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New Tool Captures Enlisted E-3 Occupational and Readiness Standards

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PENSACOLA, Fla. - Occupational and Readiness Standards (OaRS) for active-duty and Selected Reserve (SELRES) E-3 enlisted personnel are now provided as a component within the E-1/E-2/E-3 rating Learning and Development Roadmaps (LaDRs).
Naval Education and Training Command

Updated annually, LaDRs are documents that outline training and education milestones for each rating at each pay grade.  Sailors and leaders can use LaDRs to optimize a Sailor’s naval career path and learn about advanced educational opportunities and professional certifications.
OaRS in the E-1 through E-3 LaDRs may be used to validate minimum competencies for performing various rating-specific tasks in paygrade E-4.
While OaRS is voluntary and does not replace the Navy Wide Advancement Exam, E-3 enlisted personnel are highly encouraged to begin working toward completion of their OaRS shortly after reporting to their initial permanent duty station, or immediately if not new to the command.
Command leadership may use OaRS as an additional measure to train and mentor Sailors based on demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities as related to expected minimum occupational requirements within a rating at the apprentice level.
“We recommend that commands establish a local program to guide Sailors in completing their OaRS,” said Naval Education and Training Command’s Force Master Chief Matthew Harris. “OaRs is another example of how the MyNavy HR team is improving and providing career Force Development tools for our Sailors.  It’s a great way for our junior Sailors to prepare for advancement and show that they’re ready to perform as an E-4.”
OaRS is also not intended to replace Personnel Qualification Standards or other professional qualification programs, but if a Sailor has already completed any OaRS tasks through these types of programs, then that can be used to sign off items.
Access LaDRs through MyNavy Portal (https://my.navy.mil), Navy COOL (https://www.cool.osd.mil/usn), and the Navy COOL mobile app (Android and iOS), which improves the speed and transparency of OaRS and LaDR execution.
Once an individual Sailor's OaRS are done, the command pay and personnel administrator (CPPA), training officer, or other authorized command representative documents the completion via the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) within the Personnel Qualifications section, or Advanced Skills Management within the Qual/Cert records tab.  This generates an Enlisted Service Record and Electronic Training Jacket entry. These entries provide Sailors with electronic documentation of OaRS completion as well as command leadership and Navy stakeholders with the ability to monitor the execution of OaRS.

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