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Sea Duty Incentive Pay (SDIP) Expands During Time of COVID-19 Crisis

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WASHINGTON (NNS) -- A growing number of Sailors are now eligible to extend their time on active duty and take advantage of a special incentive pay.    

The Navy has added 23 new ratings/paygrades to an already extensive list of those eligible to receive Sea Duty Incentive Pay (SDIP) for extending their current tour at sea or returning to sea early.

The move was done to ensure the Navy continues to fill operational requirements for sea-going commands, particularly in this challenging time brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Depending on the rating, paygrade and Navy enlisted classification code, second class petty officers and below who qualify can receive SDIP at a rate of up to $750 per month for each additional month of sea time. For first class petty officers and above that rate is up to $1,000 per month.

Sailors interested in extending on sea duty should contact their detailers and apply 14-16 months prior to their projected rotation date or at the end of their rating’s prescribed sea tour to take advantage of SDIP.  Submissions inside of this timeline are waiverable and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Sailors who choose to take on more time can either continue serving in an SDIP billet at their current command or serve in an SDIP billet at a new command, known as SDIP back to back. Those Sailors must agree to serve 12-48 months for either option.

Sailors who wish to cut short their shore duty and return to sea early should contact their detailers and apply at least 6-9 months prior to their desired detach date. Sailors who choose to leave shore early must make a commitment at least 6 months prior to their regular rotation to be eligible for the SDIP.

Per NAVADMIN 089/20, enlisted Sailors with an approved separation or retirement date who are in billets eligible for SDIP may receive SDIP if approved for an extension of 6 to 12 months.  See the NAVADMIN for details.

Once the Sailor submits an SDIP request and it is approved, the Sailor will sign an SDIP contract and receive a lump sum SDIP payment upon reporting to their new SDIP assignment. Those who do not fulfill their SDIP commitment will pay back the unearned portion of their SDIP lump sum.

Special pays such as this are vital to ensure the right people are in the right billets as part of the Sailor 2025 initiative. MyNavy HR is committed to using monetary and non-monetary incentives to manage the Navy’s diverse and high performing talent. 

The new rates compliment the previous rating eligibility list, which is available at https://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/career/payandbenefits/Pages/sdip.aspx

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