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Gray Retiree Delayed Benefits

Guest JeanieS

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Guest JeanieS

When I retired 6 years ago I was told to submit my application for benefits 4 months prior to my 60th Birthday. When I did in April I was informed they’re backlogged a year. So, for those who need and counted on their Tricare, just pay for it and Tricare will reimburse you once you’re processed? That’s what they tell you. No one can be reached at Pers-912. My application has been in 7 months and is still in processing.

I think this is outrageous, and even more appalling that this has been going on for years. What happened to the One Navy concept that was being pushed when I was still serving?Our reservists retirement packages are being processed by USN Active duty personnel. My understanding is that when they receive active duty retirement packages they’re handled priority, and reservists are at the bottom of the pile. 

For the life of me, being a reserve PS, why in the world wouldn’t they just activate our reservists on ADSW to get our reservist packages backlogcaught up. Let us take care of our own. Once caught up create an AGR, used to be (TAR), billet for a full time reservist, or maybe 2, to handle all reserveretirement applications. We should not have to wait in line behind active dutyto receive our pay and benefits earned, like we do for an ID card….

Why aren’t our Naval Reserve leaders pushing back on the treatment of their sailors. I’m fortunate I have other healthcare, and a means of support, but what about those who may not have those benefits, or need the retirement check that they were counting on. 

Very disappointed indeed! 

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