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R 261449Z APR 22 MID600051742962U 
NAVADMIN 107/22 
RMKS/1.  Congratulations to the following personnel who have been selected 
for advancement to senior and master chief petty officer by the FY-23 Navy 
Reserve E8 and E9 Selection Boards.  Strong competition between qualified 
professionals is one of the strengths of our Navy and your selection speaks 
highly of your abilities. 
2.  This NAVADMIN is not authorization for advancement.  Specific dates of 
advancement will be published by Commanding Officer, Naval Education and 
Training Professional Development Center Pensacola, FL.  Personnel listed 
below may be frocked IAW ref (a) if qualified. 
3.  Members are directed to verify their select status via BUPERS  
On-Line.  The selection list is in alphabetical order by rate within 
competitive category.  Read each line from left to right, name, and numerical 
order of advancement.  Categories of advancement are selected reservist and 
full time support. 
Selected Reservist Master Chief 
      ABCM - Master Chief Aviation Boatswains Mate 
Sweeney Migue    001 
         AWCM - Master Chief Naval Aircrewman 
Kern Zachary     002          Valdes Desmon     001 
            CBCM - Seabee Master Chief 
Danzy Danny S    002          Davis William     008 
Denner Stuart    007          Halleck Thoma     003 
Norris Cheryl    001          Sheriff Jason     004 
Thompson John    005          Wilmarth Ryan     006 
CTTCM - Master Chief Cryptologic Technician Technical 
Schleef Seth     001 
             ENCM - Master Chief Engineman 
Prust Reed Ja    001 
  GSCM - Master Chief Gas Turbine System Technician 
Scheck Lucas     001 
         HMCM - Master Chief Hospital Corpsman 
Baerwaldt Ros    004          Batayola Mano    001 
Kinney Adam F    002          Mills Jeremia    006 
Ologun Wale J    007          Parmenter Pau    005 
Sadoghianzade    003 
     ISCM - Master Chief Intelligence Specialist 
Baluski Sara     002          Naranjo Shann    001 
 ITCM - Master Chief Information Systems Technician 
Broderick Joh    002          Burch Whitney    003 
Walsh Steven     004          Witherington     001 
 ITSCM - Master Chief Information Systems Technician 
              Submarines (Communications) 
Elmore Christ    002          Machado Diego    001 
             LNCM - Master Chief Legalman 
Earl Bradley     001 
       LSCM - Master Chief Logistics Specialist 
Bailen John E    003          Deffler Krist    001 
Taylor Fides     002 
           MMCM - Master Chief Machinists Mate 
Crowson James    001 
            MNCM - Master Chief Mineman 
Hindley Sean     002          Mathura Richa    001 
        OSCM - Master Chief Operations Specialist 
Chapin Joseph    001 
     SOCM - Master Chief Special Warfare Operator 
Agopsowicz Ja    001 
        TMCM - Master Chief Torpedomans Mate 
Freeman Mathe    001 
             YNCM - Master Chief Yeoman 
Phillips Nige    001 
          Selected Reservist Senior Chief 
ABFCS - Senior Chief Aviation Boatswains Mate 
                 Fuel Handling 
Colonrivera J    001          Mariano Hecto    002 
         AGCS - Senior Chief Aerographers Mate 
Jones Michell    001 
   AMCS - Senior Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic 
Alba Caitlin     001 
 ATCS - Senior Chief Aviation Electronics Technician 
Costello Chri    003          Cronkhite Jon    002 
Lee Raymond C    001 
 AWFCS - Senior Chief Naval Aircrewmen Mechanical 
Maldonado Jos    002          Rogers Amanda    003 
Stone Melissa    001 
 AWOCS - Senior Chief Naval Aircrewmen Operator 
Hooks Grant R    001          Morse Solomon    002 
 AWSCS - Senior Chief Naval Aircrewman Helicopter 
Webb Zachery     001 
          BMCS - Senior Chief Boatswains Mate 
Arriba Mario     003          Bianchini Gre    006 
Campbell Luca    011          Carlin Elizab    012 
Danciu Radu A    014          Dequena Kenne    002 
Garrick Natha    018          Gonsalves Eon    010 
Lively Grant     017          Loa Ernesto      013 
Marx Sarah An    008          Maynard Peter    004 
Nguyen Daniel    016          Phillips Fred    001 
Ramirez Marie    015          Rownd John El    005 
Rudolph Wendy    007          Sisk Anita An    009 
     CECS - Senior Chief Construction Electrician 
Steinke Jason    001 
       CMCS - Senior Chief Construction Mechanic 
Bartholomew J    001          Devries Staci    004 
Martin Jonath    003          Warnke Tyler     002 
 CTNCS - Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician Networks 
Hillegas Bria    001 
CTRCS - Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician Collection 
Jaspers Ryan     001 
