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COVID-19: Important Information for U.S. Navy Reservists

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Mar. 15, 2020 (NNS) -- NORFOLK (NNS) –Effective immediately, the U.S. Navy Reserve is implementing new rules and requirements for Reservists in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Commander, Navy Reserve Force (CNRF), released ALNAVRESFOR 008/20 March 15, which provides a wide-range of guidance for addressing recent travel restrictions and temporary policies meant to protect Reservists and their families from the coronavirus. The message provides detailed information for topics such as drills, Restriction of Movement (ROM) requirements, and non-mission essential travel. Selected Reservists (SELRES) are strongly encouraged to read the official message in its entirety.

At a minimum, here is what you need to know:

All regular drill weekends are postponed through May 11, 2020, in order to comply with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the military chain of command. Navy Reserve Activities (NRAs) shall remain open and operational to support mission essential Inactive Duty Training (IDT) (Drills) requirements during previously published drill weekends. Reservists may complete drills via flexible reschedules, telework, and liberal authorized absences as directed by their unit leadership and supported command.
CNRF will provide guidance on enhanced telecommunicating procedures in the near future to minimize strain on the Reserve Force and maintain readiness.
CNRF has directed NRAs to liberally approve annual participation waivers based on the impact of the coronavirus.
Upon return from approved Annual Training (AT), Active Duty for Training (ADT), or Inactive Duty Training Travel (IDTT),  in CDC designated COVID-19 Level 2 or 3 countries, all SELRES members shall be directed to remain at home, or in a comparable setting for 14 days Restriction of Movement (ROM) from the day of departure from the affected country. The CDC lists current Level 2 and 3 coronavirus countries on their website.
In order to provide financial compensation, medical benefits, and employment protection under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployed Rights Act (USERRA), all SELRES placed in a ROM status may opt in or out of 14 days of AT or ADT at their home of record. As ROM orders are local orders, compensation for commercial berthing and per diem is not authorized.
Reservists who are already on AT/ADT CONUS-based orders may continue.
Reservists on AT/ADT OCONUS orders should contact their Operational Support Officers (OSO) for further instructions and guidance to determine whether they are considered mission essential.
New AT/ADT/IDTT CONUS orders scheduled to be executed between March 16 and May 11that require official, government-funded travel shall not be executed unless deemed mission essential. This determination will be made by the First Flag/SES in the supported command. For local area AT/ADT orders that do not require travel, the Stop Movement does not apply and can be executed.
Personnel returning from OCONUS Active-duty for Special Work (ADSW), mobilization or recall orders with questions should contact MyNavy Career Center (1-833-330-6622) or email askmncc@navy.mil.
Members on ROM shall muster daily with their supporting NRA electronically (ex. telephone or email).
SELRES members not on orders, returning from CDC Level 2 and 3 countries should comply with CDC recommendations, including maintaining 14 days ROM. At a minimum, members are prohibited from performing any orders or drills for 14 days following their departure from the Level 2 or 3 country.
Travel to nations designated as CDC Level 2 and 3 is prohibited unless considered mission-essential. The mission essential determination shall be made by the first Flag/SES in the supported command.
OSOs will facilitate mission essential determinations by March 18 for all SELRES currently conducting AT/ADT/IDTT orders OCONUS.
Additional guidance for Reservists, to include Reserve-specific questions and answers regarding travel restrictions and Force Health Protection protocols, is available at My Navy Reserve Homeport (MyNRH) website (https://www.mynrh.navy.mil) (requires CAC-enabled access) or on the Navy Reserve public news and imagery site (https://www.dvidshub.net/unit/CNRF/).

"Our priorities are the protection of our Reservists, our civilians, and our families, and maintaining our ability to support the Navy and Joint Forces,” said Deputy Commander, Navy Reserve Force Rear Adm. John Schommer. “We recognize that the recent travel restrictions and force health protection measures will impact our Reservists way of life. Therefore, our Commander, Vice Adm. Luke McCollum has stressed to our leadership we must ensure maximum flexibility for supporting our Reservists, including take a hard look at teleworking, ensuring a ‘good year,’ and virtual training.”

Reservists with circumstances not already addressed in the information above or in the latest frequently asked questions published should reach out to their NRA chain of command to get their questions answered.

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