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New Method of Releasing Advancement/ Board Results (2014)

New Method of Releasing Advancement Results  

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I remember back in the day as a boot NAVMACS operator doin traffic checker in MSGCNTR and everyone callin up to or comin to RADIO to see if the results were out yet. The only method for Advancement results to be released was via MSG Traffic. I remember RMCM gettin on the phone with NCTAMS to get the missing sections. They used to post the results in the main P-WAY, that was when they annotated the exam list in three sections passed/PNA'd/failed the exam.

Over the years I would have to say I like the current method, instills pride in that Sailor when they find out from the CO/XO/CMC.

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Guest SleeperHit2

I like Triad access, it gives us time to talk to promoted AND those HYT casualties.  


I've seen it break down too.   If a Region Triad is deployed or.... in a meeting, you're screwed.  I found out last years E9 results from ** Please read the guidelines **, NOT the Triad; the results had been out for 4 hours.  Felt callous.    


I've read about the Reservist issues with no NMCI access from home, a legitimate issue for sure.

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Guest FMFman

Having spent some time in the reserves I have to say it falls on the command. Ours was always intent with getting the word out to our newly advanced Sailors. It reflects poorly on the COC when they are not looking out for their Sailors, which then starts to grow resentment and poor morale. Chiefs need to make sure this is not happening and advise their CO to make it a priority.

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I don't know if it's different now but we had a workaround on my ship...


Once word of results hits the streets, find a PS (or YN/NC) that has MMPA/LOPG access and have them pull up your info.  If you have all SSSSSS in your prospective rate/date area, you made it.

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I would have to say that after once again being on the recipient side of this notification method, it has only reconfirmed my thoughts on the fact that this method instills pride and a sense of accomplishment upon notification.

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