 CTTCS - Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician Technical 
Fahrer Kevin     001          Hartman Petri    002 
Vansyckel Chr    003 
         CUCS - Senior Chief Constructionman 
Campbell Clin    001          Emry Mckenna     008 
Nausley Grego    010          Nemet Michael    011 
Ryan Terence     002          Shore Jerry      004 
Speicher Jeff    003          Stowers Chad     006 
Taylor David     005          Whitehead Cha    009 
Yaccarino Dan    007 
           EMCS - Senior Chief Electricians Mate 
Darlin Keith     005          Doyle William    002 
Park Ji Ho       001          Pizarro Micha    004 
Sorensen Doug    003 
            ENCS - Senior Chief Engineman 
Sacco Steven     001 
          EOCS - Senior Chief Equipment Operator 
Fritz Douglas    001          Simmons Casey    002 
 EODCS - Senior Chief Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician 
Krohe Brian G    001 
        ETCS - Senior Chief Electronic Technician 
Butler Timoth    006          Dehaven Brand    008 
Fike John Cal    005          Frazier Lavau    002 
Silbaugh Pame    003          Tiner Jeffrey    004 
Washington Te    007          Wilt Dwight J    001 
ETVCS - Senior Chief Electronics Technician, Submarine, Navigation 
Curiel Joh C     001 
            GMCS - Senior Chief Gunners Mate 
King Morgan M    001          Smith Amber L    003 
Wallis Josh J    002          Ward Brett Ro    004 
    GSCS - Senior Chief Gas Turbine System Technician 
Siever Nichol    001 
          HMCS - Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman 
Allen Bryan J    010          Barthold Davi    001 
Columbo Josep    005          Conklin Tad E    004 
Delapuente Al    015          Espinoza Emil    007 
Jimenez Eliza    014          Juarez David     008 
Leach Bradley    013          Macpartland R    003 
Ronchetto Jen    012          Rush Donna Le    011 
Schneider Jer    009          Strotz Adam C    006 
Tompkins Lind    002 
         HTCS - Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman 
Braden Christ    001          Downs Michael    003 
Kessie Travis    002          Weatherford L    004 
        ISCS - Senior Chief Intelligence Specialist 
Condori Paul     001          Cunningham Sh    004 
Morotti Micke    003          Warren Christ    002 
   ITCS - Senior Chief Information Systems Technician 
Armstead Ambr    008          Bair Micheal     007 
Griffin Vanes    006          Macdonald Gor    003 
Pang Christop    005          Teson Joseph     004 
Umali Eric Ja    001          Worrells Jere    002 
  ITSCS - Senior Chief Information Systems Technician 
                Submarines (Communications) 
Bryant Samuel    004          Leaf Joshua D    001 
Timm Patrick     002          Wolff Brandon    003 
               LNCS - Senior Chief Legalman 
Crespo Meliss    003          Murray Marsha    001 
Perez Elvira     002 
        LSCS - Senior Chief Logistics Specialist 
Amartey Arnol    005          Andreou Charl    004 
Bonhomme Leon    003          Burke Karen E    002 
Chalmers Kevi    008          Daubenmeyer J    010 
Galvanescobed    012          Hobson Charle    011 
Lauderdale Al    006          McCartan Lori    001 
Render Dana M    007          Wisdom Jeffre    009 
           MACS - Senior Chief Master At Arms 
Albee Trent A.   014          Badgett Randy    006 
Cruz Mary Sus    011          Dolan Heather    007 
Flynn Noel Ch    013          Geidel Sarah     001 
Hunt Joshua P    015          Knight Shawn     009 
Lovett Randal    004          Lubawski Thom    010 
Maguire Chris    002          Monson Justin    016 
Palmer Harris    008          Payams Albert    017 
Rasmussen Bre    005          Richter Willi    012 
Soldatke Sara    003 
 MCCS - Senior Chief Mast Communications Specialist 
Danals Gina K    001 
         MMCS - Senior Chief Machinists Mate 
Buenaflor Orl    001          Hilts Thorne     002 
           NDCS - Senior Chief Navy Diver 
Moehring Timo    003          Simpson Josep    001 
Stimel Christ    002 
         OSCS - Senior Chief Operations Specialist 
Anderson Step    001          Meyers Joseph    002 
Wise Jennifer    003 
  PRCS - Senior Chief Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 
Jacome Diego     001 
    RPCS - Senior Chief Religious Program Specialist 
Brown Nina       001 
    STSCS - Senior Chief Sonar Technician Submarine 
Looney Joshua    002          Nix Thomas Le    001 
         UTCS - Senior Chief Utilitiesman 
Castro Christ    001 
             YNCS - Senior Chief Yeoman 
Beglau Gregg     007          Croston Darle    003 
Ferebee Barba    005          Mcfarlane Rob    006 
Raboy Fae Isi    004          Ramirez Jose     002 
Ross Antonio     008          Thurston Robi    001 
