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NAVADMIN 207/21 - FY-22 Judge Advocate Generals Corps In-Service Procurement Program Selection Board

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R 221553Z SEP 21 MID600051007286U 
NAVADMIN 207/21 
RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the convening of the fiscal year 
(FY) 2022 Judge Advocate Generals Corps (JAGC) In-service 
Procurement Program (IPP) Selection Board no earlier than February 
2022.  The JAGC-IPP provides outstanding, career-motivated enlisted 
personnel of all ratings, who meet the eligibility criteria, the 
opportunity to earn a commission in the JAGC.  The FY-22 board will 
accept applications for the funded legal education option (FLEO) and 
the direct commission option (DCO). 
2.  This program is open to active duty enlisted Sailors and Navy 
full-time support personnel in any rating or military occupational 
specialty in paygrades E-5 through E-7 at the time of the 
application.  DCO applicants must have served on active duty for a 
period of no less than 2 years and no more than 10 years at the time 
of commissioning.  FLEO applicants must have served on active duty 
for a period of no less than four years and no more than eight years 
at the time legal training begins.  Members of the individual ready 
reserve or serving on active duty for operational support, active 
duty for training or one to three year recalls are not eligible for 
this program.  FLEO applicants selected for the program must begin 
legal training no later than September 2022 and prior to the eighth 
anniversary of their active duty commencement date.  Legal training 
in the program commences as of the date of reporting for duty under 
instruction at the unit to which the enlisted Sailor is assigned 
while attending law school.  The enlisted Sailor is not required to 
begin law school courses by this date.  All time-in-service and 
paygrade requirements are statutory and cannot be waived. 
3.  Reference (a) provides information on authorized program 
benefits, eligibility, obligated service and program requirements. 
Where information differs between this NAVADMIN and reference (a), 
this NAVADMIN takes precedence. 
4.  Application procedures are provided in reference (a) and this 
NAVADMIN.  All applicants and endorsing commands should fully read 
this NAVADMIN, reference (a) and application guides.  All references 
are available at 
5.  Applicants must not have reached their 42nd birthday by the time 
they commission.  This requirement cannot be waived. 
6.  Amplifying education information for the FY-22 board 
    a.  Law School Admission Test (LSAT) exam score reports are 
required for all applicants.  LSAT score reports may be submitted 
via separate correspondence after the deadline, but must be received 
by 15 January 2022.  Website screenshots of LSAT scores will not be 
accepted unless an official score report is not available to LSAT 
FLEX test takers. 
    b.  All applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an 
accredited institution at the time of the application deadline. 
Applicants must submit their official or unofficial transcripts for 
all degrees earned and a complete list of all schools attended. 
    c.  Applicants applying to the FLEO must provide a prioritized 
list of U.S. law schools accredited by the American Bar Association 
(ABA) to which the applicant has applied or plans to apply. 
Applicants are encouraged to apply to more than one school. 
Applicants must apply to at least one law school in which in-state 
tuition and fees can be obtained, one law school near the applicants 
current duty station and one law school located in a fleet 
concentration area (i.e., Norfolk, VA, Jacksonville/Mayport, FL, San 
Diego, CA, Pearl Harbor, HI, Bremerton, WA or Washington, DC). 
Applicants must provide a copy of any acceptance letters received 
prior to the convening of the selection board. 
    d.  Applicants applying for the DCO must have obtained a law 
degree (juris doctor) from a law school considered by the ABA to be 
accredited under provisions established by the ABA at the time of 
their graduation from the law school. 
    e.  Applicants for the DCO must submit a current letter or 
certificate of good standing from the licensing authority admitting 
the applicant to the practice of law before a federal court or the 
highest court of a state, a U.S. territory, the commonwealth of 
Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia. 
    f.  All applicants must obtain a conditional release from their 
enlisted community manager (ECM).  To obtain a conditional release, 
an applicant must submit NAVPERS 1306/7 to their ECM or detailer as 
appropriate.  The FY-22 JAGC-IPP selection board will only consider 
enlisted candidates who have a conditional release included in their 
program application. 
7.  Applicants must submit their application electronically via 
Department of Defense (DoD) Secure Access File Exchange (SAFE) 
(https://safe.apps.miL) to navyaccessions(at)navy.mil no later than 
2359 Eastern Standard Time Wednesday, 15 December 2021.  Applicants 
or their command may submit the completed application.  Once 
submitted via DoD SAFE, the submitter of the application must e-mail 
navyaccessions(at)navy.mil to provide notification of the 
submission, the DoD SAFE file download password and a command point 
of contact for follow up information.  If an applicant requires an 
exception to the e-submission policy due to operational 
restrictions, please contact (202) 685-8527 or 
navyaccessions(at)navy.mil prior to 20 November 2021.  LSAT score 
reports and law school acceptance letters may be submitted via 
separate correspondence after the deadline, but must be received by 
15 January 2022.  No other additional or amplifying information will 
be accepted after the deadline.  Incomplete applications will not be 
reviewed by the board.  Applicants will be notified directly of 
board results four to six weeks following the convening of the 
selection board. 
8.  In line with reference (a), prior to submitting a completed 
application, applicants are required to complete a structured 
interview with the JAGC.  Structured interviews will be conducted in 
line with policy established by the Judge Advocate General. 
Instructions for scheduling a structured interview may be found at 
This requirement is separate from and in addition to the command 
9.  Point of contact is the Office of the Judge Advocate General 
Accessions Program Manager and can be reached at (202) 685-8527/DSN 
325 or via e-mail at navyaccessions(at)navy.mil. 
10.  Released by Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.// 

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