, in the 
Flank Speed environment.  The goal is to migrate all NMCI/ONE-Net and 18 
Excepted Networks users by the end of 2022.
    c.  The use of calendar sharing and other email enabled tools requires 
users to be in the same email environment (e.g. Flank Speed, NMCI, ONE-Net, 
    d.  The complexity and varying performance of Navy networks require a 
deliberate approach to deliver a positive user experience.  Actions required 
include updating network configuration, modernizing equipment, and increasing 
bandwidth in key geographical areas.

4.  Next Phases of Flank Speed Deployment:
    a.  Echelon II Command Information Officers (CIO) and their teams 
continue to lead the planning and scheduling required to provide access to 
Flank Speed and migrate user email accounts for users in their commands.
    b.  In April 2022, users will have the capability to read encrypted 
emails on mobile devices.
    c.  Efforts are underway to sunset the Defense Information System Agency 
hosted iNavy SharePoint sites, replacing it with a Flank Speed SharePoint 
Online (SPO) solution.  Commands will continue working with the SPO 
development team to establish sites, move command data, and shift workflows.
    d.  Flank Speed OneDrive will replace the current drives used for 
personal storage (e.g. "H" drives).  Further consolidation of core enterprise 
productivity and collaboration capabilities will continue as legacy and 
excepted network users move onto Flank Speed.
    e.  Process improvements will be disseminated to Command Flank Speed 
Champions as well as posted on the Flank Speed Hub.  Updated process 
improvement guides will include items such as requesting a new user account, 
moving a user between commands, and ordering additional or changing existing 
user services.
    f.  Beginning in March 2022, periodic Town Hall events will be scheduled, 
providing a forum for dissemination of updates and to answer questions 
regarding Flank Speed capabilities and deployments.
    g.  Increased use of automation such as "Fathombot" will be implemented 
to help provide improved communication and awareness through a self-service 
model.  The Fathombot can answer over 662 frequently asked questions, and 
more answers are added daily.
    h.  A SPO site created within the Flank Speed environment allows commands 
to submit requests for exception to currently scheduled activity for the 
actions:  Email migrations, Public Teams generation, and Government Furnished 
Equipment mobile device account creation.
    i.  All special exception requests to accelerate user access or migration 
require Echelon II CIO endorsement and OPNAV N2N6D approval.

5.  Questions regarding Flank Speed planning and execution should be directed 
to Rajan Sharma, Digital Workplace Service (M365) and Unified Capabilities 
for Program Executive Office Digital Enterprise Services, at 

6.  Request widest dissemination.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until 
cancelled or superseded.

7.  Released by VADM Jeffrey E. Trussler, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations 
for Information Warfare, OPNAV N2N6.//


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