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How the Selected Reserve Can Kickstart Your Transition to Civilian Life


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There’s no doubt that serving in the military comes with some pretty good benefits and there’s a way to hang on to most of them, earn some extra cash and keep working towards a Navy retirement by serving part-time.

Personnel officials released NAVADMIN 084/22 on March 31 with the specific purpose of educating all Navy Career Counselors and command leaders on the details of the Active Component to Selected Reserve Program (AC2SELRES).  

Reservists who drill part-time are Selected Reservists, or SELRES, and AC2SELRES will take enlisted Sailors straight into the Reserve without any break in service. No visit to a recruiter is needed because the Navy handles transferring you into the Reserve much like transferring to another command.

The Selected Reserve (SELRES) has most of the same benefits their active component shipmates do, such as access to the commissary and exchange services, and on-base Morale, Welfare, and Recreation facilities.

A significant benefit is qualifying for 180 days of premium-free Tricare Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) medical coverage. However, this benefit is only available to those who transition directly from the active component to the Reserve.

After that, you keep going with Tricare by enrolling in Reserve Select medical and Tricare Dental programs. Both are premium-based and are available to qualified SELRES members and their eligible family members at prices you will be hard to find in the private sector.

If you just came off of a deployment on active duty and the potential of a quick deployment in the Reserves worries you, it shouldn’t. If you ask for it, current policy allows for up to two years of deferment from mobilization from the date of separation from active duty.   

AC2SELRES Sailors may also qualify for an affiliation bonus, Post-9/11 GI Bill transferability opportunities, and the Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve.

Most Sailors start out applying for in-rate reserve opportunities first, but if you are willing to try something new and qualify, you could cross-rate into a new or related career field. Approval, however, is contingent on the Sailor’s qualifications and if manning levels in the new rating allow for the switch.

Sailors selected for rating conversion get counseling on the details their conversion requires, such as required block learning, school completion deadlines, Navy Wide Advancement Exam requirements, drilling obligations, and the eligibility for and obligations of financial incentives.

Those wanting to browse possibilities should contact their Command Career Counselor, who can review community health considerations in the SELRES with interested Sailors.

Sailors must meet all eligibility requirements outlined in MILPERSMAN Article 1306-1501, Enlisted Active Component To Reserve Component (AC2SELRES/AC2FTS) Transition Procedures.

Sailors interested in reenlisting into the Reserve apply through the Career Waypoints-Reenlistment module starting at 10-months before their end of service date but no later than 90 days before getting out.

Those waiting until 90 days before their service expiration can still affiliate in the Reserve, but the handling of their applications goes through their Command Career Counselor.

The Navy Reserve is hiring and in fiscal years 2022-23, there are enough openings for a majority of transitioning Sailors to have an opportunity to find a billet.

Sailors approved for transition into the Reserve are then contacted by the Navy’s Career Transition Office (CTO) at Navy Personnel Command.

The CTO introduces the Sailor to their assigned Navy Reserve Center (NRC). After that, the Sailor coordinates with the NRC to schedule their first drill weekend, complete onboarding requirements, and attend command indoctrination once orders are received. 

The CTO website has more information at: https://www.mynavyhr.navy.mil/Career-Management/Transition/.

Complete details and procedures, including points of contact, are available in the NAVADMIN or from your Career Counselor.

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