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Regional Navy Mail Center Norfolk Ready for Election Season

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The Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center (NAVSUP FLC) Norfolk Regional Navy Mail Center (RNMC) Norfolk has completed the training required for its personnel and has provided training and guidance to all fleet assets in preparation for the November election.

According to Jeff Gibbs, the DoD Postal Voting Representative (PVR) certification was released online in May via the Automated Military Postal System (AMPS) website and was completed by the deadline at the end of July.  Once the certification was completed, NAVSUP FLC Norfolk postal advisors issued all the required postal voting supplies and conducted hands on training to every United States Fleet Forces Command deploying unit that would be underway September 1.

“Due to nature of our business, absentee ballot processing has always been a top priority,” Gibbs explained.  “Our team has been intimately involved in this entire process as we are during every voting season.”

He added that all RNMC personnel have been thoroughly trained and understand their part in proper handling of these ballots until they transfer them over to the United States Postal Service in Norfolk.   Additionally, all fleet assets deployed away from homeport have been briefed and trained in what their requirements are when they are deployed and all have completed the required training.

“The Navy provides accountability, safeguards and expeditiously delivers balloting materials to and from postal operations throughout the world, in order to ensure that all U.S. citizens, with or without FPO (Fleet Post Office) privileges are authorized to mail balloting material from any FPO address,” Gibbs concluded.

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