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Navy Reserve to Update Reporting Senior Construct for Cross-Assigned Out Sailors: What You Need to Know


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NORFOLK --- In this era of Great Power Competition, the Navy Reserve is serious about ensuring its Sailors are warfighting ready, which means that starting next year, all Cross-Assigned Out (CAO) Sailors’ Fitness Reports (FITREPS) and Evaluations (EVAL) will be signed by a Reporting Senior (R/S) in their supported command (UMUIC), no longer their training command (TRUIC). 

“I can’t emphasize enough this is a major cultural shift for our Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors,” said Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command, Rear Adm. John Schommer, during a recent briefing with senior Reserve leaders. “We need our Sailors to know and train to their assigned UMUIC billet, at their assigned command, so that they can perform their duties immediately upon activation. Training at your TRUIC and not at your UMUIC is no longer enough. Our Navy needs us to be ready for the high-end fight, which means all of our Sailors need to be trained in their mobilization billet, not just locally assigned Sailors.” 

The shift is aligned with the Navy Reserve Fighting Instructions (NRFI), released in late 2020, which reaffirms the Navy Reserve’s strategic direction in alignment with the National Defense Strategy, while accounting for recent global events and Navy organizational changes to rapidly move the Reserve Force forward.

According to Schommer, the current R/S construct for some Navy Reserve Readiness units does not align with the NRFI in support of warfighting readiness, specifically for CAO Sailors whose FITREP/EVALs are signed by their TRUIC instead of their UMUIC. The TRUIC is responsible for the CAO Sailor’s monthly drill periods and maintains administrative and mobilization readiness (PFAs, medical/dental, and GMTs), such as a Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Operational Support Unit (OSU). The UMUIC, on the other hand, is a Readiness Unit assigned to an active Navy unit, such as a numbered Fleet Reserve unit.

“Members of my staff have submitted a change request to the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) to update the R/S FITREP/EVAL responsibility for CAO Sailors from their TRUIC to their UMUIC in the next Navy instruction update for performance evaluations,” said Schommer. “Sailors should be performing their drills and Annual Training with their UMUIC, and if not already, will be evaluated as a result of that performance.”

The new construct will go into effect no later than Aug. 1, 2022, but CAO Sailors will be able to start submitting their FITREP/EVALs with their UMUIC R/S as earlier as Feb. 1, 2022.

According to Schommer, the R/S shift from TRUIC to UMUIC “…will ultimately increase awareness and engagement for both the supported command and Sailor, while also increasing participation in support of warfighting readiness and mission requirements. We need Sailors to be trained in their billet so on day one of a crisis they are an effective member of the team.”

Until the applicable instruction (BUPERSINST1610.10F, Navy Performance Evaluation System) is updated, the current R/S construct for all CAOs still stands. Additionally, once the policy is in effect, NOSC Commanding Officers (CO) will have the option to write concurrent FITREPS/EVALS for Sailors who provide significant support to their command.

CNRFC expects the release of revised instruction later this year. CNRFC will ensure that the 14,000 CAO Sailors who currently obtain their FITREP/EVALs from their TRUIC switch to their UMUIC Aug. 1, 2022.

“I strongly encourage our UMUIC triads to begin planning for this major change and prepare to assume FITREP/EVAL responsibilities next year,” said Schommer. “I also encourage CAO Sailors affected by this change to begin planning their Reserve participation for next year so that they can best support their active command and increase the likelihood of a strong FITREP or EVAL.”

For over 106 years, the Navy Reserve has provided vital support to the Nation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, from providing medical care ashore to supporting our critical shipyards. The Ready Reserve Force of nearly 110,000 deliver strategic depth and operational capabilities to the Navy and Marine Corps team and the Joint Force in times of peace and war.

To better understand Cross-Assignments with a TRUIC and UMUIC, SELRES Sailors are encouraged to review the latest edition of the TNR Almanac, available here.

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