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Disclosing finances before Marriage and relocation

Guest smc_sesame

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Guest smc_sesame


first time poster, so I’m not sure if anyone will be able to help me. My boyfriend and I have been together over a year, however we are long distance as he is stationed a few states away. Recently we have discussed and begun planning my relocation to his location. He is also currently up for orders with the possibility to go overseas. We want to get married before he has to leave so that I can go with him. The other day he gave me a list of things the Navy requires me to disclose before we move, including birth certificate, criminal record, shot records, and outstanding debt. I am nervous about disclosing my bad debt and equally as bad credit score. I fell behind on a couple payments and I am now catching up. I had anticipated cleaning everything up before this became an issue. We have never had an in depth discussion on finances and I am extremely nervous that he will think I’m too irresponsible to be with now or marry. Also I am worried that my bad credit with reflect poorly on him. Any advice on what to do or how to handle this?

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