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HCA direct commission.

Guest Devildolphin_8404

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Guest Devildolphin_8404


HM2, 8404 coming up on 10 years of service in December and aiming for an opportunity to commission via MSC IPP HCA direct route. My question is regarding specifically the validity of my current degree plan. 

On the NAVADMIN, which is relatively vague in my opinon, it states:

"Qualifying bachelors degrees include HCA, health services

administration or management, or in an applicable business or management

discipline.  Acceptable disciplines include accounting, business economics

and policy, finance, information systems management, logistics, manpower,

human resources, materials management and public administration.  Applicants

must have at least a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0


I'm currently enrolled at Oregon State University majoring in Business Administration with the Supply Chain and Logistics option focus. While it seems that this will qualify for direct commission, I have not been able to obtain that information from any authoritative source at my command. 

Can anyone out there tell me if this degree will qualify me for this direct commissioning opportunity? At face value, it seems as though it will. However, it doesn't specifically match any one of the above categories but seems to be more of a combination of a couple of them.


Thank you for your time.

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Guest RatedNforNia

You qualify to apply 

even if your masters isn’t AACSB, if they consider you exceptionally qualified. 
your degree is in business with a concentration in supply logistics.

that falls under one of the HCA categories (logistician)

apply or email the MSC OCM or Mrs. Kemp

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