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R 031844Z DEC 19 MID510000763984U




RMKS/1.  With the introduction of MyNavy Assignment (MNA), the future of 
enlisted detailing fundamentally changes.  This revolutionary Sailor 2025 
initiative is a product of years of listening to and learning from Sailors 
and incorporates Fleet-wide input command and Sailor  into an enhanced 
detailing marketplace.
MNA replaces the Career Management System - Interactive Detailing
(CMS-ID) program and provides Sailors greater transparency, flexibility and 
choice during the assignment process.  Recent CMS-ID upgrades (competition 
counters, advertisement of nominative billets, etc.) have received favorable 
Sailor reviews, and the introduction of MNA builds on this evolution of the 
detailing marketplace.  MNA is also easier to use and allows Sailors to focus 
more on their career instead of just the process around billet assignment.  
With future planned enhancements, and as distributable inventory increases 
over time, expect to see even greater flexibility and choice offered via a 
variety of incentives made available through MNA.  MNA also enhances command 
interaction, which in the end affords improved Fleet manning leading to 
increased readiness and lethality, all while improving the Sailor experience.

2.  MNA goes live on 5 December 2019, replacing CMS-ID.  All Active Duty and 
Full Time Support Sailors will be able to review and apply for advertised 
billets in MNA.  Incorporation of Enlisted Reserve Sailors is planned for a 
future upgrade.  Upon logging in to the new system, Sailors will immediately 
notice the new, modern Graphical User Interface (GUI).  This GUI was designed 
with significant Fleet Sailor input and is a foundational element of 
delivering a modern Human Resources (HR) service and experience to all that 
use MNA.  In addition to this new interface, MNA incorporates the following
    a.  Increased access window.  To increase transparency, Sailors will have 
access throughout the entirety of every detailing cycle, with the exception 
of scheduled maintenance periods when new job vacancy data is released.
    b.  Expanded job search capability.  Gives Sailors the ability to search 
for all available vacant jobs as well as jobs with upcoming vacancies 
throughout the Navy, not just must-fill jobs in any given cycle.
    c.  More job search tools.  Expands job search filters to include 
categories with these titles - All Jobs, My Preferences, Bookmarks, Saved 
Searches, By Qualification and Rate Commonality Matches.
    d.  Bookmark capability.  Up to 100 jobs of interest may be bookmarked 
for future viewing and comparison.
    e.  Improved application process.  Increases the number of applications a 
Sailor may submit during an application cycle from five to seven.  It also 
includes an Application Lifecycle Tracker dashboard, giving Sailors a quick 
visual reference on the status of their application.
    f.  Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) Sailor assignments.  
PACT Sailors will view, apply and compete for billets leading to rating 
designation.  PACT Sailors will see a tailored billet list based on 
individual eligibility.  While a follow-on assignment at the current command 
of the PACT Sailor is considered optimal, billet vacancy will largely 
determine if the orders are to the current command, a new command, or A-
School, leading to a rating designation.  Command involvement in this process 
is paramount.
PACT NAVADMIN 275/19 provides specific details on the new PACT designation 
    g.  MyResume.  This feature expands Sailor ability to highlight 
professional and personal information to Detailers and prospective commands.  
The Sailor resume will present authoritative data used in assignment 
decisions to Sailors and prospective commands.
Sailors will be able to add text, highlighting their experience, pertinent 
skillsets and accomplishments at their current and past commands as well as 
general comments to help market themselves for desired billets.
    h.  Access to personal information.  Gives Sailors easier access to their 
personal information, improved duty preferences, assignment history and 
    i.  Enhanced messaging tools.  Community notes from detailers and 
messages about new detailing polices or programs available to Sailors on the 
MNA homepage.
    j.  Improved help, tutorial and tips functionality.

3.  The MyNavy HR Team is committed to continual process improvement and has 
begun work on future updates to MNA to link rating conversion and re-
enlistment/extension to billet assignments.  We will continue to learn and 
adjust our business processes and practices as appropriate to improve 
transparency, flexibility and choice for both Sailors and commands.

4.  We continually strive to make the process easier for Sailors to select 
their next assignment and better manage their careers.  More than ever, we 
need our fighting force to focus on developing and maintaining the skills 
necessary to win the high-end fight and believe the release of MyNavy 
Assignment is a critical initiative that will help achieve this goal.

5.  Points of Contact
    a.  MyNavy Career Center, (833) 830-MNCC/(833) 830-6622, via e- mail at 
askmncc(at)navy.mil or MyNavy Portal at https://my.navy.mil.
    b.  For billet eligibility questions, detailer contact information is 
available via MyNavy Portal by selecting the *Enlisted Detailer Contact List* 
at https://www.mnp.navy.mil/group/assignment-leave-travel.
    c.  For community management questions regarding PACT Sailors, contact 
BUPERS-32 at pact_admin.fct(at)navy.mil.  For all other questions, contact 
your regular community manager.

6.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or canceled, 
whichever occurs first.

7.  Released by Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.//


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