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FY-15 Master Chief Results

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Guest KnockoutTrish

Since no one has started a thread for this, I figured I would.  I know we're waiting for the MCPO results to come out even though we do not have high hopes for it being the first time up for it.


Anyone seen the numbers for how many they are making in each rate this time?

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FY15 Reserve E8-9 Quotas.pdfThe USNR and FTS Senior and Master Chief quotas were posted on the Reserve board FY15 page in Pers.

Here is the link:



I have also attached the pdf. The Active duty Master Chief will post sometime next week. Active Senior chief board convenes on April 21.

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Guest KnockoutTrish

Good luck to all those waiting.  Hubby has a 30% advancement rate for MCPO this time, but with it being his first time up we still aren't getting our hopes up for it.

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Guest Kingkoy

If the active results take as long as the reserve ones did our results will be out on the 12th of May, I am thinking they will be out before then though.

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Guest MDM38

The wait is horrible! Anyone got any inside INFO yet? One of my brothers told me the MC results would be out end of April or early May. Did a little research though and the last couple of times they came out mid to late May. I'm hoping for late April with my name on the list. Good luck to all!

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Guest KnockoutTrish

That would be awesome, but can't check BOL at home since they changed it so you have to have a CAC card to access it.

Oh well I'll just keep an eye on here for any updates.  Good luck to all those waiting!

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