Training and Administration of the Reserves Master Chief 
      AFCM - Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman 
Carson Fernan    003          Hawver Ray Al    002 
Turner Stephe    001 
   AVCM - Master Chief Avionics Maintenance Technician 
Coffelt Chris    001          Zimmerman Jos    002 
    AWFCM - Master Chief Naval Aircrewman Mechanical 
Boubion Micha    001          Gray Shawn Mi    002 
       AZCM - Master Chief Aviation Maintenance 
Chapman Takis    001 
          BMCM - Master Chief Boatswains Mate 
Jenkins Gary     001 
         DCCM - Master Chief Damage Controlman 
Lapera Alexis    001 
         HMCM - Master Chief Hospital Corpsman 
Mathis Michae    001 
        LSCM - Master Chief Logistics Specialist 
Henry Omni Mi    001          Pritchett Jos    001 
              YNCM - Master Chief Yeoman 
Brockett Sher    002          Hernandez Pau    001 
Ribeiro David    003 
 Training and Administration of the Reserves Senior Chief 
       ADCS - Senior Chief Aviation Machinists Mate 
Cummings Gera    001          Derbyshire Ro    002 
       AECS - Senior Chief Aviation Electricians Mate 
Cassa Michael    001          Dellinger Tin    002 
   AMCS - Senior Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic 
Beauprez Trav    005          Dyer Christop    004 
Gray William     007          Harris John S    006 
Johnson Ryan     002          Mcfarland Jam    003 
Wirth Kelsey     008          Yurasko Rober    001 
        AOCS - Senior Chief Aviation Ordnanceman 
Debrie Bryan     002          Jones Melody     003 
Wesley Ledarr    001 
  ATCS - Senior Chief Aviation Electronics Technician 
Bond Stephen     003          Hurst Adrian     004 
Payne Matthew    001          Summy Zachary    002 
    AWFCS - Senior Chief Naval Aircrewmen Mechanical 
Brewer Jeremy    005          Carter Tracy     004 
Collins Jonat    001          Strunks Paul     003 
Truax Jessica    002 
          BMCS - Senior Chief Boatswains Mate 
Aguilar Lesli    003          Bruce Robert     005 
Burkes Jarvis    001          Ortiz Brandon    002 
Vietmeier Gar    004 
         DCCS - Senior Chief Damage Controlman 
Brooks Andrew    001 
        EMCS - Senior Chief Electricians Mate 
Byers Thomas     002          Riofriocabrer    004 
Taylor Jesse     003          Torres Joseph    001 
      ETCS - Senior Chief Electronic Technician 
Petrycki Will    002          Potter Michae    003 
Zimmermann Pa    001 
       HMCS - Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman 
Dayrit David     003          Hursh Steven     002 
Soto Monica L    001 
 ITCS - Senior Chief Information Systems Technician 
Fertig Jonath    008          Hall Apryl Sh    003 
       LSCS - Senior Chief Logistics Specialist 
Boltz Dennis     001          Jit Alvinesh     005 
Perdue Rodney    003          Ponce Adam Mi    004 
Stanton Yinet    002 
    NCCS - Senior Chief Navy Counselor (Recruiter) 
Dickey Savana    004          Frick Josh M     001 
Hammonds Josh    005          Kinder Michae    009 
Moore Lamar R    007          Moses Andrew     003 
Nowell Leroy     008          Trombley Todd    006 
Weaver Deneet    002 
    NCCS - Senior Chief Navy Counselor (Counselor) 
Herrera Milto    005 
       PSCS - Senior Chief Personnel Specialist 
Dixon Robyn      003          Ford Cadace      004 
Malone Alisci    002          Zendejas Isma    001 
             YNCS - Senior Chief Yeoman 
Ashley Marque    006          Boyd Melissa     003 
Clarke Sherwi    005          Jenkins Melis    004 
Lang Kelda Ho    002          Smith Ebony A    001 
4.  Released by Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.// 

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      CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED//  ROUTINE  R 031617Z FEB 23 MID200080706682U  FM CNO WASHINGTON DC  TO NAVADMIN  BT  UNCLAS    NAVADMIN 025/23    MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC/N1/FEB//    SUBJ/ORDER TO UPDATE NAVY FAMILY ACCOUNTABILITY AND ASSESSMENT SYSTEM  PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION (MARCH 2023)//    REF/A/DOC/OPNAV/23OCT14//  AMPN/REF A is OPNAVINST 3006.1 CH-2, PERSONNEL ACCOUNTABILITY IN CONJUNCTION  WITH CATASTROPHIC EVENTS.//    RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the semi-annual requirement for all Navy  uniformed and civilian personnel to update/verify their personal information  in the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS), per  reference (a), no later than 31 March 2023.  If a record has been updated  in the system between 1 October 2022 and 31 March 2023, that record is  considered validated for the 31 March 2023 deadline.      a.  