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Meal Allowance Rules Modified for Sailors Restricted to Government Quarters

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WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy has modified allowance rules for Sailors in a restriction of movement (ROM) status on base in order to receive Navy-provided meals without losing their pre-existing subsistence allowance.

The approval is outlined in an April 7 memorandum from Vice Adm. John B. Nowell, the Navy's top uniformed personnel officer. The memo was crafted to ensure that those who were in command-directed isolation were not penalized with pay deductions, even if they received meals free of charge.

Installation commanding officers are given approval authority to grant meals to those in a ROM status based on the guidance in the memo. 

The temporary exception applies to both officers and enlisted who are already being paid full BAS but find themselves under restriction of movement in government quarters.

Under normal circumstances, the DOD’s pay rules require service members being paid BAS to pay for government provided meals “out of pocket” or have their BAS reduced, accordingly.

Units confined to protect the health of our personnel and their families or to assure essential mission function capability and not specifically for health-related ROM, must request approval from the Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy (OPNAV N13) to provide subsistence-in-kind without deducting Sailors’ BAS.

Sailors and commands seeking guidance on allowances can refer to the DoD Financial Management Regulations available at https://comptroller.defense.gov/Portals/45/documents/fmr/archive/07aarch/07a_25arch.pdf.

The latest DoD policies relating to COVID-19 can be found at: https://www.defense.gov/explore/spotlight/coronavirus.

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