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RMKS/1.  The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic brought an 
invisible enemy to our shores and changed the way we operate as a Navy. The 
fight against this virus is a tough one. But our Sailors are tougher, and 
each of you plays a critical role in defeating this virus.

2. We have embraced the challenge of COVID-19 and are learning, adapting, and 
improving by the day and by the hour. There is no better example of this than 
our actions and response on the USS Kidd.

3. As we continue to learn about this virus and how to mitigate its risk, the 
widespread public health measures you are actively practicing physical 
distancing, face coverings, minimizing group events, frequent hand-washing, 
sound sanitation practices, a questioning attitude on how we are feeling must 
be our new normal. We must harden our Navy by continuing to focus on the 
health and safety of our forces and our families. The health and safety of 
our Sailors and their families is, and must continue to be, our number one 
priority. Fleet operations depend on it.

4. As the forward deployed force of our country, we have a duty to ensure we 
are ready to respond. We cannot simply take a knee or keep everyone in port 
until this enemy is defeated. We are America's away team. The uncertainty 
caused by COVID-19 makes our mission of protecting America at sea more 
important than ever. That is why the U.S. Navy continues to operate forward 
every day.

5. As state and local officials begin to re-open communities, we must 
continue to focus on the health and safety of our Sailors and their families. 
It is vitally important for every individual to take personal responsibility 
to minimize risk to themselves and to their loved ones, as well as risk to 
the members of our team who may be more susceptible.

6. Each Fleet, region and installation will be on a conditions-based timeline 
to open. OSD and Service guidance will be released to assist Commanders in 
making these decisions. When we entered this pandemic, we quickly closed down 
services to minimize interactions and the spread of the disease. We will need 
to take a measured approach to opening up these services to prevent a 
recurrence of the disease. I expect local commanders to understand area 
conditions and to communicate prudent expectations and guidance up and down 
the chain of command. I trust our Sailors to follow these guidelines.

7. Each of us must continue to practice and follow all public health measures 
necessary to minimize risk to our force and our families.
Take responsibility. Show courage in speaking up if you see shipmates falling 
short. We have obligations for operational readiness and stringent 
requirements for health protection measures.

8. Continue to gather lessons learned at all levels, and prepare for another 
wave of COVID so that we can minimize the impact and be prepared if that 

9. While I know we are asking a lot of our Sailors and families right now, 
with measures such as extended deployments and pre-underway Restriction of 
Movement (ROM) periods, these sacrifices are necessary to maintain a healthy 
force around the world. I appreciate your commitment to selfless service.

10. I know our Sailors ability to adapt and respond has been nothing short of 
amazing and I am grateful. Your resiliency gives us all hope and assurance 
during these uncertain times.

11.  Released by Admiral Mike Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations.//


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