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My PCS Checklist - Taking Stress Out of PCS

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WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The latest upgrade to MyNavy Portal (MNP) includes a checklist to guide Sailors and their families through their next Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move.  My PCS Checklist allows Sailors to easily create their own personalized move checklist, and can be found in the Assignment, Leave, and Travel section of MNP under the Career and Life Events drop down menu.

There is no question that PCS moves are challenging, whether it is a single Sailor heading across country or a family moving overseas.  The process of relocating can be a source of personal, financial and family stress and it requires a great deal of logistical planning.  My PCS Checklist makes the process better.  Sailors can now create their own personalized checklist by using an intuitive, web-based program, to guide them through the PCS process and help eliminate unnecessary stress.

“Creating the checklist is easy,” said Capt. Chris Harris, director, distribution management division, Navy Personnel Command.  “Sailors answer a few questions in the online checklist, starting with their official detachment date, which automatically generates a personalized, step-by-step checklist that calculates the number of days to complete each item until their move from their current command.  Sailors can print out their checklist at work or email it to a spouse, parent or anyone with whom they want to share the information.”

The checklist is broken down into four categories – Shipping Household Goods, Family Move, Money and Sailor Admin.  Based on the detachment date selected, the checklist outlines necessary activities, due dates and includes tips and sources of support for each category.  The program includes a taskbar that indicates how far along Sailors are in completing their activities and they will receive alerts to remind them to complete the tasks to stay on their PCS timeline.

“MyNavy Portal addresses one of the major issues Sailors face when managing their careers – they have to use too many websites to complete routine tasks for managing their careers,” said Dave Driegert, PMW 240 assistant program manager, Single Point of Entry for MNP.  “My PCS Checklist is the newest tool for Sailors and joins other recently-available applications like MyRecord Web 1.0 and electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR)/1306.  MNP is growing all the time.  In the months ahead, Sailors will be able to access an increasing number of new features and tools.”

Sailors should work with their command pay and personnel administrator if they have any questions concerning PCS policies and procedures.  They may also contact MyNavy Career Center 24/7 at askmncc@navy.mil, or toll-free at 833-330-MNCC (6622).

In addition to PCS information, MNP provides Sailors links to other webpages and resources – all in one convenient location.  

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