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AT/ADT Reserve Orders Integrated Through NP2


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Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) is integrating Annual Training (AT) and Active Duty for Training (ADT) orders for Reserve Sailors through the Navy Personnel and Pay (NP2) system. 
This latest capability improvement completes the integration of all current and future Reserve orders – AT, ADT, Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS), Officer Recall, Mobilization and Demobilization — in a single location.   

“Instead of having to log into multiple systems, manually track orders, or rely on a CAC-enabled [common access card] computer, Sailors can pull up NP2 for access to their orders from any mobile device by utilizing Okta Verify” said Capt. Claudia Macon, NP2 Transformation team lead at CNRFC. 

Okta Verify is a Navy-approved third-party security application to help Sailors authenticate their log-in accounts for access to personnel data, records and pay systems. Over time, the expansion of the CAC-less service will allow Sailors the ability to conduct all personnel transactions using their mobile device. 

“This capability is a real game changer,” said Macon. “The world is quickly adapting to a mobile environment and the Navy is meeting the demand to keep up with the needs of our Sailors.” 

The integration may take several days to complete. Upon completion of the data loading period, Sailors may receive an email notification indicating a transfer of data has occurred and orders are now available. This notification indicates the system is working as intended. 

“Sailors should not be alarmed once in receipt of this notification,” said Macon. “A common misperception is that new orders have been issued. Instead, Sailors now have access to their orders and the ability to execute a checklist, based on their orders, and view and print lean orders — a truncated version of orders that makes it easier to present a hard copy of orders and execute official business while traveling.” 

NP2 uses an agile development methodology, deploying new capabilities to Sailors and the Navy Human Resource (HR) workforce. When complete, NP2 will be a single, integrated personnel and pay system, providing everything you need in one location using one login, for all Sailors — active or Reserve. 

The Chief of Navy Personnel released NAVADMIN 008/17 – found here – on updated Navy HR services and instructions for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through the Okta Verify application. 

The Initial Operational Capability (IOC) for NP2 is set for early 2022

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