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R 121735Z SEP 22 MID600052296078U 
NAVADMIN 206/22 
RMKS/1. The USMC Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) is seeking 
motivated Navy officers to augment its Marine Air Ground Task Force 
(MAGTF) Operations Afloat course at Quantico, VA in January 2023. 
This funded 11-week course will give students a deeper understanding 
of amphibious warfare and its associated planning processes.  While 
optimized for officers with amphibious warfare experience, it 
provides opportunities to promote and better understand naval 
integration across all warfare domains.  The EWS MAGTF Operations 
Afloat course is scheduled for 09 January - 17 March 2023. 
Application deadline is Friday, 11 November 2022.  Selected 
applicants will be notified by Monday, 02 December 2022. 
2. The goal of EWS is to provide junior officers with the academic 
foundation, warfighting ethos, and professional growth that will 
enable them to excel in billets of greater leadership responsibility 
across the Navy, Fleet Marine Force, and the Joint Force.  The 
course places emphasis on the warfighting capabilities of a MAGTF 
operating within a complex and distributed naval expeditionary 
environment.  EWS hosts more than 30 Joint officers from the Air 
Force, Space Force, and Army.  Additionally, EWS hosts 20 officers 
from partner and allied nations.  The Marine Corps selects its most 
competitive junior officers to attend this course in residence, 
making EWS a tremendous networking opportunity to build 
relationships with the Marine Corps' future leaders. 
   a. The MAGTF Operations Afloat course is an 11-week block of 
instruction designed to educate EWS students on sea-based MAGTF 
operations through the lenses of naval military theory, maneuver 
warfare, single naval battle, and Amphibious Ready Group/Marine 
Expeditionary Unit (ARG/MEU) integration.  Using amphibious 
operations doctrine and planning fundamentals, the course educates 
and trains EWS students in a range of naval expeditionary operations 
while applying the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP). 
   b. The MAGTF Operations Afloat course comprises four sub-courses: 
Maritime Expeditionary Environment, Amphibious Doctrine and 
Fundamentals, the ARG/MEU, and Amphibious Planning Exercises. 
Students are divided into ARG/MEU teams in which Naval personnel 
will serve as the ARG codes N2, N3, etc. 
   c. The MAGTF Operations Afloat block is taught in residence at 
Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, by U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, 
and Army instructors.  The school utilizes lectures, seminar 
discussions, and deliberate planning practical exercises.  U.S. 
Army, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Space Force students from the Joint 
Force and international military officers from partner and allied 
nations contribute to the broader understanding of the multi-service 
requirements to fight and win in the maritime environment. 
3. The Marine Corps greatly values Navy presence in this learning 
environment.  EWS has funding to support 20 Navy officer quotas for the 
resident course taught at Geiger Hall aboard Marine Corps Base 
Quantico.  These officers will attend for the duration of the 11 
week MAGTF Operations Afloat course and capstone exercise ANGKOR 
CROSS.  For those unfamiliar with Marine Corps Base Quantico, it is 
situated 20 miles south of Washington DC and offers a bounty of 
recreational opportunities in both the rural surroundings and urban 
center of the National Capital Region. 
4. Eligibility. The course is open to all warfare qualified active 
and reserve component officers in the paygrades of O2 and O3 in 
all designators.  While all officers are encouraged to apply, EWS 
specifically desires unrestricted line officers whose previous 
operational experience will enhance the learning of other participants. 
5. Administration and Logistics. 
   a. Application. Officers desiring to attend the course must 
submit an application containing the following documents: 
     (1) A letter, in naval letter format, explaining why you would 
like to attend the course. 
     (2) Commanding Officer endorsement of the letter. 
     (3) Service Member Biography to include education and military 
Submit your application with the documents listed above to the EWS 
Registrar email address in paragraph 6c below. 
   b. Logistics. 
      (1) TAD Travel.  Marine Corps University (MCU) will fund travel, 
lodging, and per diem via the Defense Travel Service (DTS). 
Creating a travel authorization in DTS is the traveler's 
responsibility; however, the EWS S1 is available to assist as 
needed.  Coordination will be made with EWS S1/MCU G1 via POCs 
listed in section 6a.  Local travel will not be funded. 
      (2) Berthing.  Authorized Government lodging facility is 
Liversedge Hall (703) 784-3149, located on Marine Corps Base 
Quantico.  Attendees must contact Liversedge Hall to inquire about 
lodging prior to making reservations elsewhere.  If Liversedge 
cannot  accommodate your reservation, you must obtain a Certificate 
of Non-Availability (CNA) from Liversedge Hall prior to making other 
lodging arrangements.  If a CNA is issued, attendees are directed to 
book commercial lodging through DTS. 
      (3) Transportation.  When arranging air transportation, 
attendees must choose the most cost effective General Services 
Administration City Pair Fare.  Travel shall be completed to check-in no 
later than 0800 on 09 January 2023 with EWS S1 at Geiger 
Hall.  Return travel will be no earlier than 17 March 2023.  Rental 
cars are not authorized unless funded by the attendee's parent 
command, mission required, or the most cost efficient means of 
transportation.  Documented approval by the TAD authorizing official 
is required. 
6.  Officers interested in the EWS course may visit the Marine Corps 
University web pages at https://www.usmcu.edu/EWS/. Points of 
   a. Travel and funding: Capt Matthew Bryan (Primary, EWS S1), 703 
-784-2592, matthew.bryan@usmcu.edu, or Maj Brian Perez (Secondary, 
MCU G1), 703-432-4632. 
   b. Course related questions: LCDR James Lambert (EWS Naval Officer),  
703-432-1321, jim.lambert@usmcu.edu. 
   c. Deputy Director Expeditionary Warfare School: LtCol Thomas Vallely, 
703-784-1843, thomas.vallely@usmcu.edu. 
   d. MCU Navy Chair: CAPT Benjamin Miller, benjamin.miller@usmcu.edu. 
7. Released by VADM J. W. Hughes, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for 
Warfighting Development, (N7).// 

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