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Pending Solution to Conflict This Year with E6 Evals and E7/E8 Chief Eval Timing

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NPC recognizes a potential problem with E6 Evals and E7/E8 Chief Eval timing this year and we have proposed a solution that will hit CNP’s desk soon.   I anticipate we will release guidance similar to the language below via NAVADMIN.

Solution Summary:   To prevent inconsistent reporting and to ensure we remove this year’s CPO, SCPO, and MCPO Selectees from their previous competitive groups, we intend to communicate the following guidance:

“Reporting Seniors will conduct normal E6 periodic evaluations after the E7 advancement results are released and will submit these E6 periodic evaluations to NPC not later than 15 Dec 20.  The end of the reporting period will remain 15-Nov-20 for normal periodic evaluations.”

“Sailors selected for advancement to E7 should receive an E6 closeout evaluation dated 15-SEP-20. This applies to Sailors frocked or advanced to E7 and applies to both active and reserve component sailors.”

“Reporting Seniors will conduct normal periodic E7 and E8 CHIEF EVALS after the release of the E8 and E9 advancement results and submit to NPC not later than 15-OCT-20.  For normal periodic CHIEF EVALS, the end of reporting period for E7s and E8s will remain 15-SEP-20.”

This doesn’t change the periods of report & it allows last year’s top performers to advance out of their competitive groups, and allows E6 closeout evals (15 SEP) to occur before the 1st increment of E7 promotions (16 SEP).    It also prevents similar confusion on the E7 & E8 Chief Eval due dates.  The 15 Dec deadline ensures we have E6 Evals (non-Selects) submitted in time to populate PMAs for the E7 exam in Jan 2021.   It is important to maintain the periods of report for the automated systems that process 10’s of thousands of periodic evals each cycle.

Advancement Increments:   Advancement increments and TIR dates for all paygrades will maintain historic timelines and dates.  Where applicable, Sailors who are selected to a new grade and advanced first increment, may receive back-pay and back-dated date of rate.


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