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Guest L.P.DeAcosta

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Guest L.P.DeAcosta

Just a Brief message about our benefit cut: I went onto myhealthevet to reorder Symbicort.A drug that has been proven great for my lung issues.To my surprise it was not there.The very next day I received a package of meds Inhalation med that was labeled to replace symbicort,so I tried it for a few days and it really made my chest stiff and breathing very hard.Monday evening I went back to the Symbicot,of which I had a Little left.The next morning I was getting back to normal.I contacted the local VA clinic in wyomissing,pa.A gentleman by the name of Mike I was asked to demonstrate my ability to taking the drugs properly,,of which I displayed tis knowledge.He then informed me that my primary Doctor tried to reorder it but was denied.I had a family physician sentd a script to a local pharmacy.I picked it up today at a cost of $288.46.I also included today part D to my medicare.Between my medicare and supplemental insurance I pay out $458.50 monthly for health insurance.

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