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FY 22 - NUC Board LDO/ CWO Results

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R 051929Z MAR 21 MID200000637003U 
NAVADMIN 058/21 
RMKS/1.  Congratulations to selectees of the FY-22 Active Duty Navy Nuclear 
Limited Duty Officer (LDO) In-Service Procurement Board. 
2.  For LDO selectees, read name, commissioning month/year.  All appointments 
are effective on the first day of the commissioning month.  Members are 
directed to verify their select status via BUPERS Online.
                    Limited Duty Officer Ensign 
                       Nuclear Power (620X) 
Acker Britany A           1121       Bannister Sandra E        1021 
Bartha Michael J          0222       Baumeister Christopher A  0422 
Beaird Daniel R           1021       Bellis William R          0722 
Bottoms Ethanallen C      1121       Brown Paul J              0822 
Cameron Nathaniel R       0722       Campbell Zachary P        1221 
Carey Travis D            0922       Carriger Nicholas B       1121 
Clough Ian M              0822       Contreras Angel R         0422 
Curran Jeffrey E          0322       Deangelo John J III       1221 
Escobedoaguilar David     0222       Fairchild Robert L        0922 
Free Tanawan L            0322       Fullmer Bruce W           1021 
Garver Brandon K          1021       Gerhards Mitchell A       0822 
Geronimo James J Jr       1121       Glover Roger S            0822 
Gould Michael G           1121       Hanlon Devon T            0922 
Henson Thomas C Jr        0922       Hernandez Joey E          1121 
Herrin Nicklas A          0422       Jones Isaac D             0222 
Jones Kyle J              0322       Kimmel Zachery L          1021 
Majcher Patrick T         0722       Marchese Michael J        0222 
Martinez Marcos A         0722       Mckinley Richard G        0222 
Mitchell Devin E          0822       Nemeskal Adam M           0422 
Oakes Timothy C           1221       Perezsalazar Armando E    1221 
Rackleff Zachary A        0322       Shelton Justin L          1021 
Smith Sean M              0722       Stephens John A Jr        1221 
Tossey Aaron J            0922       Vick Samuel W             0722 
Williams Jeremy R         1221       Wolbrueck Andrew J        0222 
3.  Each applicant should take pride in knowing that the superior performance 
documented in the evaluations reviewed by the board required the members to 
dedicate long hours in making hard choices to ensure only the best and fully 
qualified applicants were selected.  I am confident that each selectee will 
justify their selection time and again in their new career as naval officers. 
Those not selected are highly encouraged to seek out a LDO in your area for 
advice on ways to grow professionally and improve opportunity for future 
selection.  Bravo Zulu to all who were willing to answer the call. 
4.  This message is not authority to issue appointments.  Frocking is 
prohibited.  COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-806) will deliver appointments to MyNavy 
Career Center (MNCC) Millington approximately 60 days prior to the 
commissioning date.  MNCC will forward appointments to the Transaction 
Service Center (TSC) Great Lakes, who will distribute directly to the 
respective CPPAs.  TSC Great Lakes will also process the conversion from 
enlisted to officer status for LDOs, for all commands other than those who 
have the ability to process their own (CVN, SPECWAR, etc.).  TSC Great Lakes 
can be contacted directly at the below email address. 
5.  Commanding Officers are directed to: 
    a.  Notify selectee. 
    b.  Notify PERS-803 via official correspondence not later than 10 days 
following release of this message of selectees who do not accept 
appointment.  Selectees who decline their commission within this 10 day 
period will be considered by the FY-22 Enlisted Selection Boards.  After the 
10 day period, PERS-802 will invalidate all FY-22 Active Duty Navy Nuclear 
LDO In-Service Procurement Selection Board selectees eligibility for the FY-
22 Active Duty Enlisted Selection Boards. 
    c.  Per reference (a), ensure LDO selectees obtain a commissioning 
physical within 90 days preceding the appointment month.  Notify the Nuclear 
LDO Detailer (PERS 422B) upon completion. 
    d.  Hold execution of all permanent change of station orders in abeyance, 
if applicable, and immediately notify PERS-40 of members selection. 
    e.  Administer official physical fitness assessment (PFA) within 4 months 
of commissioning date.  Selectees must hand carry test results to Officer 
Indoctrination School, Newport, RI.  If selectee fails to achieve 
satisfactory medium, notify the Nuclear LDO Detailer (PERS 422B).  Hold 
commissioning in abeyance until successful completion of PFA. 
    f.  Hold appointment in abeyance if it is determined that a selectee is 
no longer mentally, physically, morally or professional qualified or if they 
fail to meet current PFA requirements. Immediately forward documentation 
citing reason to PERS-803. 
6.  Nuclear LDO selectees who do not successfully complete a final technical 
interview will maintain their enlisted status and not be commissioned as 
LDOs.  Technical interviews will be scheduled by PERS-422B and selectees 
notified via separate correspondence. 
7.  If a LDO selectees enlistment (including any extensions) expires after 
the date of appointment, they are not reenlistment eligible unless 
appointment is declined. 
8.  Each selectee should contact the Nuclear LDO Detailer (PERS-422B) for 
submission requirements with regard to personal information and history cards 
and inform PERS-806 of address changes to facilitate appointment delivery. 
9.  Points of Contact 
    a.  PERS-422B point of contact for Nuclear LDO In-service Procurement 
Board, issues/questions is the Nuclear LDO detailer, LT William Ruthart at 
(901) 874-3938/DSN 882 or email nukeldo(at)navy.mil. 
    b.  PERS-806 point of contact for issuance of oath and commissioning 
documents issues/questions is Ms. Shelly Hayes, at (901) 874-4374/DSN 882, or 
email at officer_appt.fct(at)navy.mil. 
    c.  MNCC point of contact for distribution of oath and commissioning 
documents is askmncc(at)navy.mil. 
    d.  TSC Great Lakes point of contact for oath of office distribution and 
conversion questions is M-GRLK-TSCEOPP(at)navy.mil. 
10.  Released by VADM John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.// 
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