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Navy Looking to Optimize Senior Enlisted Assignments

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Master Chief, Senior Chief and Chief petty officers may soon find themselves realigning to assignments better matched to their paygrade, according to a recent Navy message.

NAVADMIN 156/22 announced the evaluation of all E7, E8 and E9s who are assigned in excess of the billet paygrade (E9 in an E8 billet, etc.), and Navy Personnel Command (NPC) has already hosted the first of two virtual Senior Enlisted Manning Summits in Millington. The E8 and E9 summit was held July 25-29, and the E7 summit is scheduled for Oct. 24-28 (contingent on the release of selection board results). The movement of realigned personnel will begin approximately 30 days after each summit concludes.

“Our previous enlisted manning summits were a great success,” said Navy Personnel Command Force Master Chief Chris Detje. “We’re continuing to place an emphasis on operational readiness and prioritize those units that reflect our identity as a sea service, as well as billets overseas.”

The summits allow Fleet Readiness Integrators (FRI), Type Commanders (TYCOM), and Budget Submitting Offices (BSO), to work with NPC to fill their highest priority gapped billets.

NPC will identify those misaligned senior enlisted Sailors and provide that list to FRIs. The FRIs will distribute the list to the TYCOM and BSO personnel staffs. These manning stakeholders then must review the misaligned personnel and fleet vacancies to provide recommendations at the manning summit.

“Fleet readiness remains our number one priority, but each move will be considered on a case-by-case basis,” said Detje.

For more details or to register for the manning summit, read NAVADMIN 156/22

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