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Using Q-Anywhere to Activate Prescriptions - N.A.S. Oceana

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* While this information may apply to other military pharmacies in Tidewater, the information gathered was at the Oceana branch only. I don't know if the other branches are having the same issues. 

There have been complaints at N.A.S. Oceana Medical regarding the pharmacy and the use of Q-Anywhere to activate prescriptions. Additionally there are some serious complaints about patients who are unable to contact Ocean Medical by phone and for some via Genesis email.

The phone complaints are that in many instances no one will pick up the phone. And if you are taken to the mailbox, the mailbox is full. The complaints about the secure email is that sometimes no one will reply, and that the provider is unaware that a patient has contacted them. I can only surmise that the person responded but did not notify the provider when that email was intended to be read by the provider.

  • As of June 28, 2023, there is a glitch with Q-Anywhere that has not been publicized. If you are going in for refills, and also use Q-Anywhere to activate your prescription, Q-Anywhere may send a text message erroneously saying that your activated prescription is ready. I don't know if they fixed that glitch or are scheduled to fix it. I speak from first hand knowledge.
  • When communicating with medical, please specify if you are talking about a refill or activation. When you you run out of refills, and after you have contacted your provider, your provider will electronically send a request to the pharmacy where it can then be activated via Q-Anywhere.

If you receive a text from Q-Anywhere saying your prescription is ready, please note the following:

  • Text the words “get in line” to 833-217-2199 - that is Q-Anywhere.
  • Wait until you receive a text stating that your prescription is ready.
  • If you go to the pharmacy on the SAME Day that you received that Q-Anywhere notice, text “I am here” when you arrive at the pharmacy.
  • If you go to the pharmacy any day AFTER the day you received that text message, go to the kiosk and get a "Return for Pickup ticket."


  • Refills: 1-866 285-1008 or 757 953-6337
  • Activation: 833-217-2199 (after your provider has made a request to the pharmacy electronically)
  • To get an emergency refill


Oceana Branch Health Clinic

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More strangeness worthy of the Twilight Zone - please be entertained:
(And of course I'm talking about NAS Oceana medical.)

One day after using Q-AnyWhere(?), I received a cryptic text replying that “Everything is too soon.” Nothing else.

Now mind you, I already contacted my provider directly in the past over similar issues with Q-Anywhere(?) / Genesis - via two letters (Yes the paper envelopes.) I could not contact my provider online or via phone but envelopes worked twice 😁.

It would be great if NAS Oceana Medical was forthcoming with the issues they are having but I've witnessed first hand that they are creating part of the mess themselves.

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