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R 301736Z SEP 22 MID200080281382U 
ALNAV 068/22 
RMKS/1.  One of my three enduring priorities is to empower our people. 
Inherently this includes family members.  Military family life presents 
challenges as well as opportunities.  Programs and services are available to 
support military spouses, whether new to the military or seasoned spouses 
seeking networking and employment following a recent change of duty 
station.  The professionals at Fleet and Family Readiness and Marine Corps 
Community Services and I acknowledge the difficulties of military life, from 
family separation during deployments, to starting over in a new neighborhood. 
I want to highlight some of the resources offered by the Navy-Marine Corps 
team to support spouses. 
2.  Poised to assist are your local installation Fleet and Family Readiness 
Center and Marine Corps Community Services offices.  They provide information 
and referrals to programs and services ranging from long term financial 
planning to short-term needs such as identifying a fitness coach.  Additional 
resources include Ombudsmen, Family Readiness Officers, and in-house clinical 
counseling services.  The family support staff can also connect you with 
resources for navigating deployment, as well as "Return & Reunion," and 
support if you or a family member are enrolled in the Exceptional Family 
Member Program. 
3.  If you do not reside on base or near an installation, you can access a 
wealth of information online.  The Navy Fleet and Family Readiness programs 
are accessible here: https://ffr.cnic.navy.mil/Family-Readiness/.  The Navy 
has developed an application called MyNavy Family; the mobile app provides a 
single source of information on all support and educational resources there 
is available to Service Members, their spouses and families.  The entry point 
for Marine Corps Community Services is https://www.usmc-mccs.org/.
4.  The School Liaison program (SLP) is an excellent resource for returning 
to school, whether transitioning to a new school, such as middle school or 
high school, or searching for a specific extracurricular activity.  The SLP 
offers an array of services and resources to support children, parents, 
installation leadership, schools, and the surrounding community.  Working 
with these stakeholders, the SLP builds a support network to provide the best 
possible education experience for military-connected children and youth.  You 
can find your local SLP point of contact for the Navy 
at https://www.navycyp.org/programs-services/child-and-youth-education-
services and the Marine Corps: 
5.  The Navy and Marine Corps Family Member Employment Assistance Program 
(FMEAP) consultants work closely with relocating military spouses to help 
determine the types of employment, licensure, and certification assistance 
available.  They also provide military spouses with information and referral 
to community resources, resume writing and interviewing workshops, career 
fairs, job search strategies, and guidance to inform career and education 
6.  To support spouses who pursue education, training, or employment 
opportunities, Navy and Marine Corps offer hourly child care options at 
installation child and youth programs, and family childcare homes.  Military 
OneSource offers all military families a database of more than one million 
caregivers, with many offering hourly and on-demand childcare.  We also 
provide spouse employment transfer opportunities through the Child and Youth 
Program, as well as the Navy Exchange and Marine Corps Exchange and other 
Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs. 
7.  To ease the financial burden military spouse's encounter in certain 
professions when they relocate to another state, there is a reimbursement 
process up to $1000.  Spouse licensure reimbursement within the U.S. Navy is 
through MyNavy Career Center (MNCC).  For questions regarding the Military 
Spouse Licensure Reimbursement benefit, contact MyNavy Career Center (MNCC) 
at 1-833-330-MNCC or email at ASKMNCC.FCT@NAVY.MIL.  Spouse licensure 
reimbursement within the U.S. Marine Corps is through the local installation 
Personnel Administration Office. 
8.  Health and wellness of family members is also important to resilience and 
coping with the demands of the military lifestyle.  Morale, Welfare, and 
Recreation programs offer a variety of programs and activities to develop new 
skills, build strength, and reduce stress.  They offer programs and 
activities at a discount to help stretch incomes and still have a rewarding 
family vacation or weekend outing. 
9.  In addition to the programs and services offered by the Navy and Marine 
Corps, the Department of Defense (DoD) offers several programs that support 
spouse employment and education.  The Spouse Education and Career 
Opportunities (SECO) Career Center, or MySECO, is a DoD operated call center 
and web portal.  It is provided through the Military OneSource platform at: 
https://www.militaryonesource.mil/ and  
10.  The military spouse is part of a strong military community, and as a 
military spouse, you manage the many challenges of military life by adapting 
to new roles, new schedules, and the uncertainty with frequent moves.  I 
appreciate your sacrifices and I salute your resilience and support of the 
Department of the Navy. 
11.  Released by The Honorable Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy.// 

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