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Cycle 253 - TAR and SELRES E-8 and E-9 Quotas

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3 hours ago, Confucius said:

Based on quotas from here some rates are off. I don't know who's right but I hope you are; better numbers.  https://www.mynavyhr.navy.mil/Portals/55/Boards/ReserveEnlisted/FY23Reserve/FY23 SelRes cy253 E89 QUOTAS.pdf?ver=VQ7D5HAPpWrw8ZiTtW10yg%3d%3d

By gosh I think you're right but I'm just the messenger. 😎 The one's I posted  on 3/22/22 are from MYNavyHR as well. There are usually 2 versions floating around where one includes the opportunity (opp) %. The copy you have has a date of 3/4/22 on it. When did you get it? There could have been an update since then. Thanks for pointing that out. I like to see the "behind the scenes" happenings. :ph34r:

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Quotas, seem positive enough although skewed with a few rates showing 100% (must be nice). Never seen the list with the quota and percentage before, really like that. Kuddos to whomever built that. 

Anyone hearing anything on the date of release for the results??

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