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N.A.S. Oceana Pharmacy Issues and Poor Service

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If anyone is having issues with Navy Medical Oceana Pharmacy, and/ or trying to communicate with your Primary Care Provider, or the Pharmacy, please share your experiences here. If you have any tips that'll help get your medication please post as well. And if anyone knows the root cause please enlighten us. Please do not contact me directly, I cannot resolve any issues, I am only the messenger.

There appears to be a breakdown after installation of the new pharmacy automation system and it is difficult getting in touch with the Pharmacy and more important ordering prescriptions.

Patients Experiencing:

  • Rude Service
  • Difficulty ordering medicine
  • Difficulty communicating with Primary Care Provider
  • Poor instructions

🚨 NAS Oceana Branch Health Clinic Reviews

One of the notices sent to me. 
Refill Delay Notice_SENSITIVE (2).pdf


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So I got more information and there appears to be a common theme. 

In one situation, a person called the prescription refill phone number and tried to get their meds. It said the meds needed to be refilled (order?) by the Primary Care (or words to that affect,) but the person stated that they already did that and that they got a reply that they could order the refills. It was a no go and the individual was having difficulty contacting the Primary.

The person finally contacted the Pharmacy where a rude individual told that person that they would have to come in, in person, and talk to the "<something> tech" (not sure) about a medication - that was not true.

On a hunch, the person logged into their Patient Portal and was finally able to order the exact refills without visiting the pharmacy or talking to any tech.

My guess is that there are still glitches in their upgrade.


Feel free to contact me if you have any incidents you want to share.

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