NFAAS is the system utilized by the Navy to account for personnel and  their families during widespread natural or man-made disasters.      b.  Accurate contact information of personnel and family members is  required to facilitate a quick and accurate muster of personnel in affected  areas.    2.  Applicability.  This message applies to all Navy uniformed personnel  (Active Duty and Reserve), Navy civilians (both APF and NAF), and Outside  Continental United States (OCONUS) contractors.      a.  It is mandatory for all uniformed personnel, and all categories of  their dependents to update and verify contact information.      b.  It is mandatory for non-bargaining unit civilian employees to update  their contact information.  Providing dependent's information is voluntary  but highly encouraged.  Failure to provide dependent information may impinge  on receipt of potential benefits, if applicable.      c.  It is mandatory for all OCONUS contractors, and all categories of  their dependents to update and verify contact information.      d.  Bargaining unit civilian employees are highly encouraged to provide  their contact and dependent information on a voluntary basis, until union  notification and subsequent impact and implementation bargaining takes place  (when applicable).  Providing contact information is critical in providing  support to DON civilians and their dependents during a disaster and the  subsequent recovery period.    3.  Echelon 2 Commanders, Region Commanders and Region Personnel  Accountability Representatives will ensure widest dissemination of this  notice to all subordinate commands, tenant commands and detachments for  action, as required. All Commanding Officers (CO)/Officers-in-Charge (OIC)  will ensure 100 percent compliance for mandatory personnel.  COs/OICs shall  contact pertinent Human Resources Offices to request notification of  applicable unions and OCONUS contractors (must provide associated  Unit Identification Code (UIC)).    4.  In addition, each command shall institute policies requiring personnel to  review/update their NFAAS data as standard practice during check-in and check  -out.  A tool is available in NFAAS to allow Commanding Officer  Representatives (COR) to "pull" personnel into their UIC.  In the event of  permanent address or contact information changes:      a.  Uniformed personnel, OCONUS contractors, and/or their dependents are  required to update NFAAS.      b.  Civilian non-bargaining unit employees are required to update NFAAS,  and their dependents are highly encouraged to update NFAAS.      c.  Civilian bargaining unit employees and their dependents are highly  encouraged to update NFAAS.    5.  To update contact information, access the NFAAS website  at https://navyfamily.navy.mil/.  Login and update member  information under the "My Info" tab, "Contact Information" section, and  sponsor's work location information.  Update family member information under  the "My Info" tab, "Family Member Info" section.  Edit member and family  member information as necessary and verify as current.  Personnel are  required to input their physical address; PO/APO/FPO addresses are not  authorized.  Additionally, users must ensure a Cell Carrier is selected from  the applicable drop-down list.  All family members enrolled in the  Exceptional Family Member Program must be identified as such.    6.  NFAAS can also be accessed from any mobile device web browser.  All  personnel are encouraged to download the latest version of the NFAAS mobile  app, which provides cognizant resources, checklists, preparation guidelines,  etc.  The app also provides a link to the mobile version of the NFAAS  website.  Although the app uses the same URL address as the NFAAS website,  when accessed via a mobile device, the site will be optimized to allow easy  viewing and navigation.  To ensure NFAAS notifications are received via the  app, go to the dashboard, select "Settings" and ensure the "Receive  Notifications" option is enabled.    7.  CORs can verify personnel update status using the Reports tab in NFAAS  and selecting "Address Information Update Status Roster Report by UIC."  Column K contains the date contact information was last updated.    8.  Points of contact:      a.  NFAAS Help Desk at paas(at)navy.mil.      b.  NFAAS Program Manager, Ms. Terenda Ruffin, at (202) 207-4402  or via e-mail at terenda.b.ruffin.civ(at)us.navy.mil.    9.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or canceled.    10.  Released by Vice Admiral Y. B. Lindsey, Commander, Navy Installations  Command.//    BT  #0001  NNNN  CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED//
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